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Maison Crivelli
"Perfume is a living experience" - Thibaud Crivelli. This is how the founder of Maison Crivelli described the essence of his fragrances and, like all living things, his niche perfumes are unpredictable and mysterious, constantly evolving. Each creation evolves and touches the senses in an incredibly personal, exciting and unmistakable way.
Maison Crivelli
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Maison Crivelli


Maison Crivelli is an experiential perfume maison founded by Thibaud Crivelli. Crivelli is a nomadic spirit: for three generations his family lived between Vietnam, Morocco, Lebanon and Australia. As a child, he absorbed the fascination of other cultures and the fragrances used in them. In 2006, he moved to live in Asia where he stayed for about 10 years working in marketing for well-known perfume brands, until, strengthened by his experience, he decided to realize his dream: to create his own brand


Characteristics of Maison Crivelli


Maison Crivelli perfumes are defined as experiential because they offer a true multi-sensory experience. The perfume collection is composed of creations inspired by the moments Thibaud Crivelli has experienced. The perfumes, all unisex, are very different from each other, because the intention of the perfumer is to surprise with each fragrance. For each perfume in the collection, you can see the brief sent to the perfumers. The words, images and sounds presented in the brief enable a better understanding of the perfume and offer the possibility to give it a personal meaning.


The perfumes are free of artificial dyes and phthalates and the packaging is as sustainable as possible: the box is handmade from Italian paper, even the cellophane is compostable. Each perfume is created with a surprising combination of raw materials, often FairTrade certified or deriving from responsible cultivation. Qualityinnovationuniqueness: these are the keywords of Maison Crivelli.


Maison Crivelli bestseller perfumes on 50 ml


  • Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait de Parfum: This unisex oriental perfume is a labyrinth of sensations. The fragrance captures the unmistakable scent of crushed pomegranate, sapphire blackcurrant, crystalline mint, sparkling cinnamon, black gold and vanilla orchid. In this extract, a floral duo of hibiscus and rose contrasts the leather and softness of vanilla seeds.
  • Papyrus Moleculaire Eau de Parfum: Unisex aromatic perfume. Olfactory representation of an afternoon discovering papyrus root powder. This fragrance is characterized by a hint of papyrus, a hint of carrot and a touch of indigo, glowing roots, coriander boost, ground amyris, strong feminine characters, powdery skin, peppery tonka. Papyrus Moleculaire Eau de Parfum evokes milky, woody and powdery papyrus contrasted with deep, rebellious tobacco.
  • Citrus Batikanga Eau de Parfum: in this citrus fragrance, the taste of a citrus cocktail is enhanced by chilli peppers in a colorful tropical marketplace. Squeezed, hit, sliced: juicy citrus, cut kalamansi, spicy bergamot, toasted hazelnuts. Urban jungle, tangled fabric. Bat-ti-kan-ga! A rhythmic, chaotic mélange. Citrus Batikanga Eau de Parfum is an icy, juicy and spicy bergamot that contrasts with the aromatic warmth of vetyver and myrrh.
  • Ambre Chromatique Extrtait de Parfum: A fragrance extract inspired by a journey through multicolored jungles in search of benzoin resin. The lively, spicy facets of frankincense and pink pepper contrasted with the sensual warmth of the amber accord offer an infinitely elegant trail.
  • Iris Malikhan Eau de Parfum: This surprising fragrance celebrates the shocking discovery of lush iris fields on the edge of a desert. Imagine sun-kissed cypress, creamy mastika (Chios mastic liqueur), emerald dusk, a pearl of incense. Creamy iris butter surrounded by golden violet petals, the fragrance of an animalistic mimosa. Delicate, feline, tender fervor. Maison Crivelli creates Iris Malikhan Eau de Parfum, a green, dusty iris that contrasts with a combination of vanilla and leather, transforming this fragrance into an intoxicating, addictive accord.


Maison Crivelli Opinions: See all our Customer Reviews

Rose SaltifOlia Eau de Parfum: "A fragrance of disarming simplicity that I find enveloping, joyful and able to put me in a good mood immediately" Viola.

Papyrus Moleculaire Eau de Parfum: "A melodious and well-constructed fragrance, dry, slightly sweet, very strange to define" Simona.

Santal Volcanique Eau de Parfum: "I like this elegant sandalwood that recalls traditional splendor" Melodie.

Patchouli Magnetik Extrait de Parfum: "This is a wonderful fruity, mineral, creamy patchouli with a slight metallic edge. I find this interpretation of patchouli very particular and pleasant." Alia.

Bois Datchai Eau de Parfum: 'Unusual woody composition that is sure to please' Giulio.


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