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Body care is an art that even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew was fundamental in order to build a balanced lifestyle. We have selected the best niche body products for you: moisturising creams and lotions, scented shower gels, body scrubs and much more. Take care of your skin with the highest quality and most natural products!

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Are You Looking for the Best Body Care Products?

Caring for your body is a ritual that should never be neglected. Why? Because our skin is one of the largest and most important organs: it protects us and accompanies us every single day! The good news is that pampering your skin can be extremely enjoyable, especially with the right body care products.


Body Care and Shower Routine Products

Our selection of body care products includes the best shower gelsscrubs/exfoliants, the best scented body creams, and moisturizing body creamsscented and moisturizing body oils, with a wide selection of products based on natural and organic ingredients.

The bathtub is your passion? Treat yourself to a nice hot bubblebath, and don't forget scented bath salts and brushes to gently massage the skin! Complete this true rejuvenating body treatment with a gentle exfoliation, followed by the right nourishing body cream and a moisturizing foot cream.


Anti Imperfections Creams and Body Care Products

On 50 ml you will also find many solutions to counteract minor skin imperfections, thanks to a wide range of products such as: firming body milkanti-cellulite body creamanti-stretch marks body cream. Just a few daily gestures are enought to regain smoothglowing, naturally firm, and soft skin! Also, remember to integrate a healthy diet and specific massages into your body beauty routine to achieve visible and long lasting results!


Body Care Products for Personal Hygene 

Little things can give us a lot of serenity: it is important, therefore, to choose them carefully! We have selected for you the best solid and liquid soaps for hands and body, for a gentle cleansing that respects the skin's natural barrier. You will also find a wide choice of deodorants and antiperspirants for men and women enriched with quality ingredients, suitable for daily use and for the most sensitive skin! Oral hygiene is also important: don't miss our best toothpastes and mouthwashes for strong and healthy teeth and gums!


Anti-Aging Creams and Body Care Products

As time goes by, the skin of our body needs a little more attention. The golden rule against skin aging is to apply sunscreen daily and several times a day. Also maintaining the right level of skin hydration is a fundamental step to keep the skin tone always on point! Choose the best anti-aging creams and body products and remember to exfoliate the skin periodically to promote cellular regeneration!


Sanitizing Gels and Moisturizing Hand Creams

Hands are very important too! If you have dry and cracked hands, or simply want to keep your hands nourished and hydrated, you need to choose the right hand creamrich and nourishing for the evening, lighter and practical to reapply during the day. Also, don't forget sun protection to avoid spots and premature aging. Finally, choose from our hand sanitizers the one that suits you best: forget about the annoying hyper-alcoholic smell of traditional hand sanitizing gels and say hello to the best niche perfumes!


Try the 50 ml Body Care Routine!

Taking care of your body is not just a matter of aesthetics, but of real mental well-being: creating a moment of the day or week to help our body release accumulated tensions is an exercise in tranquility that we should never give up. We have created a small body care routine to help you: 5 simple steps to follow to relax and have glowing and healthy skin!


  • Put relaxation on your agenda! It may seem trivial, but we often end up not finding time for ourselves because we don't plan it as one of the important commitments of the week. Try to schedule and enjoy a little "me time"! 
  • Have a bath night. Taking a nice hot bath helps you relax and sleep better: choose scented bath salts that suit you and start filling the tub. While you wait, take the opportunity to take a few deep breaths and do some stretching after a long day sitting in the office. If you don't have a bathtub or if your environmental ethic requires strict water conservation (modus in rebus!), you can also opt for a relaxing foot bath: foot care brings great benefits to the well-being of the whole body. Alternate hot and cold water to stimulate microcirculation and for a guaranteed feeling of lightness!
  • The face mask! Soaking time is perfect for pampering yourself with a moisturizing, purifying, or anti-wrinkle face mask (the choice is yours!): the steam from the bath helps open the pores, which will facilitate even faster absorption of the active ingredients.
  • Don't forget the moisturizer. Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, body hydration is essential: choose the moisturizing body cream with the texture and formulation that best suits your needs. Also, pay attention to the scent: choosing the right fragrance will allow you to completely relax, giving you not only incredibly soft skin but also an intense and delightful fragrance that will envelop you all day long!
  • Plan specific treatments. Plan, according to your needs, all those periodic body treatments: body scrubs, pedicures (have you ever tried the moisturizing foot mask?), cuticle/nail care, and anti-cellulite treatments.

 And there you have it, body care ensured!


Best-Selling Body Care Products on 50 ml


"Made in Italy" Body Care Products on 50 ml


Whether you have drynormal, or sensitive skin or you are trying to combat cellulite imperfections, in our rich catalog of niche body products, you will surely find something suitable for you! But why stop there? Discover the whole world of 50 ml: we have a lot of skincare products and niche perfumes waiting for you! With us, you can buy perfume samples that intrigue you the most. Free perfume and skincare samples on request with every order! Follow us also on Instagram - @50ml_milanoFacebook - 50ml MilanoYouTube - Profumi di Nicchia, and TikTok - @50mlmilano!