Thank You Farmer

Thank You Farmer

Thank You Farmer is the Korean Skincare brand that combines eco-sustainability and beauty in a perfect embrace! With high quality natural ingredients, these products make your skin healthy and radiant, respecting the surrounding environment. Thank You Farmer also thanks the Earth through several charitable actions, including the installation of drinking water infrastructure in Zambia.

Thank You Farmer
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Thank You Farmer: Natural and Effective Korean Cosmetics  

The products of the Korean skincare brand  Thank You Farmer stand out for their  natural  and skin-safe formulas, which guarantee maximum effectiveness. Thanks to the active ingredients present in them, in fact, they provide optimal solutions to counteract the most varied facial problems. But what makes Thank You Farmer so well-known and what are the brand's best products? Let's find out together!  


Thank You Farmer's Philosophy: Caring for People and the Planet  

We can't talk about Thank You Farmer without dwelling on the name of this brand. It is precisely here, in fact, that the heart and philosophy of the brand is contained. Thank You Farmer is a real thank you to farmers, farmers who cultivate nature in an honest and respectful way. 

It is for this reason that the brand loves to produce its products in close contact with farmers, for whom it has a deep respect, so much so that it internalizes some of the basic principles of the latter.  The belief that it is worth waiting  to have a better result and gratitude for nature that sustains human life are just some of the ideals borrowed from farmers and applied to cosmetics. Thank You Farmer's invitation is to obtain healthy and balanced skin in a natural way and by "working" consistently, in the same way as farmers, following the times and rules of nature and working tirelessly, harvest pure and quality cereals and fruits. 

In addition, all Thank You Farmer products are designed to be safe for the skin and not cause irritation, through the use of precious natural ingredients. The formulas, rich  in active ingredients, are incredibly effective and gentle, acting in a targeted way on the needs of the skin. In perfect coherence with the ideals of Korean culture, Thank You Farmer promotes the beauty of the skin, as a reflection of the inner one. Precisely for this reason, skin health should be a fundamental element for everyone. Thank You Farmer is also active on an ethical level, through charitable works, such as the installation of drinking water infrastructure in Zambia 


Le Linee di Thank You Farmer  

Each of the Thank You Farmer lines has very specific characteristics and functions. Discover the one that best suits your skin 

  • Rice as well. A line containing rice extract from an unpolluted area, for clear and radiant skin.  
  • Phyto Relieuf. A vegan line suitable for sensitive skin, enriched with a special blend of soothing ingredients, which gives relief to inflamed and irritated skin.   
  • Pollufree. A line with a high percentage of Korean Perilla extract, which helps to rid the skin of impurities and smog.  
  • Sun Care. A line of sunscreens with a light and refreshing texture, which does not leave white cast.  
  • True Water Deep. A line of moisturizing and soothing cosmetics, which leave the skin soft and radiant.  
  • Miracle Age. A nourishing and anti-aging line with an illuminating and anti-wrinkle treatment, also perfect for the night.  
  • Back to Iceland. A line for skin cleansing and pore care, with Icelandic musk extract which, with its antioxidant effect, strengthens the skin.    


50 ml Recommend: Best Thank You Farmer Products  

It's time to discover some of the best Thank You Farmer products: discover them all!  

  • Thank You Farmer Rice Pure Cream in Ampoule. A gentle cream that improves the radiance and hydration of the face, strengthening the skin barrier. This ampoule is perfect for dull and dehydrated skin, thanks to its biphasic formulation that is activated by shaking the vial, combining purified rice extract and niacinamide.  
  • Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Serum. A nourishing serum, formulated to plump and firm the skin, restoring elasticity and vitality. Miracle Age Repair Serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives a radiant and youthful complexion. Finally, Sanghwang mushroom extract protects the skin from environmental aggressors.  
  • Thank You Farmer Phyto Relieful Cica Cream. A soothing cream that offers relief to sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Thanks to its formula enriched with 8-Relieful Complex and Centella Asiatica extract, this cream restores the skin's moisture level and maintains a healthy skin pH balance.  
  • Thank You Farmer Sun Project Silky Calming Sun Stick SPF 50+. A convenient sun stick that makes it easy to apply. Enriched with Centella Asiatica extract, known for its moisturizing and regenerating properties, this stick helps to soothe the skin from redness and dehydration, offering broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.   
  • Thank You Farmer Rice Pure Essential Toner. A moisturizing toner with a milky texture, designed to brighten and nourish the skin. Thanks to Gyodong rice extract, this toner deeply hydrates the face, leaving it plumped and supple. Rice Pure Essential Toner reduces pores and gives vitality to the skin.  


Thank You Farmer Products: 50 ml Customer Reviews  

Here are some reviews from our customers who have tried Thank You Farmer cosmetics 

  • Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland Cleansing Foam. Luana, 43: "I started using this Korean cleanser on the advice of a friend of mine and I fell in love with it. It leaves my skin clean, hydrated and glowing. Just what I needed!"  
  • Thank You Farmer Pollufree Pore Deep Cleansing Oil. Virginia, 35 years old: "This cleansing oil is perfect for those like me who have oily skin and have always feared oily products that risk making it even more greasy. After using it, my skin is fresh and hydrated, but never greasy!"  
  • Thank You Farmer Rice Pure Gel and Cream. Chiara, 54 years old: "Although I have been using creams of all kinds for a lifetime, at first I was surprised by the double consistency of this product. It was enough to try it to make all my doubts disappear: I have hardly found such an effective cream!"  
  • Thank You Farmer Centella Balancing Star Mask. Lucilla, 23 years old: "As a lover of sheet masks and intrigued by the name, I bought this mask. It surprised me because it made my skin smooth and glowing instantly and (in fact, I've already bought it back!)"  
  • Thank You Farmer True Water Vita Mist. Serena, 29: "Ever since I bought this moisturizing spray, I can't live without it. It's very comfortable and now I take it with me wherever I go!"  


On 50 ml, in addition to Thank You Farmer products, you will also find many Korean Skincare brands, such as Beauty Of Joseon, Cosrx and Mixsoon and all the products you need for the 10 steps of the Korean Skincare Routine: Oil Cleansers, Foam Cleansers, Facial Exfoliants, Facial Toners, Face Essences, Face Serums, Face Masks, Eye Contour, Face Moisturizers and Face Sunscreens. The best of K-Beauty and more! Discover also our careful selection of Niche Perfumes! If you buy online, remember that on 50 ml with each order you can request free samples of perfumes in the cart! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, Also subscribe to our Newsletter to stay on top of the world of Skincare and Artistic Perfumery. See you soon!