IsaDora is synonymous with mineral make-up: a wide selection of bright colors, derived from 100% natural pigments and pure micronized minerals, to enhance your face. Without additional fragrances, often the cause of annoying allergies, each product is enclosed in an elegant and minimal packaging. IsaDora products are absolutely eco-friendly, made with quality raw materials to combine beauty with excellent benefits.
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IsaDora was founded in Sweden in 1983 with the conviction that make-up should not be a luxury for a select few. At that time, moreover, unscented products were not yet available in a wide range of colours. Ultimately, this is what inspired and motivated the company to establish its mission to make high-quality, clinically tested and fragrance-free beauty more accessible to all.


Features of Isadora Make Up

Awareness of responsibility towards people and the planet is at the heart of the brand. Isadora espouses a cruelty free philosophy, fragrance free and clinically tested from day one, to create a quality beauty experience that takes health and safety above any industry law. Isadora firmly believes in safe and accessible beauty for everyone, regardless of the amount of time available or the size of your wallet.


Bestselling Products Isadora on 50ml

  • Natural Matt Oil-Free Foundation Matt Cream: This foundation features a medium-modular coverage and is oil-free, providing a natural, velvety matte finish that feels like a second skin. Its innovative formula minimises the appearance of fine lines and small pores, improving the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Pencil Sharpener Jumbo: This jumbo pencil sharpener is designed to fit all thick-tipped pencils, offering a practical and convenient solution for sharpening pencils. The double blade allows for the perfect shape and length of the pencil, ensuring optimal precision and control during sharpening. In addition, the pencil sharpener features a special stick that facilitates the removal of residue and helps to clean the tool, keeping it clean and functional over time. 
  • Perfect Blush: This impalpable powder is designed to give skin a healthy, fresh look from the first application. Its innovative formula features a light, soft-touch texture. The colour release is immediate and long-lasting, allowing you to maintain a fresh, radiant appearance all day long. In addition, the perfectly matte finish without shimmer or pearlescence makes it ideal for those seeking a natural effect.
  • Perfect Eyes: Isadora's new mono eyeshadow was created to ensure perfect eyes for every occasion. Its soft, silky and easy to blend formulation makes it ideal for creating both natural and more intense looks. Thanks to its high pigmentation, it ensures intense and long-lasting colour without smudging or losing intensity during the day.
  • Sculpting Lipliner Waterproof: This lip pencil is designed to define the contour of the lips with intense colour and a matte finish. Its innovative, water-resistant formula guarantees extreme staying power, preventing smudging and increasing lipstick durability. Thanks to its retractable tip, the pencil is easy to use and convenient to take anywhere.

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