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To buy quality products, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg: in the 50 ml Outlet section you will find the best deals on niche perfumes and products in our catalogue. Discover all the discounts on both skincare and perfumes, and take advantage of the best prices!
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Discover the Outlet section: niche fragrances and cosmetics!

In the Outlet section of you will find a’wide selection of cosmetics on offer: skincare, perfumes, gift kits, make-up and suncare at an unbeatable price! Approaching niche products is not always easy: some high prices understandably make one's head spin a little, even if they are justified by the very high quality and production processes. One of the most effective methods to approach the niche (but experienced enthusiasts are also more than welcome!) is to start by buying offering products or selecting the kit format, so that you can try out several pieces from the same line. Taking advantage of discounts and promotions is particularly effective for fragrance lovers: buying niche fragrances on offer will allow you not to put a brake on your passion (without overdoing it!), finding the same quality, but at a discount from 15 to 30%!

The best beauty offers will allow you to buy all the brands you have always wanted to try, but without the full price commitment and, above all, to continue exploring the fascinating world of the niche. Among our niche products on offer, you will find brands such as Dermalogica, Fragonard, Ouai, Lixir Skin, Place de Lices, Lubin, Salt & Stone and much more! Use the filters available on the site to find the right offer for you on!


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