Inika was founded in Sydney in 2006 as a response to the need to find a cleaner beauty space free of toxic chemicals. Inika Organic selects the finest Australian botanical extracts and purest minerals to create a collection of moisturizing, skin-light makeup. The strictest ingredient selection criteria result in organic, cruelty-free and vegan products that make skin glow while protecting nature.
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Inika was founded in Sydney in 2006, as a response to the need to find a beauty space that was cleaner and free of toxic chemicals. The need to find pure and organic ingredients that would enhance the natural glow of the skin. This goal has remained unchanged to this day. Inika chooses to create organic and natural products that are effective and free of harmful chemicals.


About Inika Cosmetics

Inika Cosmetics has applied a modern and organic approach that replaces standard beauty products with extraordinary ingredients from nature. One of Inika's values is the importance of knowing what you put on your skin, which is why the brand creates products that are 100% natural, effective and completely free of synthetics, making it the highest-certified beauty brand in the world. It is not only what is inside that counts: the brand pays great attention to the impact our packaging has on the environment. Inika è is the first globally certified plastic neutral make-up brand: 90% of its packaging is made from sustainable and reusable materials. Concern for nature and the environment does not, for Inika, mean limiting attention to efficacy, far from it, the results are clinically proven. The make-up range is infused with pure botanical extracts and rich mineral pigments, which provide benefits to the skin. The Phytofuse Renew™ skincare range contains up to 5% active botanical ingredients and has been independently tested for clinical performance in terms of anti-ageing, hydration and skin tightening.


Bestselling Products Inika on 50 ml

  • Mineral Blusher Puffer Pot Rosy Glow: this blush gives a veil of warm colour perfectly suited to the cheeks. Free of parabens and talcum powder, the soft texture brings comfort to the skin, while the Mineral Mica provides a gentle glow and illuminating glow. Perfect for slipping into your handbag for all occasions, it has a unique, ultra-soft gusseted applicator and a mirror on the lid.
  • Organic Loose Mineral Foundation: a foundation with flawless, adjustable coverage thanks to its 100% natural ingredients. Pure minerals of earthy origin even out skin tone, masking acne, scars, rosacea or pigmentation, and its silky texture does not dry out the skin. Equipped with a natural spf factor.
  • Lip & Cheek Cream: useable on cheeks, lips and eyelids, it's perfect for keeping in your pocket or purse. A true all-in-one, formulated with moisturising sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin E, and hypoallergenic Brazilian carnauba wax. The natural, certified formula applies effortlessly, nourishing and protecting the skin for softness and radiance.
  • Organic Tinted Lip Balm: provides rich, slightly shimmering colour, nourishing and moisturising lips for long-lasting softness. The all-in-one handbag solution for lips, for a quick and effective on-the-go solution. Its all-natural, organic and vegan formula is made with nourishing botanical oils and butters and refreshing Peppermint Oil.
  • Organic Baked Mineral Foundation Powder: this lightweight, breathable formula starts with a sheer coverage and gradually builds up, allowing for a flawless natural base. Natural minerals of terrestrial origin and light-reflecting technology ensure a luminous, flawless finish.


Inika Reviews: See all our Customer Reviews

  • Loose Mineral Blush: “A gorgeous, long-lasting powder blush. Also it's nice to know you're putting something 100% natural on your face! ” Chiara
  • Brow Perfector Espresso: “My eyebrows are noticeably more defined all day long” Lucia
  • Eye Pencil Graphite: “An eye pencil that doesn't run and lasts long. Creamy texture and easy to apply! ” Eleonora

And you, have you chosen your Inika routine? If you have doubts about your skin or want more detailed advice, we are here for you: contact our Customer Service. Still haven't found your favourite skincare brand? Explore our catalogue to discover the best products for skincare and hair. Please note that at 50 ml you can buy online samples of all perfumes. Free samples on request.