Jusbox Perfumes


Jusbox perfumes are an artistic synthesis of music and perfume, pure evocation of emotions. Each fragrance pays tribute to characters and genres that have revolutionised the history and canons of music. Created in collaboration with some of the world's most renowned master perfumers, Jusbox perfumes express the absolute quality of a product made in Italy.

Set Descending Direction

Jusbox Perfumes: the Scent of Music

Music and perfumery are two very similar art forms: their essence is intangible, yet they provoke in us extremely powerful primordial emotions, bringing back memories long forgotten. Musical notes, just like olfactory notes, are combined into harmonious melodies that touch us deep inside. That is why Jusbox intertwines these two worlds, associating its fragrances with music to reinforce their impact and allow you to enjoy a rounded experience every time you wear a Jusbox perfume.


The Inspiration Behind the Brand

Each Jusbox fragrance is inspired by the music, stars and genres that have left their mark on history and have influenced entire generations, forever changing the canons of music and pioneering new innovative ways. Jusbox Profumi was founded in 2016 by Chiara and Andrea Valdo, who sublimate their vast experience in the beauty sector to create a maison that prioritises innovation and absolute quality, through the olfactory repression of rhythm, melody, culture and lifestyle. Today it is sold in the most exclusive niche perfumery shops, and its fame has spread worldwide.


Jusbox Perfumes: Quality and Innovation

Jusbox is a brand that guarantees the high quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Jusbox niche perfumes are created together with some of the world's greatest master perfumers, such as Dominique Ropion, Dominique Moellhausen, Antoine Lie and Julien Rasquinet, and with the most precious ingredients and the finest raw materials. The main olfactory notes are created in the LMR laboratory in Grasse, world-renowned for its extremely elaborate and innovative extraction techniques. The quality of the raw materials, combined with the high concentration of the essence, makes Jusbox Perfumes particularly intense and long-lasting. 

The packaging design was created ad hoc to express the brand's identity: the essence is housed in a precious glass bottle with a unique capacity of 78 ml, a tribute to the first phonograph record that played at 78 rpm. The cap, modern and refined, celebrates the most famous device in music history: the vinyl record. This unique bottle is housed in a package that evokes, both in shape and when opened, a CD box; inside, a small book describes the inspiration behind each olfactory creation. Every single element revolves around music and Jusbox perfumes, just like music, touch the soul regardless of age, gender and beliefs.


Jusbox and Sustainability

Jusbox Perfumes puts sustainability and corporate social responsibility first and matches this with the very high quality on offer. Working exclusively with Made in Italy suppliers allows Jusbox Perfumes to compress the production chain while supporting local companies that are world-renowned and synonymous with excellence. The short supply chain allows careful conservation of resources and means to avoid unnecessary waste that would damage the ecosystem and drive up prices. Jusbox Perfumes chooses IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) to use the best natural ingredients, processed responsibly and sustainably. Not only has Jusbox achieved a significantly lower greenhouse gas production than standard, but it has also decided to produce a product with reusable outer packaging. Therefore it can be said that each Jusbox Perfumes creation is a synthesis of art, quality and sustainable development.


The Perfumers behind Jusbox Perfumes

For Jusbox Perfumes, the creation process begins with a phase of research and development, in which, inspired by the musical universe, a unique vision is developed that guides the olfactory development path. During this phase, a renowned master perfumer is selected who will be responsible for interpreting the essence of the idea through his or her style and aesthetics. The master perfumer will work closely with the creative director to fully understand the inspiration behind the fragrance and translate it into olfactory notes. 

During the development process, several variants and iterations of the fragrance will be considered to achieve the perfect balance between notes and achieve the desired effect. Once the final formula is reached, the fragrance undergoes rigorous quality tests and sensory evaluations to ensure its excellence and durability. Only after being approved will the fragrance be ready to be presented to the public. But let's get to know the Noses of Jusbox Perfumes better:

  • Dominique Ropion (Good Morning - Spring Dance - Beat Café - Microlove - Feather Supreme - Live N Loud - Feel N Chill - Visionary Eye): One of the world's most famous noses, Dominique Ropion is now an icon of the perfumery world. Ropion's know-how represents a harmonious fusion of precision and freedom, combining a propensity for risk with experimentation. His innate curiosity is mixed with the perfection of a master watchmaker; he creates his fragrances with a meticulous method, extreme patience and extraordinary precision. He is a man of extraordinary creativity, a master craftsman capable of interpreting the aesthetic and traditional canons of artistic perfumery in a new and contemporary language. His ability to create fragrances that defy expectations and evoke profound emotions makes him an icon in his art.
  • Julien Rasquinet (Suit Of Lights - Black Powder - Green Bubble - Golden Serenade - Siren & Sailors - Night Flow ): Julien is an individual with a cosmopolitan soul who loves to travel and explore the world. His inspiration and creativity spring from encounters with different people, cultures and landscapes. Ever since he was a child, Julien has used the creative arts as a means to communicate and express his emotions. He loves to paint, draw and create costumes for theatre and puppets. For Julien, the main objective of each of his creations is to provoke emotion through the perfumes he creates.
  • The perfumes he creates are the result of his passion for the arts.
  • Antoine Lie (14 Hour Dream): Since childhood, Antoine Lie has always had an exceptional sense of smell. His career began when he was only 15 years old, and continued with a series of successes and major collaborations up to the present day. Although he gained enormous experience in the development of 'tested' perfumes, this did not correspond to his dream. Antoine wanted to be a creative perfumer, and now he has the opportunity to freely create original and extraordinary compositions using high-quality materials.
  • Dominique Moellhausen - (Cheeky Smile): Free-spirited, Dominique Moellhausen is a "traveller of life", always in search of something new, enjoying the journey. She lives in the here and now. Since childhood, she has travelled the world with her father Anthony - head of the family perfume house - experiencing the fascinating diversity of perfumes and developing an extraordinary sensitivity to different cultures. After graduating in Economics, Dominique further developed her skills as a perfumer at the prestigious Institute of Grasse. Today she is a perfumer and Deputy Director of Research and Development at Moellhausen SpA.


