Initio was born from the desire to create absolute elegance in perfumes - free from conventions, codes, fashions and fiction. The power of perfume unconsciously influences our behavior, the trail of exclusive perfume molecules activates attraction and stimulates impulses. An intoxicating collection to recreate all the aura of mystery and celebrate the infinite power of fragrances.
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Initio Luxury Perfumes 

When one begins to enter the world of luxury perfumes, one discovers the pleasure and importance of details: Initio perfumes are the expression of the finest luxury and opulence. The name of the brand, “Initio”, derives from a Latin word, meaning “origin” and “initiation”, and is intended to suggest the idea that perfume may, in fact, constitute an initiation rite capable of transmitting determination and power to the wearer. 

Initio perfumes were first presented to the public in 2015, immediately characterising themselves as a line of fragrances shrouded in mystery. The maison's artistic director, Sonia (her surname remains unknown), took inspiration from the book “Perfume” by Suskind, an emblem of how perfume can be powerful and perhaps even shocking in some cases. Essences and fragrances, after all, have always played a quasi-ritual role in a multitude of traditions, from ancient Egypt to Morocco, Algeria and the Middle East (not to mention almost everywhere else in the world). And it is precisely this rich, age-old tradition that has prompted Initio to investigate its selection of fragrances more thoroughly, with a wide choice of intense, skin-persistent Eau de Parfum and Extrait de Parfum. Magnetic and intriguing, all Initio fragrances are a true journey through the discovery of the most fascinating and refined olfactory ingredients of niche perfumery, all in the pursuit of luxury. In keeping with the fragrances contained within them, the Initio bottles are distinguished by their richness and carefulness: in black or opaque white, all the bottles feature a solid label with gold inlays and an unmistakable cap, engraved with the maison's logo.


Initio Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Initio Oud for Happiness Eau de Parfum: can a perfume make you feel happier? This fragrance amplifies the benefits of oud through a breath of freshly cut narcotic grass, energising and uninhibited. Oud for Happiness is a portal to modernity. Its composition provides an addictive means of relaxation that stimulates self-confidence. Enter a secret dimension where the experience of deep harmony is not a dream.

  • Initio Oud for Greatness Eau de Parfum: oud wood finds a corner of perfection in this fragrance, thanks to a bold formula highlighted by Patchouli and Musk. Oud for Greatness is a luxurious fragrance, surprisingly fresh, thanks to the notes of Lavender, but also spicy (due to nutmeg and saffron). This oriental Eau de Parfum is a hymn to greatness.

  • Initio Psychedelic Love Eau de Parfumthe secret of this narcotic bomb lies in three essential ingredients: Rose, Hedione and Heliotropin. Equally tender and illicit, this crystalline powder hides its intentions well. Beware of Psychedelic Love Eau de Parfum…with its creamy, powdery and floral facets, swaying between Vanilla and Almond, it could win you over forever!

  • Initio Musk Therapy Extrait de Parfum: close your eyes, feel a new world of sensations, experience the power of fragrance therapy. Natural white sandalwood mixed with an overdose of white musk and rose creates a milky, velvety ultra-seductive accord. Notes of white magnolia activate the pleasure receptor while cassis stimulates energy, releasing an extra burst of eroticism. Musk Therapy Extrait de Parfum paves the way to relaxation and a state of well-being.

  • Initio Side Effect Eau de Parfum: the harmony of tobacco, vanilla, rum and cinnamon in this fragrance is captivating. It seduces the most demanding senses, playing with each of its facets. Deeply buried emotions and passions take over. Side Effect Eau de Parfum lifts the veil over the unspeakable, plunging the wearer into that altered state, where nothing is too daring because there are no risks.


Initio Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews

  • Initio Oud for Happiness EDP: “I have found my favourite perfume! It's definitely one of the most pleasant oud I have ever smelled”. Jane

  • Initio Oud for Greatness EDP: “A smash of a perfume! Oud for Greatness goes big, let's say that: the oud and saffron combo is excellent”. Rob

  • Initio Atomic Rose EDP: “A decidedly atomic rose: intense, persistent and sweet…a pleasure to wear: I love it!”. Giada

  • Initio Mystic Experience EDP: "I didn't think I could like the combination of musk and coffee so much: I bought a small sample of Mystic and fell in love”. Luca

  • Initio Absolute Aphrodisiac EDP: “I love vanilla and I can't stop smelling this perfume: the castoreum gives a different touch that I adore!”. Lisa


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