EVY is the mousse sunscreen brand that provides your skin with high-performance protection, while improving its natural defences. Its special formula creates an osmotic, semi-permeable membrane: thanks to Proderm Technology, EVY products are suitable for sensitive and hypersensitive skin and even recommended by dermatologists for children from 6 months old.
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Discover EVY Technology Sun Care Products

Are you looking for an innovative natural sunscreen with unrivalled texture? EVY has created the perfect SPF for you! EVY's mousse formulation has been developed to ensure a flawless cosmetic application: thanks to EVY Technology, born and manufactured in Sweden, EVY sunscreens are absorbed throughout the top layer of the skin, instead of remaining on the surface, which gives them an excellent protection and shielding performance from both UVA and UVB rays. EVY sunscreens are certainly among the best SPFs for sensitive skin, protecting face and body from sun, salt water, dry and cold mountain air and urban air pollution. The mousse texture makes EVY sunscreens fast-absorbing, which ensures they last longer on the skin, as they do not rinse off or rub off due to water or external stress. The fact that EVY sunscreens are deeply absorbed also means that the active ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin, thus being protected from oxidation. Whatever type of skin you have (dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin etc.), EVY has the answer to your skin's needs!

The practical dispenser allows you to use the right amount of product at any time, unlike SPF sprays. The mousse texture also allows the product to be evenly distributed on the skin, without weighing it down or making it greasy, as would happen with a normal sunscreen. EVY Technology strengthens the skin's natural barriers, protecting it from drying out. All EVY sunscreens are water-resistant and so light that they can be applied anywhere without the risk of greasiness.

EVY Technology line: SPF, After Sun and SPF for hair

EVY offers you a complete line of sunscreens for the body and face with very high protection (e.g. SPF 50 or SPF 30) or medium-low protection (SPF 20 or SPF 10), which are effective on the skin and quickly absorbed. Don't miss the Kids line, specially designed for maximum protection of the most delicate and sensitive skin: all EVY children's sun creams have a high protection factor, are easily spread and absorbed and leave no residue on the skin. For those who like to achieve an intense tan, EVY has developed EVY Daily Tan Activator, a mousse that stimulates melanin production and helps you to achieve the perfect tan, but above all to maintain it for longer. You can apply Daily Tan Activator before sun exposure to accelerate the natural tanning process or use it consistently for about a week to progressively achieve a golden skin. Caution: Daily Tan Activator is NOT a substitute for SPF!

EVY has also developed a sun protection for hair: EVY UV Heat Hair Mousse is a truly innovative hair product. Thanks to EVY's technology, this mousse guarantees protection of the whole hair from damage caused by heat and exposure to the sun's rays: don't miss it if you really want to aim for total protection of the whole body. And after sun exposure, you can't forget about After Sun Mousse: EVY has formulated Daily Repair Mousse and After Sun Mousse as an answer to all your skin's needs. These soothing and moisturising aftersun mousses are able to restore the skin's skin barriers, restoring the right level of moisture and nourishment, without making the skin feel greasy at all.

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