Tola is a perfume brand launched in 2013 by Emirati entrepreneur Dhaher Bin Dhaher. The name 'Tola' comes from a unit of measurement used to weigh the most precious materials, such as gold, oil and perfumes. Tola Eau de Parfum are inspired by centuries-old stories and tell new narratives through their unique and persistent notes.

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The Charm of Emirati Fragrances - Tola Fragrances, the Quintessence of Memories

Tola is an Emirati brand of unique charm, whose fragrances encapsulate the quintessence of memories and stories within stories. Each fragrance is the tale of an ancient narrative, an invitation to weave new textures and notes. These hand-crafted aromatic blends capture the hearts of aficionados in search of excellencemastery and authenticity. Each fragrance is a sensory journey, a unique experience that leaves an indelible impression in the memory.


The Charm of Emirati Fragrances

Tola is an amazing expression of elegant sobriety in its fragrances. Respectful of its UAE roots and culture, the brand has deep connections with Persian culture. What makes it unique is its focus on women, putting them at the centre of the stories and fragrances, creating an intimate and personal experience.


An Original and Consistent Packaging

Tola's packaging is distinguished by its originality and fidelity to the brand credo. It does not seek to impress with ostentatious opulence but rather stands out for its discreet elegance. Every detail is carefully crafted, reflecting the history and essence of the fragrances contained within.


The History of Tola

The Tola project came to life in 2013 out of the desire of its founder, the Emirati Dhaher Bin Dhaher, who has been passionate about perfumery since his youth thanks to the love passed on to him by his mother, a great expert in this art. The tradition of bakhoor, typical of the United Arab Emirates, played a significant role in his inspiration. Bakhoor consists of hand-mixing powder or agarwood chips with scented oils and heating a small piece of the resulting mixture over hot coals so that it releases its fragrance and perfumes the room.

Dhaher's travelling around the world has allowed him to experiment with different essences and ingredients, to the point of perfecting each fragrance in his collection. The name "Tola" is a reference to the unit of measurement used in certain regions of the world, such as India, South Asia and the Gulf region, for trading gold and other precious raw materials. One tola is equivalent to about 11.7 grams and expresses the legal weight of the rupee, a symbol of value and wealth.



Tola is much more than a perfume brand. It is a journey through the historiescultures and traditions of the United Arab Emirates and the Persian culture. The fragrances are a hymn to beauty and the art of perfumery, an invitation to immerse oneself in unique and unforgettable olfactory experiences. Tola has won the hearts of perfume lovers around the world thanks to its ability to combine craftsmanship with a modern and elegant approach. If you are looking for authenticity and fragrances that evoke deep emotions, Tola is the perfect choice.


Tola Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Tola Alhada Eau de Parfum: Alhada takes its name from the mountainous region of Saudi Arabia that connects travellers to the city of Ta'if, where a precious quality of rose is cultivated. Just like the travellers, the fragrance wanders through paths of sumptuous Ta'if rose and floral marigolds, mingling with notes of coriander, mandarin, lavender and bergamot. The seductive fragrances of jasmine, hyacinth and saffron diffuse an irrepressible feeling of serenity.
  • Tola Misk Begum Eau de Parfum: Named after Misk, the Arabic word for musk, it is the fragrance of a Begum, a noblewoman, who dreams of her prince. This fragrance evokes feelings of hope and nostalgia interwoven in a pyramid as luxurious as it is seductive: citrus and floral notes intertwine with a rich musk of amber and woods. 
  • Tola Amaya Eau de Parfum: an intimate fragrance inspired by the founder's mother (as revealed by the word itself, which means "mother" in Arabic: Amaya, or Umy). Nostalgia is inevitable when this lively and complex scent - Musky, Floral, and Woody - invites thoughts of family, heritage and love. For every daughter and son born and raised in the Middle East, Amaya is the scent of the mother.
  • Tola Anbar Eau de Parfum: Anbar is the Arabic word for precious ambergris. The fragrance - Fruity, Amber, Woody - is rich and inviting, reminiscent of the birth of a new love; curious, exciting and fiercely intimate as in the legend of a man captured by the beauty of a mythical creature. Anbar Eau de Parfum is a rich, inviting and unisex fragrance, reminiscent of a new love; curious, exciting and fiercely intimate.
  • Tola Bishra Eau de Parfum: Bishra is an Arabic word meaning ''good news'' or ''glad tidings'', commonly believed to be heralded by palm trees when they begin to produce the first dates of summer. A fresh and sparkling note of cardamom creates an attractive amber and spicy fragrance, but the refined scent of dates and coffee, infused with dried fruits and a hint of cinnamon, gives Bishra Eau de Parfum its personality. And underneath, the softness of vanilla and white musk complements the strength of oud and patchouli.


Tola Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Tola Kaif Eau de Parfum: “A bright and sparkling opening introduces with its peppery and hesperidian notes a purely floral heart, a triumph of violet flowers, jasmine and geranium. The iris is very dusty and clean, musky. Amber Woods conclude. Pretty and elegant.” Jade
  • Tola Seba Eau de Parfum: “I find it very feminine, delicate, youthful. Yet at the same time really sophisticated. The opening smells of strawberry and aniseed, while the heart becomes more sober with its mix of heliotrope, orris and gardenia. The base is quite classic and accompanies the whole with elegance, with musk, vanilla and amber.” Aurelio
  • Tola Shahzadah Eau de Parfum: “Pepper and citrus fruits immediately give way to oud and geranium, with a somewhat elusive fruity background. Perhaps raspberry and plum. I vaguely smell some other flowers. The base is a mix of precious woods and honey. I must say that understanding this fragrance is complex, every time I wear it I discover something new. Who knows; if next time I will identify all the flowers. Besides being a perfume worthy of a self-respecting perfumer, it is also quite a challenge for an expert in the field. I recommend it” Giacomo
  • Tola Gulbadan Eau de Parfum: “Quite implicitly, is a galaxy of fragrances revolving around oud. Well balanced, and very distinctive. I would not recommend it for the office, but rather for a special evening. A demanding fragrance, don't buy it in a closed box.” Alessio
  • Tola Gulnaz Eau de Parfum: “A special fragrance, in which geranium, ylang ylang and iris balance a spicy oud to perfection. It begins floral, then slowly evolves into more oriental notes. I usually don't particularly appreciate oud, but this one is pleasant, light, sophisticated.” Sofia


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