Mizon is a renowned Korean skincare brand, globally acclaimed for the quality and accessibility of its cosmetics. The name combines "mi," meaning beauty in Korean, and "zone," referring to specific areas of the skin. Mizon provides targeted and effective treatments for every need, pursuing its goal of making skincare accessible to all! 

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Mizon: Cutting-Edge Korean Skincare

Mizon is a Korean skincare brand founded in 2007 with a single goal: to create innovative beauty products for everyone! The brand invests in cutting-edge technologies and uses high-quality ingredients to enhance skin care for all, without making distinctions. Originating from South Korea, Mizon's love for skincare knows no boundaries and embraces the entire world. Its logo, an open window, symbolizes the desire to be a true window to the world!


The Values of Mizon: Freedom, Empowerment, and Innovation

Mizon is always ready to listen to people, understand their needs, and create the right products to offer a truly personalized journey, valuing every type of beauty! The brand embraces all agesbackgroundsidentities, and beliefs, firmly believing that these differences are what make us unique (the important thing is to feel good in your own skin!). Mizon's core values are freedomempowerment, and innovation. These principles guide every aspect of the K-Beauty brand, enabling it to create products that improve skin appearance and inspire confidence and self-esteem!


50 ml Recommends: The Best Mizon Korean Skincare Products!


  • Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream: an anti-ageing Korean face cream for normal and combination skin. Enriched with 92% Snail Secretion Filtrate, it soothes the skin, improves overall health, evens skin tone, and reduces redness and imperfections. Fantastic!
  • Mizon Power Firming Eye Cream Tube: enriched with 46% Marine Collagen, Adenosine, Argan Oil, and Copper Tripeptide-1, this Korean eye cream smooths and fills fine lines, hydrates and tones the eye area. Additionally, it promotes cell regeneration and stimulates collagen and elastin production, improving skin elasticity and vitality!
  • Mizon Collagenic Aqua Volume Lip Essence: this lip balm hydrates, plumps, and protects the lips from UV rays with SPF15! It contains collagen for fuller, plumper lips, vegetable oils, and beeswax to retain moisture, keeping lips soft and hydrated all day. The lightweight texture absorbs easily and is non-sticky!
  • Mizon Collagen Eye Gel Patch: for immediate anti-ageing effects, these Korean eye patches are a game-changer! They reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles thanks to Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, while Snail Secretion Filtrate and Adenosine combat signs of ageing. Perfect for a radiant look, we recommend keeping them in the fridge for an extra fresh effect!
  • Mizon Cicaluronic Cleansing Balm: this face balm melts on contact with the skin, transforming into a lightweight oil that removes makeup and impurities. It contains Jojoba Oil, Centella Asiatica, and Hyaluronic Acid that hydrate, soothe and purify the skin, leaving it fresh and light!


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