The names of Goutal’s perfumes sound like the titles of a novel: within them you will find incredible stories, pure emotions, fragments of a world that combines imagination and reality. Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen are the two noses behind these splendid creations: they love to travel and have succeeded in transmitting the values handed down by Annick Goutal, founder of the Maison.
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Maison Goutal: French Perfumery

Diving into the world of French artistic perfumery, one discovers the meaning of the word refinement: Maison Goutal holds high the values of the French perfumery tradition, thanks to a careful choice of the best ingredients and a delicate attention to detail (both olfactory and aesthetic). Discover the entire Goutal niche perfume collection: please note that 50 ml offers you the opportunity to buy samples of all Goutal perfumes. Test all the fragrances that intrigue you and find the one that suits you best!


Maison Goutal: the History

It was the year 1981 when Maison Goutal made its first appearance in the world of artistic perfumery, immediately distinguishing itself for the excellence of its olfactory creations. Maison Goutal owes its origins to a French perfumery icon, Annick Goutal, an intuitive and sensitive woman and a visionary capable of realising her artistic inspirations. After rejecting a career as a pianist that her incredible talents, which she demonstrated since she was a childhood, seemed to impose on her, Annick decided to go to Grasse to change her life: a great passion was born here and, in 1979, she became a perfume designer. In 1981, Annick created Eau d'Hadrien, the first success of a long series and the house's most famous and iconic fragrance. In the same year, the first Goutal boutique in Rue de Bellechasse, Paris, opened its doors to the public, revealing a collection of counter-trend, heady and personal fragrances that combine a mix of delicacy and luminosity, freshness and character. In 1998, with the creation of the fragrance Petite Chérie, Annick paid tribute to her daughter Camille, who not surprisingly picked up her mother's teachings and is now creative director of the house. Camille works side by side with Isabelle Doyen, who has been a master perfumer for Goutal for many years: Today, the maison presents a very rich collection of niche perfumes (both Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette), but also roll perfumes on and alcohol-freebody creamsscented diffusers and ambient spraysscented candles, as well as oils and shower gels, all deliciously infused with Goutal fragrances.


Goutal Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Goutal Sables Eau de Parfum: a citrusy scent that tells of a placid nap by the sea, of eternal wild flowers growing on the sand, of bright sunshine, of air filled with a warm salty taste and the scent of pine resin. Sables Eau de Parfum also has a background of vanilla, amber and sandalwood, evoking the burning sand of the dunes bordering the ocean. 
  • Goutal Eau d'Hadrien Women Eau de Parfum: a fresh and elegant fragrance and one of Goutal's most legendary fragrances. In 1981, Annick Goutal founded his niche Maison and created the iconic Eau d'Hadrien, a fragrance that evokes time spent reading Hadrian's Memoirs in Italy. Eau d'Hadrien Eau de Parfum is a celebration of the warmth of the Tuscan region, its sunshine and cypress terraces. Let the freshness of this citrusy fragrance invigorate you with its cocktail of lemon and bright citrus sparks in the shade of cypress wood. 
  • Goutal Etoile d'une Nuit Eau de Parfum: a chypre fragrance, to be sprayed on a few minutes before going out to embrace the night. Imagine a woman pulling out her favourite powder, adding the finishing touches and enjoying the softness of the brush on her skin. She ties a satin scarf around her neck, her bare skin exhaling the scent of make-up: a cloud of powder as elegant as her lipstick, with a soft, creamy cosmetic scent that highlights her colourful personality. Just a few moments and she will be the shining star of the night: Etoile d'une Nuit Eau de Parfum is this and much more.
  • Goutal Nuit et Confidences Eau de Parfum: a sweet and feminine fragrance. The clock strikes midnight, but no one pays attention. Conversations about abstract painting and New Wave fill the air, ideas are as refined as the décor. Nuit et Confidences Eau de Parfum is the warm voice of the jazz singer in the ebony salon, intertwined with the scent of vanilla she wears on her skin.
  • Goutal Petite Cherie Perfume Without Alcoholthe best alcohol-free perfume for the most sensitive skin or for those looking for a fragrance they can wear even in summer without the risk of staining their skin or clothes due to acol. This alcohol-free perfume offers a gentle alternative to classic fragrance formulas. Annick Goutal specially composed this perfume for her daughter Camille, then still in her twenties: to capture a glimpse of this enchanting time of life, she imagined a caress of rose and pear in a cocoon of vanilla and musks. You can use Petite Chérie Perfume Without Alcohol on your body, hair and clothes.


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