The perfume maison on rue de Castiglione in Paris that never loses sight of its founding principles. Jovoy cultivates a passion for rarities, discoveries, wonder, nuances, cheerfulness, loyalty, elegance, and also a characteristic sensitivity. Without forgetting an inexhaustible curiosity, shown and enhanced in all the fragrances of the Parisian maison.
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Jovoy is a perfume house based on rue de Castiglione in Paris, which draws inspiration from the spirit of the times to create unique and distinctive fragrances. The perfumery is based on founding principles such as rarity, discovery, wonder, nuance, joy, partiality, loyalty, elegance, sensitivity and an inexhaustible curiosity.


Features of Jovoy Parfum

Jovoy's founder, François Hénin, together with his long-standing partners, maintain an infectious and passionate approach to a market in perpetual evolution. The Jovoy boutique offers a unique experience, with the possibility of discovering rare and surprising fragrances, and of finding the fragrance most suited to one's needs through multiple access points, such as raw materials, perfumers, olfactory families.  All in all, Jovoy is an ideal choice for those seeking distinctive and high-quality fragrances, created by a passionate and curious team that constantly seeks new discoveries and smell wonders.


Bestselling Products Jovoy on 50 ml

  • Fire at Will Eau de Parfum: A surprising and unexpected olfactory experience, with a subtle, ethereal vanilla, as if suspended in air. The unique note of honeyed, powdery mimosa gives the fragrance a delicate, light touch, creating an interesting contrast with the gourmand vanilla that follows. The gourmand vanilla in this fragrance is present in a subtle way, without being too heady. It is fruity, but not overdone, creating a perfect balance between 'real' vanilla ice cream and sweet promises that echo like languorous kisses.
  • Psychedelique Eau de Parfum: This revival fragrance pays homage to the 1970s, when patchouli was the mythical banner of freedom and the rock spirit of "ex-fans of the sixties" resonated at festivals from the Wight to Woodstock. The woody and mysterious opulence of patchouli perfectly represented the spirit of those times, and today, thanks to Psychedelique Eau de Parfum, this note is reinvented more hippie-chic than ever.
  • Remember Me Eau de Parfum: This fragrance evokes the image of dancing frangipani blossoms on cool, exotic summer nights, creating an enveloping and seductive olfactory experience. As the enchantment takes hold, a hint of traditional tè chai perfects the allure, creating an interesting contrast between the floral and spicy notes.
  • Incident Diplomatique Eau de Parfum: Just as we might give in to a disconcerting impulse too strong to resist, this fragrance declares its urges, teasing tension to the breaking point. The olfactory experience offered by this fragrance is intense and addictive, creating an atmosphere of tension and seduction.
  • La Liturgie de Heures Eau de Parfum: This fragrance evokes the image of a place where the air is filled with the scent of mysticism and mystery, where the burning caress of the Mediterranean summer exalts an infinite, almost sacred love. The slabs of fresh stone with the patina of centuries represent an ancient and mysterious atmosphere, which transforms this fragrance into a unique and captivating olfactory experience.


Jovoy Opinions: Read our Customers' Reviews

  • Ambre 1er Candle: “A warm, sensual, enveloping candle. For me è the ideal fragrance for a candle that you light in your living room, on winter evenings” Chiara
  • Private Label Eau de Parfum: “Private Label è the memorable exaltation of vetiver and leather, absolute protagonists in the opening notes, appear enveloping, smoky and persuasive evoking mysterious and fascinating Middle Eastern atmospheres, with warm and reassuring middle notes of patchouli and sandalwood, the resinous base notes are magnificently represented by French labdanum. Exquisitely oriental fragrance.” Geneva
  • Ambre Premier Eau de Parfum: “A magnificent amber accord in which the fruity tone of candied orange blends with the slightly woody and spicy tone of rose, a very clean, raw rose, emphasised by the camphorated facets of patchouli and the balsamic notes of Moroccan Cistus labdanum essential oil” Eleonora
  • Les Jeux Sont Faits Eau de Parfum: “A difficult fragrance, certainly not for everyone. Rum, wood, tobacco. An alcoholic hit that intoxicated me at the opening, an acrid woody background that bathes the nostrils and seems almost dense, sticky.” Giovanni
  • Pavillon Rouge Eau de Parfum: “Pavillon rouge è an elegant fragrance. It takes me to a cigar lounge, or even to a New York jazz club, of those born in the basement”. Maria 

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