Simone Andreoli

Simone Andreoli
Simone Andreoli is a name that fixes olfactory compositions with memories and memories of distant countries, imprinting the thoughts of a travel diary in each perfume, as if they were a painter's canvas. Hundreds of stories intertwine in a partnership of smells. The journey is no longer just a path to a place, but introspection, research and knowledge.
Simone Andreoli
Set Descending Direction

Simone Andreoli Perfumes: Story of a Travel Diary

Simone Andreoli is one of the most brilliant perfumers on the Italian artistic perfumery scene today. His "olfactory diary" encapsulates the flavours of spices, aromas and exotic flowers that in each fragrance create unique suggestions. The inspiration for the Simone Andreoli luxury perfume maison originates in the many journeys Simone took with his parents: from an early age, he was accustomed to confronting the rich variety of the world and to encountering the most diverse realities, collecting interesting experiences and sensations. 

In the course of his myriad adventures, Andreoli found himself in a decisive experience: at the age of 8, he was taken on a visit to the workshops of the Provençal perfumers. Enraptured by the mastery and simplicity with which olfactory suggestions were created, he fell in love with the world of perfumes. Smells bring back memories of loved ones, of a distant emotion or simply a forgotten pleasure. This is what is in the 'olfactory diary': the story of Simone Andreoli's life, punctuated by one sensation after another through perfume, which hovers in the air and carries the freedom of memories.


The Philosophy Behind Simone Andreoli Fragrances

We have already talked about how the olfactory diary tells of the constant wandering in the streets of the world, which become individual spaces, where the sense of smell is transformed into history, memory and emotion: his pages speak to us and, together with smells, guide us into our intimate archive of memories; the sensorial experience extends beyond the skin and becomes an itinerant evocation of travelled destinations and remote corners. Each Simone Andreoli perfume unfolds slowly, transforming itself into a slow path of introspection, research and self-knowledge, to the discovery of the deepest self.

There is another fundamental aspect, however, regarding this Italian niche perfume maison: Simone Andreoli has set research as his production credo, at the basis of all his fragrances. The raw materials used in production are, in fact, selected in compliance with the most rigorous quality standards to guarantee the consumer a product of excellence, without compromise. Each perfume is the fruit of original olfactory combinations, which are not influenced by passing fashions, but serve exclusively to identify one's own individuality and thus break away from all that is conventional and standardised. 


A Brief Look at Simone Andreoli Fragrances

The Simone Andreoli fragrance library is extensive and very varied, just like the inspirations behind each fragrance. Business Man Eau de Parfum, for example, is a fruity perfume perfect for those who know how to stand out in the office. Silenzio Eau de Parfum, on the other hand, enchants with its slow-moving vanilla notes. Malibu Eau de Parfum is like transporting you to one of the beaches the most beautiful in California with a heart of coconut and sugar and a base of rum and sandalwood. Don't miss Sunplosion EDP, Zest di Sorrento, Mandorla del Sud and all the other Simone Andreoli perfumes for a unique experience through the richness of artistic perfumery. Finally, don't miss Simone Andreoli's new addition, Rose of Dangerous Flamenco Eau de Parfum, a perfume capable of evoking bodies dancing in the Andalusian sunset, southern sunshine flowing like blood through veins.


Best Seller Simone Andreoli Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Leisure in Paradise Eau de Parfum: with this fragrance Simone Andreoli has really won everyone over. Leisure is a very sensual unisex fragrance, which plays on a key accord of coconut milk and vanilla, heralded by a flicker of fruity and lively notes of papaya and pineapple. This perfume is a true journey to a tropical paradise...not to be missed!
  • Malibu Eau de Parfum: pure fun. Club music fills the bay of happiness, melody of the senses that ignites as the sun sinks into the sea and rises beneath our skin to the rhythm of the sunset. The alcohol flows, the wind blows and the waves crash on the sand, returning to that boundless sea but in another form. Malibu is a cocktail of lime, coconut, sugar, rum and sandalwood.
  • Ocean of a Midnight Moon Eau de Parfum: Simone Andreoli with this fragrance recalls the oceanic freshness of a night sea illuminated by the delicate light of the moon. Ocean of a Midnight Moon is a refined, rich and bewitching fragrance that unleashes all its power in shimmering aquatic and citrus scents, blending delicately with notes of Mint, Myrtle and Juniper Berries.
  • Sunsplosion Eau de Parfum: an explosion of vitality and energy that encapsulates the Hawaiian sun. Surfers, mighty waves, tanned skin and the feeling of freedom on the magnificent beaches of Oahu. A taste of Hawaii that celebrates the iconic fruit of the place by releasing a unique fragrance, the delicious Mango Excel by Makaha. The opening of fresh lime ignites the vibrant, ripe mango flesh enriched with nuances of guava and transparent hints of coconut water. Aloha!
  • Don't Ask Me Permission Eau de Parfum. The smell of burning desire. Unconscious, fatally free, with no purpose, no regrets. Don't Ask Me Permission is further proof of the mastery of Italian nose Simone Andreoli. This perfume is freedom and passion, an impulse to indulge in noble sentiments without asking permission.
  • Born From Fire Eau de Parfum.This fragrance is inspired by the beautiful black sand beach of Honolokani on the island of Maui. Warm tropical vanilla is infused with spicy scents and luxurious woods, enveloped in sweet spicy undertones, to recreate the smell of this legendary beach. With Born from Fire, Simone Andreoli has recreated a perfume with a fiery and intense sweetness, an exotic and seductive magma that releases the volcanic soul of a lush archipelago born of fire and eruptions.


Simone Andreoli Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Simone Andreoli Leisure in Paradise: "A sexy perfume like no other. I've been using it all summer, but I have no intention of stopping in winter. My new favourite perfume" Cathy
  • Simone Andreoli Pacific Park: "This sweet perfume reminds me of childhood, but with a more mature and modern touch. I gave it to my girlfriend as a gift, but I ended up using it myself" Marco
  • Simone Andreoli Zest di Sorrento: "After wearing Eterno for many years, I decided to try something different and I must say that Zest has not disappointed me at all. I think my next purchase though will be Moorea" Alessandra
  • Simone Andreoli Smoke of Desert: "Smoke is the bomb dot com: every time I wear it, everyone asks me what it is! Definitely a must to try!" Karl


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