CBN secures the firmness of your skin and face, relying on high technology and the research of Swiss laboratories to offer you only the best. The anti-aging action is guaranteed thanks to the plant germ cells present in many CBN products. Through them the dermis is rejuvenated and its cells are reformed in a completely natural way.
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CBN Skincare: history of the Swiss brand

Everything started in 2009 in Stockholm at the Nobel Prize ceremony: The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Elizabeth Blackburn, with Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak, authors of the discovery of telomeres and the mechanism by which they protect chromosomes from degradation. CBN Laboratories immediately built on these extraordinary discoveries to conduct cutting-edge research, opening up the opportunity for a remarkable leap forward, beyond anything imaginable, in the field of Cosmetic Treatments. Thus were born Active Plant Germ Cell Treatments by CBN.


Features of CBN skincare products

CBN Skincare Treatments are all paraben-free and use techniques that make the products non-comedogenic, meaning they do not occlude skin pores. CBN also chooses hypoallergenic ingredients: the components have been studied to avoid possible allergies. Finally, the Swiss brand's highly selected active ingredients come exclusively from polluted organic cultivations, controlled and guaranteed.


What is CBN germ cells complex?

All CBN products contain the unique multifunctional germ cell complex. This is a compound of Active Germ Cell extracts capable of promoting the germination of new skin cells and enabling their duplication. Its effectiveness is superlative and acts simultaneously on several levels: 

  • enables the formation of new skin cells;
  • has a beneficial effect on the telomeres of skin cells;
  • protects and repairs DNA while maintaining its genome;
  • promotes cellular regeneration thanks to plant DNA;
  • has an anti-aging action, helping to minimise wrinkles;
  • contributes to the formation of new collagen and protects it;
  • protects against free radicals, leading to an overall extension of cell life;
  • protects against pollution and heavy metals thanks to special proteins, Phytochelatins, which bind to metals and remove them from free circulation in the cell cytoplasm.


Skincare Best Seller CBN on 50 ml

  • Silver Moon CremeThis 24-hour anti-ageing cream is rich in biotechnology-derived germ cells that boost cell production. A highly effective cream capable of fighting the formation of wrinkles, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, while moisturising and making the skin supple. A face cream for mature skin and skin prone to hyperpigmentation.
  • Silver Moon Serum: This intensive 24-hour anti-ageing serum is formulated from biotechnologically-derived germ cells that stimulate cell production. Silver Moon Serum reactivates cellular renewal and combats skin ageing. Formulated with a concentrate of active plant ingredients, it strengthens the skin barrier and moisturises the skin in depth.
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  • Bio Germinal Lift Intensive Ampoules: One of CBN's most specific line of products with respect to the use of plant germ cells to combat the signs of ageing. Bio Germinal Lift in vials repairs damaged cellular DNA while preserving the genome, also providing a lifting effect. The Bio Germinal line consists of several creams with more or less intense treatment, a serum, an eye contour product and an intensive treatment in ampoules.
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  • Crème Bronzage très haute Protection: CBN sunscreens with a different level of protection all ensure the prevention of skin ageing caused by the sun and free radicals. CBN Crème Bronzage takes care of your tan with a protection factor 50+, allowing you to acquire a long-lasting golden colour without affecting the skin on your face and body. The CBN sun line offers specific milks and creams for body and face respectively, after sun and products to facilitate your tan.
  • Deodorant Sans Parfum: The same anti-ageing, regenerating and plant cell lifting principles have also been applied to products that care for your body, such as the fragrance-free deodorant, perfect for sensitive and mature skin.


Skincare CBN Reviews: Discover our Customer Reviews!

  • Bio Germinal Lift Intensive: A richly textured cream that started to show its first benefits on my face after just ten days! Skin is firmer and smoother, wrinkles do not magically disappear but are much reduced”. Carla
  • Accélerateur de Bronzage: I love CBN sunscreens, and especially this tan accelerator with its absolutely affordable price. It soothes the skin and gently prepares it for a long-lasting tan that won't age your skin: guaranteed glow” effect. Mara
  • Crème Hyper-Hydratant SPF 15: Everyone should have a cream with a protection factor included. This super moisturising cream è suitable for mature skin prone to skin blemishes like mine”. Candida
  • Masque Anti Age Anti Chute: Anti-fall products I have tried many, but this one on my skin è a wonder. Combined with good habits, it has significantly reduced my hair loss over the months”. Sara

Do you have mature skin and are looking for products that seriously start to take care of your needs? Try the CBN line and make it a must-have in your skincare routine for youthful, regenerated skin! Not sure if CBN is the right brand for your skin or want more detailed advice? We are here to help, contact our Customer Service. If you are still looking for your favourite skincare brand, discover the best products from skincaremen's, women's and unisex fragrances, body care and much, much more from the world of the niche. On buy online samples of all perfumes. Free samples on request with every order.