Liquides Imaginaires

Liquides Imaginaires

Liquides Imaginaires is an extraordinary French artistic perfumery house founded by Philippe Di Méo, an artist driven by a desire to rediscover the true essence of perfume and celebrate its qualities. With a profound understanding of the power of fragrance, Liquides Imaginaires captures the essence of different states, stages of life, desires and strengths, creating precious memories that last forever.

Liquides Imaginaires
Set Descending Direction

Liquides Imaginaires Perfumes

The French artistic brand founded by Philippe Di Meo, where each fragrance tells a different and intriguing story. Liquides Imaginaires perfumes enchant and leave the wearer eager to move on to the next fragrance. As in literary trilogies, each perfume sparks curiosity and invites you to discover what comes next. Liquides Imaginaires will accompany you to distant and imaginary worlds!


History and Philosophy of Perfumes 

It is the great curiosity of designer Philippe Di Meo and his fascination with the aquatic world that inspired the creation of his brand. Liquides Imaginaires was conceived as much more than a brand: it is a true narrativeThe idea of its creator is a return to the essence of perfume, a rediscovery of the magical and transformative dimension it has always encapsulated. This is why Philippe chooses the talisman to describe his idea of perfume: a key that opens the doors to an imaginary world. The fragrances themselves become talismans that, thanks to their magic, immerse the wearer in their imaginary realms and emotions.

Di Meo is a multifaceted spirit who, thanks to his insatiable curiosity and willingness to go beyond boundaries, is inspired by the most diverse places and the evocative power of stories and legends. Narrative strength is a distinctive trait of both Philippe and his brand, which is why the story always comes first: the creation of each perfume, in fact, arises from the need to translate myths and memories into fragrances.

The trilogy is the guiding thread of Liquides Imaginaires' proposal: each fragrance is linked to an olfactory concept and, together with two others, forms the three chapters of a book. All Liquides Imaginaires perfumes, just like in a fantasy narrative, immerse you in the most diverse places and imaginaries, taking the wearer by the hand and guiding them to their discovery. A real call to adventure

Whether it's Le Eaux Des Bermudes paying homage to the legends of sea adventurers, wanting to make us identify with Greek mythology heroes like Ulysses, or immersing us in Shakespearean storms with Prospero, Les Eaux De Peau takes us back to the origins of human history when smell was the most primitive sense, restoring value to wild and animalistic nature. The Les Eaux De L'Est trilogy, on the other hand, invites you to embark on a journey through time to an era when the West and the East meet for the first time, and, through the new routes of Arab spice merchants, discover new perfumes and fragrances. Philippe Di Meo brings to life ethereal fragrances, leaving those who wear his perfumes in a limbo between fantasy and reality, a world rich in contrasts, of light and darkness.


The Bottle of Liquides Imaginaires Fragrances

Philippe Di Meo's perfume bottle encapsulates his artistic vision. Each colour is indissolubly linked to the imaginary to which the fragrance inside refers. The defined shades of the glass part contrast with the silver and gold of the cap shaped like an ancient amphora, creating the perfect blend of ancient and modern. The design of Liquides Imaginaires fragrances is impactful and accompanies the journey that Di Meo has conceived for his perfumes.


Liquides Imaginaires Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa Eau De Parfum: a unisex woody fragrance that adds a touch of magic to its already seductive and enchanting aroma with its sparkling champagne notes. The beauty of the rose blends with incense and fruity notes to transport you to tranquil vineyards and chalky soils where you can regenerate and gather your energies.
  • Liquides Imaginaires Fortis Eau De Parfum: let yourself be transformed by this woody, unisex perfume, let yourself be crossed by the regenerating fire capable of giving you renewal and freshness. Its warmth envelops you, igniting a fire within you from which to be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. Fortis Eau de Parfum has the power to give energy to your spirit, giving you the strength to face the future!
  • Liquides Imaginaires Beaute Du Diable Eau De Parfum: a unisex aromatic fragrance. Immerse yourself in dark, smoky streets where dangers and temptations lurk in the alleys, and let yourself be captivated by notes of gin and absinthe. Red carnations give an elegant and mysterious touch, while musk and vanilla transform you into a seductive being that fascinates those who cross your path.
  • Liquides Imaginaires Buveur De Vent Eau De Parfum: an aromatic unisex fragrance born from the temperament of a stallion created by a divine entity. Its fragrance is inspired by the leather of the saddle of this legendary and powerful creature, leaving a trail in its wake. This fragrance reflects the strength and glory of the wild beast.
  • Liquides Imaginaires Desert Suave Eau De Parfum: a sweet unisex fragrance that captures the essence of a distant land, a vast arid and sandy expanse. Desert Suave blends rose and orange blossom with the scents of lush date palm vegetation, giving life to a captivating and wonderful imaginary where the sunset brings freshness, while the daytime sun dazzles and sneaks through the dunes.


Liquides Imaginaires Opinions: Discover Our Customer Reviews!

  • Liquides Imaginaires Ile Pourpre Eau De Parfum: “A delightful fragrance! The scent of the mysterious fruit that grows on the purple island stimulates thought and is able to evoke the spirit with its smell. A rare fragrance that I can no longer do without!” Lucy
  • Liquides Imaginaires Liquide Gold Eau De Parfum: “The name perfectly represents the essence: sparkling, precious, and enchanting gold! It is a solar, enveloping, and warm fragrance. Unique in its kind, it certainly does not go unnoticed!” Stella
  • Liquides Imaginaires Abyssis Eau De Parfum: "This is how an aquatic perfume should be! It captures the perfect scent of sea salt in the air and seawater, like looking at the horizon after a long swim. The best aquatic perfume!" Carol


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