The Different Company

The Different Company
The Different Company was born in 2000 to celebrate the pleasure of the senses with exceptional perfumes, enclosed in bottles with a unique design. The "difference" of this company lies precisely in the search, with no compromise, of olfactory perfection, by selecting rare and unique raw materials, refined and exclusive, and by working the ingredients to enhance a sense of pure pleasure.
The Different Company
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The Different Company Perfumes

The Different Company was the first brand to explore the magical world of niche perfumery, and since 2000 has shaped with genuine dedication an unparalleled universe of fragrances. Each fragrance is an uncompromising work of art that captures the essence of Haute Perfumery and transmits timeless emotions with the elegance and integrity that constitute The Different Company's personality. Here, nature blends harmoniously with passion and knowledge, resulting in rare and exciting fragrances, created with respect and sensitivity.


The Different Company Collection

In The Different Company perfumes, the search for excellence is reflected in every single ingredient. Each fragrance is a journey to remote and mysterious lands, where the best elements are selected, such as the stems of Geranium from the Isle of Bourbon, the Rose of Damascus and Patchouli from Indonesia. Not to mention the great masters of the art of perfumery, such as Jean-Claude Ellena and Bertrand Duchaufour, who work every day in The Different Company to bring the brand's extraordinary fragrances to life!


The Different Company Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml


  • Majaina Sin EDP: an opulent freshness from Madagascar, with a blend of vanilla, explosive cinnamon, ginger, bergamot and neroli.
  • Santo Incienso EDP: a mystical journey to the Amazon inspired by the shamanic rituals of South America, with sacred Palo Santo wood, incense, cedar, nutmeg and bergamot.
  • Sublime Balkiss EDT: a traditional yet modern Chypre, because it's created without oakmoss. Sophisticated and surprising! 
  • Kashan Rose EDT: a tribute to the Persian city of Kâshân and the traditional Rose Festival, with a pure yet surprising floral fragrance. 
  • Osmanthus EDT: a scent that exalts osmanthus, a Chinese flower that is very rare in perfumery and shrouded in millennia-old legends.  


The Different Company Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!


  • Pure eVe EDP: “It's like a second skin! It's so clean, candid, comfortable and enveloping like a cashmere scarf <3” - Patricia
  • Sel de Vetiver EDT:  “In my opinion this fragrance is different from all the others. I love Vetiver, and here I found it in a new guise, more fresh and sweet!” - Jack
  • Dance of the Dawn EDP: Damn what a bomb!!! The initial tangerine enraptures you and slowly pulls you towards the warmer notes of incense and woods. It's addicting! - Alice 
  • Limon de Cordoza EDT: “This is a fragrance that amazed and amused me at the same time. As soon as you spray it you are overwhelmed by an invigorating freshness, but although it is called Limon de Cordoza, there is no lemon essence among the ingredients ahah!” - Christian
  • Tokyo Bloom EDT: “I love this perfume! It's bright, green, fresh and sensual, it's like taking a little piece of Japanese spring with you every moment of the day.” - Iris

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