Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob
Eight & Bob tells the story of Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, who once met and got on very well with a young American student who was touring France: John F. Kennedy. Within minutes, J.F.K.was captivated by the essence that Albert wore. John’s charm and congeniality persuaded Albert to leave him a sample of his fragrance. That was the beginning of all successes.
Eight & Bob
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Eight & Bob: History and Characteristics of the Maison

Albert Fouquet was a member of the élite French aristocracy of the early 20th century and was a perfume enthusiast. In an upstairs room of the family château, Fouquet created and perfected perfumes for his own use, aided by Philippe, the family butler, and always rejecting proposals to market his perfume. One evening, in the summer of 1937 on the French Riviera, Albert met a young American student: John F. Kennedy. J.F.K. was fascinated by the essence that Albert carried. John's charm and sympathy persuaded Albert to leave him a sample of his fragrance with a note at the hotel the following morning: "In this bottle you will find that hint of French glamour that your American personality lacks.


Eight & Bob, an iconic name

Little later, Albert received a letter from John in the United States, who was enthusiastic about the successthat his perfume was enjoying among his friends. He asks Albert to send him eight samples, "and if your production permits, another one for Bob". Albert sends a box with enough samples to compensate for the transport costs. He labels the bottles and boxes with John's request: 'Eight & Bob'. A few months later he began receiving letters from America with requests from directors, producers and Hollywood actors, such as Cary Grant and James Stewart. They all wanted the 'Eight & Bob' fragrance that they had discovered thanks to John's father for his previous business activities in the film industry. Unfortunately, the success of the fragrance was not to last. In the spring of 1939, Albert died in a car accident near Biarritz (France). Philippe, the only person capable of handling orders, continued working for only a few months, as the beginning of the Second World War forced him to leave the country. Decades later, the formula of "Eight & Bob" is has been fully recovered, along with its elaborate production process. Once again, it has become one of the most exclusive perfumes, preferred by the most elegant men and women in the world.


Eight & Bob and the Annicke line

A winter evening in 1936. Fouquet is in Megève, the meeting place of the European aristocracy, to attend a dinner organised by his friend Nicolas. That magical night in Megève Fouquet meets a woman: Annicke, a young Austrian girl, daughter of a banker and a Hungarian aristocrat. Her extraordinary beauty, her innate elegance and irresistible personality made Albert's heart beat faster. Before he left, he decided to write her a letter, and as the months went by, Albert and Annicke engaged in a close correspondence. Their words of love, their desires and their dreams inspired Fouquet to create a unique and exquisite perfume that concentrated everything Annicke meant to him. A precious perfumelike the woman who had captured his heart. When they met again in Vienna, Albert surprised Annicke with his first creation. From then on, every time Albert visited his beloved Annicke, he surprised her with a new creation, a new aromatic jewel for his growing collection. And now, many years later, Eight & Bob produces the same perfumes for women who, like Annicke, are fascinated by the exclusivity of this collection of intoxicating fragrances.


Bestseller Eight & Bob perfumes on 50 ml

  • Original Eau de Parfum: A men's and women's fragrance, a great classic for the modern aristocrat. The rosy notes of pink pepper, combined with cardamom and garnished with the spicy note of lemon evoke a contemporary tone; the notes of labdanum exude a complexity reminiscent of the sweet, fruity and woody aromas of 20th century Paris. Shades of amber and sandalwood accentuate the warmth of this refined perfume.
  • Egypt Eau de Parfum: A stroll through ancient Egyptsunny. Breathe in the exotic aromas of the market, with nutmeg and hot spices complementing the earthy nuances of Patchouli and Sandalwood. The scent of lavender emanates from women in ornate, brightly coloured dresses. Discover the transcendence with this warm, calm and aromatic fragrance.
  • Mémoires de Mustique Eau de Parfum: The sweet and elegant notes of orange blossoms blend perfectly with the citrusy floral notes of Neroli in this refined fragrance. Notes of Petitgrain and Bergamot highlight the citrus flavours of the native Caribbean fruits. Precious woods and white musk pay homage to the lush vegetation in this earthy, tropical, floral fragrance.
  • Nuit de Megeve Eau de Parfum: A fragrance that takes you to an evening in a chalet in the snow. The complex earthy and woody notes of the Vetiver of Nuit de Megeve blend with the subtle sweetness of Tobacco and create a cosy atmosphere. A soothing aroma emanates from the warm cup, while the bitter notes of the black coffeejust brewed blend with the sweet, vanilla notes of the Tonka bean.
  • Cap d’Antibes Eau de Parfum: A fresh fragrancewith an extraordinary evolution. Notes of Mint and Birch create an intense explosion of sea green, softened by the calming and therapeutic aroma of Violet Leaves. A wave of Cinnamon and Vanilla wafts in an atmosphere sweet and earthy. Cedar and Incense fuel the woody accent that burns at the heart of this dynamic perfume.


Eight & Bob Perfumes Reviews: See all Reviews

  • Annicke 5 Eau de Parfum: “A very warm, yet clean scent. I smell plum, honey and caramel. I'm not a fan of patchouli, usually, but in this one.... is gorgeous”. Chiara
  • Annicke 4 Eau de Parfum: “A perfume I really like, with white and fruity flowers. It can be a bit sweet”. Lena
  • Annicke 1 Eau de Parfum: “An explosion of beautiful, fresh flowers. I mainly smell the scent of peony, but the other white flowers arrive soon after. There is is a spicy background scent that I attributed to ivy”. Elisabetta
  • Champ de Provence Eau de Parfum:A fragrance that opens citrusy but not at all acidic and after a few minutes gives way to the floral side of orange blossom and jasmine. One immediately realises that the ingredients are of the highest quality. A perfume with an excellent trail and duration, I recommend it especially for the warm season, perfectly unisex and really suitable for everyone ”. Maurizio
  • Annicke 2 Eau de Parfum: “A fragrance rich in soft, powdery woods with a touch of spicy and nutty sweetness. Beautiful and unique. Unisex, but veers a little on the feminine side". Luca

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