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The olfactory family of woody fragrances is characterized by warm, dry, sensual undertones that give depth, personality, and persistence to a fragrance. Woody fragrances include several natural raw materials, such as Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar, Guaiac and Oud, and a variety of synthetic notes reproduced in the laboratory. Discover our selection of woody fragrances and be captivated by their scent!

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Niche Woody Perfumes: a Complete Guide

Woody perfumes (or boisé perfumes - in French) represent one of the most evocative olfactory families within the vast world of niche perfumery. If you are a perfume enthusiast (or if you need to purchase a niche fragrance) it is essential to understand the meaning of woody perfume and discover its unique features. To find the best niche perfume, for both men and women, you can always buy samples online on our site: this will allow you to try all the artistic fragrances that arouse your curiosity in the comfort of your own home, and discover the perfect ones for you!


Woody Perfumes: Meaning and Characteristics 

When we hear about woody perfumes, we immediately start picturing forestswoodlands and wood logs. But what exactly is a woody fragrance, and what are the olfactory notes that compose it?

Woody notes are characterized by dry, sensual, enveloping, and warm scents, and are more used at the bottom (but also in the heart) of the olfactory pyramid to give depth, personality, and persistence to a perfume. This olfactory family includes not only natural raw materials such as Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar, Guaiacum, Oud and Oakmoss, but also synthetic notes reproduced in the laboratory, such as Javanol, created in response to the high demand for Sandalwood in the '90s. In recent years, moreover, a new (and fascinating) generation of olfactory notes has emerged, known as "amber notes" that groups together a family of molecules - such as Cédramber and Iso E Super - characterized by a more woody penetrating, and intense scent.

In general, woody notes are significantly more prevalent in men's perfumes, although they have made their entrance (and also make a great impression)  in women's perfumes during the 1990s. As for occasions of use, woody fragrances are fantastic for providing warmth in the cooler seasons, and are perfect in all circumstances: warm woody fragrances give comfort and reassurance, while dry woody fragrances give a stronger touch to the scent. Choose the one you prefer and try different olfactory combinations!  


Best Woody Perfumes for Women: Create Your Discovery Set

Floral, amber, spicy, oriental… no matter what your favorite niche perfume is, you can find it with us in no time! Discover the best woody perfumes for her, and be won over by our vast selection of fragrances: choose your favorite, buy samples online on our site, and create your own discovery set!  Here we have a few ideas for you: 


  • Diptyque Tam Dao Eau de Toilette: a woody niche fragrance that captures the essence of ancient temples and mysterious forests, evoking the mist and tropical warmth of Tonkino. What makes Tam Dao a unique work of art in the woody niche fragrance scene is its authenticity. Unlike other Diptyque creations, Yves Coueslant and Christiane Gautrot created Tam Dao EDT using boisé, oriental and intense notes, focusing on the pure essence of Sandalwood and without frills.
  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Patchouliful Eau de Parfum: in this woody scent we can compare Patchouli to a king sitting on his throne in flip-flops: regal, important, but not taking himself too seriously. With Patchouliful EDP we find ourselves in front of a niche fragrance in constant movement, with Patchouli joining Iris and Frangipani Flower in the heart, then making way for a warm and enveloping base of Musks, Cedar and Cistus. A feminine scent that wins you over at the first stroke! 
  • Byredo Super Cedar Eau de Parfum: Super Cedar EDP is more than simply a niche perfume; it's a voyage through school memories, a harkening back to a time when pencils had their own aroma and books were the carriers of adventures. The composition's protagonist, Cedarwood, is boosted further by Rose Petals, which provide a touch of refinement, and a Vetiver accord in the base, which adds depth and persistence. With its delicacy and complexity, this feminine woody scent penetrates into the mind and provides us with a one-of-a-kind experience!
  • Francesca dell’Oro White Plumage Eau de Parfum: this scent embodies a delicate yet powerful experience that arises from the depths of the heart. Its feminine fragrance dances on the slight border between woody notes, white and precious, and intertwining with ancient resins that evoke an enveloping mysticism. This niche perfume for women creates a connection with our most sensitive selves, thrilling us with its complexity and delicacy as it speaks directly to our heart and soul. With such a presentation, White Plumage EDP can only be a standing ovation niche perfume!
  • Molinard Patchouli Intense Eau de Parfum: if you enjoy woody tones and Patchouli, then Patchouli Intense EDP is really for you! A deep and enveloping woody fragrance for women, a sensual and luminous symphony that plays the melody of love with an irresistible spontaneity. An homage to femininity, and absolutely a must try :)


Best Woody Perfumes for Men: Create your own Discovery Set

Be won over by our best woody perfumes for him, and choose your favorite fragrance from our vast selection of men's perfumes online! Are you undecided, or do you want to smell the fragrance before you buy the full size? Buy samples on our site, create your own discovery set and try them right at home!  


  • Essential Parfums Bois Imperial Eau de Parfum: this fragrance is more than just a woody perfume; it is an olfactory experience that enchants the senses with its richness and depth. A woody men's scent with an outstanding blend of vibrant, spicy tones and the long-lasting intensity of woody notes. A fantastic fragrance for individuals looking for a fragrance that exudes boldness and sophistication!
  • Penhaligon’s Opus 1870 Eau de Toilette: the latin name "Opus" (masterpiece) evokes the concept of “wonder” and this woody scent from 2005 is concrete proof of that. This scent begins with a sumptuous combination of sweet citrus and Black Pepper, which attracts the eye right away. We find a delicate light at the core of Opus 1870 thanks to Cloves, English Rose, and Incense, which offer depth and refinement to the entire. The underlying notes of Cedarwood and Sandalwood provide a wonderfully warm and enveloping sensation to the fragrance, making it excellent for cold winter nights.
  • Costume National Secret Woods Eau de Parfum: immerse yourself in this contemporary and sophisticated creation, where Sandalwood and Patchouli blend with the deep and mysterious notes of Saffron and Leather! In addition to the intensely colored and mysterious bottle (beautiful in our opinion!), this woody masculine fragrance turns out to be an ideal choice for those looking for a scent that will enchant and leave an unforgettable impression wherever they go!
  • Houbigant Tabac Nomade Eau de Parfum: get ready for an explosive journey that will take you to the wild beauty of the desert. Tabac Nomade Eau de Parfum is a warm and hypnotic fragrance, an ode to unspoiled nature that never ceases to amaze. Here, delicious Tobacco Leaves blend with priceless spicy notes while, in the base, the Leather accord dances softly with the creaminess of Vanilla. 
  • Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire Eau de Parfum: a woody scent for the elegant man, with whispered and never shouted refinement. With Vetiver Extraordinaire EDP we are treated to a unique olfactory experience, opening with an unprecedented dose of Vetiver from Haiti, and intertwined with Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Cashmeran. This woody symphony is then enveloped by the depth of Musk and Oakmoss and lifted by accents of Pink Pepper, Bergamot and Bitter Orange, which add a breath of irresistible freshness to the whole composition.


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