Ohtop is a luxury perfume brand whose philosophy revolves around self-love and well-being. Ohtop perfumes are made with quality ingredients and designed to fully represent the individuality and style of whoever wears them. The collection includes unique niche fragrances, each with its own inspiration and story.

Set Descending Direction

Ohtop Perfumes

Romeo, the creator of the brand, is half-Korean and half-French. He grew up in a rural region of Korea, surrounded by rice paddies stretching endlessly and lapped by the wind. This idyllic landscape had a significant impact on his life and drove him to seek inspiration and freedom elsewhere. So the winds of destiny took him to Paris, where he found his home and set up a showroom in the beating heart of the city, the historic Marais district; a temple of avant-garde fashion with one goal: to reveal young fashion talents and help them launch their careers. This artistic and professional background inspired the creation of his skincare line and, more recently, a line of niche perfumes with a unique and impressive style.


Ohtop Fragrances Philosophy

I love me: if you do not love yourself, you cannot love others. Loving yourself means developing the strength to protect yourself from the pressure of the outside world, it means listening to your inner voice more than what others say. It means knowing what makes you healthier and more beautiful. Ohtop is something more than a method for being more beautiful on the outside: it addresses the generation that looks as much at its exterior as it does at its interior. A line of seductive perfumes, made with quality ingredients. Designed for men and women who love each other, and who are loved. This is Ohtop.

"My aim is to create an olfactory wardrobe that completes and personalises a person, giving them a dreamlike dimension, a final touch that will embrace them and allow them to manifest their true nature and style."

Ohtop is a luxury brand that satisfies the demands of the French perfumery tradition without abandoning a contemporary vision of creation; based on a global well-being philosophy, it is inspired by a universal cultural heritage. This collection invites you on a journey full of emotions and sensations, achieved through minimalist and sophisticated work.

Romeo works closely with the world's best noses, experts in their art who master the harmony of each selected note and its delicate evolution into perfume. Loaded with meaning and inspiration, the luxury perfumes Ohtop emphasise originality, authenticity and freedom of expression, blending with the uniqueness of each skin to belong uniquely to the person wearing it. "Simply choose the fragrance that matches your personality and style, because our fragrances are as unique as you" Romeo Oh  

 “For more than 25 years I have trained my eye to spot young fashion talent. I have studied this mysterious discipline we call style. I have observed silhouettes as well as details, I have appreciated unconventional interpretations as well as classical approaches. I have seen ideas take shape through materials and colours, revealing cuts, looks and characters. Thanks to my showroom, I see, I show. Today I am becoming a creator, and I do it through fragrance.” 



Ohtop is a small, niche perfume brand that places conservation of biodiversity, sustainable innovation , and creating a positive impact at the heart of its actions. It uses only the most toxic ingredients to create its fragrances. Ohtop's sustainability is not limited to the ingredients: packaging and production play an important role in a brand's overall carbon footprint, which is why their Zamak cap and glass bottle are 100% energy-efficient and recyclable. Ohtop has also addressed the challenge of sustainability by using recycled materials that are biodegradable or can be recycled again after use. Creating perfume is a complicated process, but that does not mean it cannot be done ethically and transparently. That's why the brand has taken the time to ensure that all our ingredients are clearly listed, sustainably sourced and safe for the skin.


Ohtop Best-Selling Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Ohtop Fleur d'Oh Eau de Parfum: Me, myself and my perfume. Inspiration: bare essentials. This cologne is a perfume that becomes one with us in stark nakedness, exposing a studied casualness stating, ''I am what I am''. Fleur d'OH is a gender-fluid orange blossom that oscillates between the radiance and softness of orange blossom, and the vibration of modern amber woods. A perfume that is neither feminine nor classic cologne. The yuzu and shiso leaves start to create a spark whose light extends to the bottom of this fragrance, lined with moss and musk.
  • Ohtop Green Flannel Eau de Parfum: To first times. Inspiration: memories affect creativity. A homage to first times, first love, first experiments and soothing memories. A scent that's as comforting as it is hyper-elegant. A reassuring nostalgic wood which conveys both the qualitative fabric of a dapper jacket and the elegant green colour, the signature of OHTOP. Drawing contemporary hues of purple and green with the help of violet, violet leaf and galbanum, its incredible appeal consists of an addictive woody and musky base.
  • Ohtop Ohsphalte Eau de Parfum: For better or for worse. Inspiration: urban tension. Romeo is addicted to the scent of asphalt and all it embodies: urban modernity, and roads connecting people, but also pollution, dust, and human excesses. Inspired by urbanity under blazing heat, Ohsphalte Eau de Parfum is built like an olfactive monolith, blending a concrete accord with hints of flowers, woods, and leather. Conceptual, bold, and hooking. 
  • Ohtop I Hate Rose Eau de Parfum: Metamorph'rose. Inspiration: style is the transformation of what we dislike. Romeo doesn't like the natural scent of the rose, so he wanted to find a way to transform it into a perfume he loves. A metaphor for feeling secure in one's duality and maintaining one's creativity. An ultra-contemporary floral that spices up and fructifies a classic rose. The fragrance reveals itself to be green and fruity, then turns woody when things calm down.
  • Ohtop Paranoiaque Eau de Parfum: Madness in a bottle. Inspiration: creativity needs madness. There comes a time when we have to bend the rules and stop being well-behaved to access our sense of style. An extraordinarily bold and creative fragrance, without compromise. Paranoiaque brings opposites together, combining citrus, spices, greens, flowers and woods to harmonise chaos. Romeo's words: ''Totally crazy and unpredictable, the olfactory rendering of exaggeration. An authentic masterpiece, yet easy to wear".


Ohtop Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Ohtop Fleur d'Oh Eau de Parfum“I found it very good. It has a delicate scent, slightly floral and citrusy, with a very seductive musky touch. I find it a versatile perfume, to wear every day without any problems” Ginevra
  • Ohtop Green Flannel Eau de Parfum: “A timeless, elegant, sophisticated fragrance. When I think of someone who might wear it, I immediately think of a rich, listed woman preparing to go out, sitting at her dressing table. Flowers, tonka bean and ambroxan create an exceptional and decisive pyramid.” Simone
  • Ohtop Ohsphalte Eau de Parfum: “Wow. I don't know what I expected when I first smelled it, but it wasn't this. It is a complex scent, in which the skill of the nose emerges prominently. It reminds me of an abandoned building I used to go and play in as a child, the smell of asphalt, flowering trees and grasses mingling in a unique weave. A slightly warm scent, a little nostalgic’ Sandro
  • Ohtop I Hate Rose Eau de Parfum: “A non-trivial rose perfume, finally! I love rhubarb, and together with chilli and passion flower, I think it is the perfect accompaniment to the queen of flowers. is my first choice when I have to recommend a rose perfume to someone that isn't boring, I love it! ” Andrea
  • Ohtop Paranoiaque Eau de Parfum“Patchouli, Blackcurrant, Coriander, Grapefruit, Amber. A short list of ingredients, heralding a fragrance that gets straight to the point. For me, it was: I smelled it, I bought it, and it became my favourite. Simple” Eric


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