"When I decided to open my boutique, I thought of those who came in as guests and not customers: more than a regular shop, I wanted it to become a living room in which to welcome friends."



About the boutique

The boutique, inaugurated in 2017, was born as the crowning achievement of a broader project, which started with online sales (read the history of the e-commerce here): the shop, in fact, arrived four years after the launch of the 50ml project on the web, following, therefore, a path that was unconventional, to say the least. 

Fabio and Matteo, the two brothers who founded 50ml, decided to launch themselves beyond the online experience and to do so, once again, by taking up the challenge firsthand: as a matter of fact, Matteo will take over the management of this new project, starting to work directly in the shop. The only certainty at this stage was that the 50ml boutique would be no regular perfumery and so a new obstacle race began, whose main goal was to give a younger and more irreverent dimension to an often very formal market.

Leave all shyness at home, arm yourself with curiosity and just come and say hi! Here at 50ml, we have a fundamental and unbreakable rule: we welcome visitors as if they were friends. Expect cordiality, helpfulness and straightforwardness - any question is welcome. We also accept a sincere "I have no idea what I like": we'll help you figure it out. Our aim is not to send you home with two or more products, but to have you turn up the following week to tell us that the product you have bought is super, wonderful, fantastic... you decide!

We know that a successful purchase takes time, especially when it comes to products with a certain history and quality behind them, such as those we have selected for you. For this particular reason we will never let you smell a fragrance without first letting it "rest" for a few minutes, allowing the olfactory pyramid to evolve, and we will always be ready to give you a couple of samples to take home, whenever you find yourself in doubt about which fragrance to buy and need to think about it. In short, get into a mood of curiosity and relaxation to savour the discovery of the niche world, whether you are looking for perfume, skincare or make-up (did you know that you can find Espressoh at 50ml?!). 

Our years of experience in the boutique have helped us enormously in understanding what our customers like and how to spoil them a little: a few more samples, a scented bag, a mini perfume holder... and we have learned to pay the same attention to online sales because we want our passion to get to you loud and clear, whether you come to visit us in the shop or just buy from your sofa.