Institut Esthederm offers some of the most used personalized treatments in tanning centers. The main achievements of this French institute are the patents for Eau cellulaire, a water that helps to keep cells young, and the UV Incellium patent, capable of stimulating natural self-defense mechanisms to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Innovation and effectiveness for healthier skin!
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Institut Esthederm

Esthederm has a long tradition in the world of niche cosmetics: since the 1970s, it has been developing specialised cosmetics and treatments to protect and nourish the skin. The line includes body creams, day and night face creams, moisturising mists, sun creams, after-sun and tanning cosmetics. Quality and well-balanced formulations are the two hallmarks of the brand. The aim of Esthederm? To care for your skin with innovative products formulated according to your skin's needs.


The history of Institut Esthederm

Institut Esthederm Paris is a French company, born from the expertise and passion of French pharmacist biologist and cell specialist, Jean-Noël Thore. His disruptive yet respectful approach has significantly shaken up niche cosmetics, resulting in a unique line of body and face care products. Thore chose to develop the Esthederm line from ecobiology, the art of preserving the skin's ecosystem by strengthening its mechanisms. In the 1970s, the brand also decided to launch itself into the world of sunscreens, imagining an anti-traditional approach: harnessing the skin's natural defence mechanisms to develop innovative and extremely effective SPFs, capable of protecting the skin from the sun's rays as never before. Esthederm products are therefore gentle, effective, nourishing and anti-aging. 

Jean Noël Thorel has developed an effective technology that makes every facial, body or sun treatment a small revolution in skin care. With him, the philosophy behind Institut Esthederm was born: biology at the service of aesthetics. It is no coincidence that the patents Cellular Water  (mimetic tissue water), Repair (dermal repair), UVinCellium  (intracellular protection without filter or screen), Time Control System  (antioxidant) are among the most advanced solutions in terms of support for ageing. Lastly, Osmoclean technology guarantees a truly in-depth level of skin cleansing and treatment. Today, thanks to a process of continuous research and the effectiveness of its formulations, Institut Esthederm is a world-recognised benchmark for skin care and sun care.


Esthederm: cellular water-based cosmetics

One of Esthederm's most important patents is undoubtedly that for Eau Cellulaire, an extraordinary ingredient, inspired by the water naturally contained in cells. Indeed, cellular water is able to rapidly rehydrate the skin, helping it to maintain the right level of hydration throughout the day. Following the discovery of this technology, Esthederm created a line of brums (e.g. Eau Cellulaire Brume), emulsions (e.g. Fluide Aqua Diffuseur), face creams (e.g. Crisme D’Eau Cellulaire) and body creams (Gommage Doux D'Eau Cellulaire) and many other hand and lip care products. Eau Cellulaire is technology regenerates and tones the skin, increasing its well-being and preserving it from ageing.


Esthederm: Osmoclean technology

Inspired by the best in professional facial cleansing, the products in the Osmoclean line guarantee deep cleansing of the face, both during and after make-up removal. The wide range of Esthederm products includes gentle eye make-up removers (e.g. Demaquillant Haute Tolerance Yeux & Levres), facial cleansers and cleansing lotions (e.g. Lait Démaquillant Hydra-Ressourçant, Eau Micellaire Osmopure, Gel Nettoyant Pureté), purifying masks (e.g. Masque Gomme Clarifiant)  capable of softening and dissolving impurities, thus facilitating their removal and keeping pores free of excess sebum and dirt accumulation. Combined with the anti-ageing line Excellage, the Osmoclean products will give you compact, clean and youthful skin for a long time.


Esthederm: UVinCellium technology. Effective sun and after-sun creams

Esthederm research has resulted in an incredibly effective range of sun creams that are gentle on the skin: the UVinCellium patent is based on the skin's natural defence mechanisms, which it effectively reproduces, guaranteeing you maximum protection from both UVA and UVB rays, the main cause of skin ageing. Indeed, Esthederm sunscreens combat photo-ageing, but at the same time nourish and protect the skin, all with extreme gentleness, thanks to their top-quality incici. You will find sunscreens with moderate intensity (e.g. Spray Lacté Peau Normale Soleil Modé) or strong intensity (e.g. Crisme Visage Peau Sensible Soleil Fort) for body and face, for normal, dry or sensitive skin.

Esthederm offers an extremely effective after-sun line to care for the skin after long exposure: products such as Esthederm Soin Apriss Soleil Intense help, in fact, to restore the skin's natural barriers, deeply nourishing and moisturising the skin, which appears fresher and smoother after each application. Finally, don't miss the line of sun cosmetics, such as Poudre De Soin Teint&eacute&e, to enhance your tan all year round. Choosing Esthederm sun products will ensure you get an even and longer-lasting tan, free of sun spots and radiant skin.


Why buy Institut Esthederm products?

Choosing to buy Esthederm means embracing an entire philosophy, based on careful inci, skin-friendly technologies and extreme professionalism. All Esthederm products are completely natural and inspired by the skin's natural resources: this is why the cosmetic philosophy of this brand goes beyond a simple idea and reaches the most advanced aesthetic technology.


Esthederm Best-Selling Sunscreens

  • Bronz Repair products: the sun care line with protective and anti-ageing action.
  • Adaptsun Products: the Esthederm sun care line par excellence. Discover the body sun milk and the face cream with medium or strong protection.
  • Intolérances Solaires: the Esthederm product line for skin that is extremely sensitive to sun exposure.
  • Adaptsun Peaux Sensibles:  the line designed for extremely sensitive skin.


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