Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors offers unique niche fragrances inspired by art and provocation, with layered narratives that generate exciting conversations that leave their mark. The maison believes in creativity as a means to solve systemic problems, joy, diversity and equal rights for all. Their mission? To create beautiful things for a better future.

Imaginary Authors
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Imaginary Authors Perfumes

Imaginary Authors is much more than just a perfume house. It's a vibrant and surreal world in which each fragrance is a door to the unexpected, an invitation to explore the confines of art and provocation through the powerful medium of olfaction. At the heart of these niche fragrances with their colorful and funny shapes, lies a deep and compelling narrative, ready to unravel and transform with each spray. Like pages of a good book, Imaginary Authors fragrances contain unique stories and all to be discovered, meant to capture the imagination and inspire stimulating conversations. Each bottle is an open window into unknown worlds, an invitation to explore the wild beauty of fragrance as art. Imaginary Authors perfumes are not the only scented treats offered by this unique and original brand: also absolutely must-try are the body soaps (irresistible!), scented candles,  and themoisturizing body oils to nourish and pamper the skin. 


Imaginary Authors Values

Imaginary Authors, in its essence, embodies creativity as the driving force. Through the art of fragrances, this house believes in the ability to connect and excite people without the need for words. It also promotes equality of rights, recognizing the importance of issues such as equalitysocial justice and respect for diversity. At the heart of it all, love è the force that drives this house, which firmly believes in a joyful future, inclusive and accessible to all. All Imaginary Authors products perfectly reflect these values, offering unisex, vegan, paraben- and phthalate-free fragrances. 


Imaginary Authors Candles

All it takes is a delicate lit flame to unleash the imagination and fill the room with thousands of magical scented stories. Imaginary Authors scented candles play on the splendid fragrances and the originality of the designs to create fantastical worlds filled with poetry and adventures you will look forward to discovering! Try Bouquet of Miracles CandleMeet me in the Meadow Candle and Cape Heartache Candle, and let us know what you think: we fell in love with it instantly!  


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