Jusbox Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Jusbox Micro Love Eau de Parfum: The Irish band U2 opens the curtain on the future during its ZOO TV tour. One of the most innovative musical events in rock history, marking a radical change. Dominique Ropion celebrates this emotional connection through an accord in which the pure nuances of White Cedarwood and Grey Amber are enlivened by the emotional wave of Crisp Apple, Ozonic accord and Chamois. A pure, modern and contemporary fragrance.
  • Jusbox Black Powder Eau de Parfum: 1992. The leader of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, disrupted the MTV Music Awards by playing a few unplanned chords; this would mark this generation's rebellion against an establishment that censored its freedom of expression. Julien Rasquinet sculpts strong notes of Blackcurrant and rebellious notes of allspice in his unique and powerful style. Crisp notes of Apple convey the romantic and bohémien side of Kurt Cobain's soul, exploding into an intense, deep, mysterious and sensual fragrance.
  • Jusbox Visionary Eye Eau de Parfum: 1976. Escaping from an ephemeral Los Angeles, David Bowie is invigorated by the creative ferment of Berlin, inspired by his belief in daring to be authentically himself. Visionary Eye is an innovative exploration of the classicism of the most precious iris and the avant-garde notes of absinthe. The spicy note of LMR Ceylon cinnamon bursts into the quietness of lavender. The vanilla accord seduces the aromatic sandalwood, which binds with musk in the base to create unforgettable sounds.
  • Jusbox Suit of Lights Extrait de Parfum: Pasadena Civic Auditorium. A black sequin jacket, shiny stockings, magic shoes and a white rhinestone-studded glove on her left hand dazzle the audience. The funky olfactory notes of mandarin oil and violet leaves meet the balsamic soul of honeysuckle. Sandalwood and cedarwood, in a combination of musks, set the scene for the perfect choreography created by the heart notes of orange absolute and LMR sambac jasmine. Lights. Curtain.
  • Jusbox Siren & Sailors Eau de Parfum: Amy Winehouse's sweet, gravelly voice enchants even the most hardened souls, revealing the fragility, strength and contradictions of a woman and her neighbourhood. The warm and sensual notes of Siren & Sailors go straight to the heart, like the melody of a mermaid. The sensual Vanilla and Dry Musk remain in our memory, like the greatness of a woman who, by being both bold and fragile, left a permanent mark on the history of music.


Jusbox Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Jusbox Feather Supreme Eau de Parfum: “It was less than a month ago that I discovered the existence of jusbox perfumes. Fair prices, lovely packaging and a bomb concept…Of course, I had to try them! I bought a small sample of each perfume because the discovery kit is sold out immediately, I put the first one (just feather supreme) on my way to work… and half of my colleagues complimented me! I bought it. For those who’re interested: it has a very floral/citrusy scent that smells fresh and clean, very versatile.” Amelia
  • Jusbox Cheeky Smile Eau de Parfum: “For me is just a ‘fragrance to try’ in more ways than one. It is a molecular perfume, which then reacts with the skin to create a unique fragrance for whoever wears it. It is a special perfume, it has a scent that is both clean and enveloping. It reminds me a little of the scent of a doll I had as a child. is a perfume to try” Annalisa
  • Jusbox Golden Serenade Extrait de Parfum: “Having never heard of it I was a bit sceptical, but I changed my mind immediately! is warm, sexy, sweet but spicy and woody at the same time. It is addictive. I found myself sniffing my wrist several times during the day. There’s the oud, which I usually don’t particularly appreciate, but it’s cured and blended with amber and vanilla to give it a soft and full rendering. Excellent Sillage.” Rossana
  • Jusbox Good Morning Eau de Parfum: “A reinvigorating opening of mandarin and sea breeze conveys the crispness of the early morning when dawn is just around the corner. Magnolia and violet hold sway, while cashmeran and cold musk lightly softens the pyramid. It reminds me a little of those mornings when one wakes up very early because one has got back late or is going on a trip, and one is a little awake and a little sleepy but still serene. is very special, I would recommend” Sandro
  • Jusbox Carioca Heart Eau de Parfum: “Condensation glides over the glass, a fruity cocktail of pineapple, mango and rum. Bossa Nova music, lively conversation and laughter echo in the background. Hot air sticks to the skin, but a cool breeze brings coolness. A couple dances in the space between the tables; ambroxan, labdanum, vanilla and peony rise as they pass by. Time passes slowly, sweet as honey, as the sun slowly sets. Fantastic.” Angelica


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