Marinella is a well-known Italian luxury brand, which accompanies its sartorial creations with unique and refined essences. From bathroom products, such as shower gel and shampoo, to perfumes with unique and irresistible fragrances, Marinella’s line never leaves out its iconic packaging, inspired by men's ties. Discover the excellence of Marinella’s creations!
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Marinella Perfumes

Marinella is a niche perfume brand that was founded in 1914 in Naples as a small workshop of refinement and taste. Founded by Eugenio Marinella, the Maison became famous for its made-to-measure ties, worn by famous Italian and international personalities, and then opened up to the world of perfumes to introduce its savoir-faire into this new branch of artistic creation. 

The History of Marinella Products

Marinella is an ever-evolving tradition, carried on by four generations of the Marinella family. It is a brand of niche perfumes that has a long and fascinating history. Its 20-square metre shop was opened in Naples in 1914 on one of Italy's most beautiful seafronts, a promenade for the high society of Naples. The founder, Eugenio Marinella, set out to recreate a 'little corner of England in Naples', and travelled to England to import the iconic products of the era, such as Aquascutum mackintoshes, Floris and Penhaligon's perfumes, J&W Dawson shoes and Lock hats.

Marinella is a brand that has made craftsmanship and quality of materials its philosophy. It began as a luxury tailoring boutique where all products are handmade in the Maison's workshops in Naples, where the magic of true Neapolitan tailoring comes to life every morning. The silks used for the ties are hand-printed expressly for E. Marinella according to traditional methods, guaranteeing a unique product of the highest quality. This is why the brand's products have been used by eminent personalities and royalty all over the world.

The Marinella Fragrances

The perfumes of E. Marinella are the natural evolution of this tradition and represent the same quality and refinement that distinguish all the Maison's products. E. Marinella's perfume collection has been created with the same care and passion that characterise the production of ties and accessories, using only the best ingredients and following the highest standards of quality.

The perfume collection by E. Marinella has been created with the same care and passion that characterise the production of ties and accessories, using only the best ingredients and following the highest standards of quality.

The perfume collection by E. Marinella has been created with the same care and passion that characterise the production of ties and accessories.

The E. Marinella perfume collection comprises different fragranceseach of which tells a different and unique story. For example, the Marinella perfume "Frenesia" is an explosion of notes harmoniously and meticulously combined in a perfect weave to recreate in our minds the figure of the Mediterranean woman: solar, seductive and intriguing; while “Costa Nera” is reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast, warmed by the sun on lava rock. Marinella produces perfumes for men and women, as well as aftershave and shaving creams.

Thanks to the great attention to detail and the craftsmanship that characterises each E. Marinella product, they are a perfect choice for those seeking a product of the highest quality and unique. Marinella represents a brand of great prestige and refinement, which has been able to preserve its craft tradition and at the same time evolve, opening up to the world and expanding its range of high-quality products. E. Marinella's perfume collection is the perfect synthesis of this success story, representing an ideal choice for those seeking a niche perfumeexclusive and inimitable, capable of expressing their personality and style.


Marinella Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Marinella 100 Eau de Toilette: Marinella 100 EDT is a refined fragrance created to celebrate 100 years of the Marinella house. The intense performance on the skin is the result of the original combination of a dry, intense and refined accord of finely blended woody notes, further enhanced by the touch of aromatic notes of thyme and cypress. Vibrant hints of sandalwood, musk and patchouli conclude the circle of this special gentleman's fragrance.
  • Marinella After Shave: the Marinella aftershave par excellence: it has a fresh, citrusy character. A classic like the family ties. The Mediterranean scent that's dear to a gentleman of the “South”. An aftershave that accompanies the intense fragrance, leaving the skin gently moisturised and finely perfumed for total care, indispensable for the true gentleman. Also available in the Marinella 278 After Shave.
  • Marinella 287 Eau de Toilette: Marinella 287 EDT is a spicy, woody fragrance. The house number of the historic shop here introduces a fresh, cheerful, finely enveloping and unique fragrance. This eau de toilette is designed for the gentleman who wants to stand out, or rather... stand out.
  • Marinella Tabacco Imperiale Eau de Toilette: Marinella Tabacco Imperiale EDT is a fragrance belonging to the leathery family, typically masculine (but not only). This eau de toilette is characterised by an intense and strong scent, framed by the skilful combination of tobacco and rum notes flavoured with spices. Accompanying these strong and decisive tones are sweet notes of vanilla, ylang ylang and cocoa to create an exciting and attractive sensory experience that will take you on an unforgettable and breathtaking journey of the senses.
  • Marinella 287 Deo Natural Sprayalso available in the classic version (Marinella Deo Natural Spray).  The house number of the historic shop here introduces a fresh, cheerful, finely enveloping and unique fragrance, here proposed in a deodorant key. Less intense but still long-lasting; it does not irritate the skin and its effectiveness allows you to cope with long stressful days.


Marinella Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Marinella Eau de Toilette: “It has now become my perfume of choice. I got to know this brand because a friend recommended it to me as an alternative to another much more popular one, but this one is definitely a different story. In this fragrance, one perceives the true quality of the Italian craftsmanship that has made us famous throughout the world. It tells a story of the sun and sea, of man. Marinella's best men's fragrance (and not only). Perfect for every single occasion.” David
  • Marinella Posillipo Bath & Shampoo Gel: “An ever-fashionable classic transformed into a handy shower gel, perfect for summer. I don't like wearing perfumes to the beach, but of course, I don't want to give up smelling good. That's why I also bought Posillipo's shower gel, as well as the perfume of the same name. It is my way of continuing to enjoy this fragrance even in the hottest months, and it is very convenient to decant it into travel containers to avoid problems at the controls.” Federico
  • Marinella MRN 287 After Shave Balm: “Pure quality. A perfect combination of notes woven into an astonishing balance. Woods, ambergris, musk, spices, aromas… a combination that shows the skills of an expert. All in an aftershave that leaves the skin perfectly moisturised. Congratulations as always to Marinella.” Matteo
  • Marinella Capodimonte Eau de Toilette: “I decided to give my partner a perfume for his birthday, but I wanted something unique and sunny, like him. I went to the 50 ml boutique and they recommended various perfumes, but this is the best I have ever smelled in my entire life. Super refined and pleasant, I really hope they like it. They even gave me a little sample to try before I opened it! Great fragrance and fantastic service.” Beatrice
  • Marinella Bath & Shampoo Gel: “The go-to for a quality bath gel that leaves your skin soft and fragrant. Now I always take this because I realised that the difference between supermarket alternatives is there and it shows. I recommend combining it with aftershave of the same fragrance to strengthen the scent even more.


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