Bogue Profumo

Bogue Profumo

Bogue creator Antonio Gardoni creates contemporary fragrances with ancient techniques and modern intuition. From architecture to perfumery, the perfumer expands his artistic vision by following his passions, his instinct and his taste to create unique and unforgettable projects. His transversal point of view enriches his works, transforming each fragrance into a work of art.

Bogue Profumo
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Bogue Perfume: The Art of Creating Unique Fragrances

Bogue Profumo, the perfume brand founded by Antonio Gardoni, is a little treasure in the world of perfumery. Through a rediscovery of ancient techniques reworked through modern insights, Gardoni transforms his travel experiences into a collection of special and innovative perfumes. Thanks to Gardoni's mastery, his fragrances can transport anyone on a unique sensory journey. Each Bogue Profumo bottle is a work of art that deserves to be discovered and appreciated by all lovers of beauty and refinement.

A distinctive aspect of Bogue Profumo is Gardoni's unique approach to creating his essence. The creator begins his production process with the infusion of alcohol of exotic resins, precious woods, aromatic roots and even metals, resulting in solvents that serve as a base to dissolve other rare and high-quality materials. Gardoni's craftsmanship is expressed through traditional methods such as steam distillation and maceration. This attention to detail and the search for the most exceptional raw materials have a distinctive impact on the quality of his creations.

One of the fascinating aspects of Gardoni's work is his working environment. He prefers to work at night when the light does not alter the delicate chemicals and the smells of the day dissolve into silence, paving the way for new shadow experiments. This unique approach allows him to calmly explore his ideas from a new perspective and devote his full attention to the creation of his olfactory works of art.

Gardoni's passion for architecture and design is reflected in his perfumed creations. He has learnt to build in layers and think by subtraction, inspired by the structure and composition of architectural spaces. His fragrances are like rooms to be discovered, each with its own humour, texture, light and colour. To wear a Bogue Profumo fragrance is to immerse oneself in a unique, enveloping sensory experience that crosses different disciplines to maximise its impact. Bogue Profumo's fragrances bear witness to a creative and visionary sense of smell.


Best Seller Bogue Perfume on 50 ml

  • Bogue Perfume O/E Eau de Parfum: this fragrance is elaborately structured, an enormously complicated edifice of bright, luminous citrus fruits, naturally green spices and flowers, warm notes of natural wood and transparent synthetic notes, and an undercurrent of smoky animal notes - all elements that somehow come together to form something luminous, surprisingly light and cheerfully uncategorisable.
  • Bogue Perfume Maai Extrait de Parfum: this fragrance is an extraordinary achievement in modern perfumery, as it combines the best of old-school chypre glamour and the boldness of animal notes with refined elegance and softness. It opens with an explosion of musky green, fused with roses, jasmine and green tuberose, all sprinkled with a transparent veil of shimmering golden aldehydes. Maai is the epitome of haute parfumerie refinement, and its timeless beauty will impress even the most discerning connoisseurs.
  • Bogue Perfume 20 Extrait de Parfum: this fragrance celebrates LuckyScent's 20th anniversary with a 20% concentration. 20edp is not just 10edt at a higher percentage, but a project in its own right in which the link between the two fragrances shows the infinite possibilities of the chemistry of the perfume world. 20 Extrait de Parfum breaks the inviolable unity of the elements where the robustness of the resins and woods buries the past while the composition disperses in the sweet stillness of tonka bean and vanilla lying in a large, infinite green field that suddenly becomes a forest.
  • Bogue Perfume Lita Extrait de Parfum: a majestic overture of alcoholic scents, masterfully combined with warm, spicy patchouli and a generous bouquet of white flowers. With sparkling notes of aldehyde, a melody of jasmine and ylang-ylang and an impression of moist gardenia and chamomile begins, before releasing a note of bittersweet amber with hints of woods revealing burnt notes of vanilla and civet, musk and precious flowers.
  • Bogue Perfume Mem Eau de Parfum: opens with a note of dark lavender and hops, toasted malt and pale aldehydes. The burnt sugar of ethyl maltol caramelises the lavender. A rich floral heart of jasmine rose and ylang-ylang precedes more interesting facets of wax, petrol and rubber. Sandalwood and cedar accompany the flowers and aromas in the base. The robust and beautiful finish intertwines the sweet dust of incense with the musky, salty, animal base of a barber's fougere. Beautiful, quirky and memorable, this is the most daring artisanal perfumery.


Bogue Perfume Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Bogue Perfume 10 Eau de Toilette: "This fragrance is a true joy for the senses. The combination of fresh and spicy notes creates a unique harmony that evolves while constantly maintaining a balance between the perceived notes: bergamot and figs, oud and flowers, amber and tangerine…very rich and complex, but at the same time delicate. Perfect for those seeking a refined and distinctive olfactory experience." Etta
  • Bogue Perfume 20 Extrait de Parfum: "At first glance, it seemed to me very similar to 10 (which I have owned for some time) but in reality, the notes have been changed and realigned in a fragrance that, although similar in its rich pyramid, leaves a different impression. If 10 is a day of celebration and laughter, 20 is the night that follows it. Notes of leather and tobacco blend elegantly, creating an enveloping and sensual atmosphere. is a perfume that evokes a sense of mystery and seduction, perfect for special evenings. Elio
  • Bogue Perfume Lita Extrait de Parfum: "It's really good!!! A bold and unique fragrance that stands out from the crowd. The spicy and woody notes mix to perfection with flowers and incense, creating an intense and distinctive scent that I really like to wear at yoga classes because of its somewhat meditative vibe" Roberta
  • Bogue Perfume Maai Extrait de Parfum: "An elegant and sophisticated fragrance that enchants the senses. Floral and musky notes combine in an enveloping and sensual bouquet. is a fragrance that evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication, perfect for special occasions." Sandro
  • Bogue Perfume Mem Eau de Parfum: "It transmits calm and serenity. The citrus notes and lavender blend delicately, creating a refreshing and reassuring atmosphere. I use it a lot on days when I feel more moody than usual." Tommaso


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