Alexandre J

Alexandre J

Alexandre J, a creative French designer, launched his perfume brand in 2012 with the aim of creating beauty through the combination of luxurious packaging and exceptional fragrances. Inspired by different cultures, he collaborates with other artists to create exciting and constantly evolving objects. Thanks to his passion for research and perfection, each creation becomes a timeless masterpiece.

Alexandre J
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Alexandre J 

A French designer with a broad vision of the perfumery world, Alexandre J, launched his eponymous luxury fragrance brand in 2012 with a single objective: of creation. He breaks free from the codes of traditional perfumery to propose his vision of beauty: the alliance of luxurious packaging and exceptional fragrances. 

Philosophy and History of Alexandre J Fragrances

Alexandre has always had a passion for perfumes and has spent years learning everything about this field, working with some of the best perfumers in the world. He has combined this experience with his creative vision and surrounded himself with the best noses and artisan artists to create a wide range of high-quality and uniquely designed perfumes. Alexandre J aims to inspire a tactile and multisensory approach through distinctive product presentation, with exclusive scents and raw materials, tapping into the very core of what makes us human - dreaming and experiencing.

Architect of materials and senses, Alexandre J refuses to compromise and gives life to objects that arouse emotions. His thirst for knowledge leads him to evolve continually improving, and exploring other cultures to convey ever-new landscapes and sensations. His multicultural inspirations blend into his creative process: mother-of-pearl bottles, glass paste stoppers, medallions, and pearl ornaments... Alexandre J does not hesitate to team up with other artists from different artistic worlds to promote common creations that are increasingly surprising. The brand began to gain popularity in the United States and Europe thanks to its selective distribution in boutiques and high-end shops. Today, Alexandre J's perfumes are available all over the world and the artist has gained a following of devoted fans who appreciate the quality and originality of his products.


Alexander J Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Alexandre J Rose Oud Eau de Parfum: A sweet oriental floral fragrance whose warm, passionate and lively notes infuse an aura of optimism that makes it unique. Rose Oud encapsulates the sparkling, exhilarating side of the Orient. The initial interlacing is reminiscent of the syrupy sweetness of candied fruits, followed by the seductive, sensual aroma of roses, enveloped in a veil of white saffron. Base notes of musk, vanilla and amber enhance the lush nature of this fragrance, giving it an irresistible charm.
  • Alexandre J The Majestic Jardin Eau de Parfum: The spirit of this fragrance is exoticism, a celebration of endless, glittering, dazzling festivals in gardens of cedar and cherry trees whose fronds are impregnated with the smoke of narghilè. It opens with notes of almond, flanked by rich cherry and hints of black pepper. Warm vanilla, Virginia cedar and Patchouli accompany you in an enveloping base. This long-lasting fragrance lingers on the skin and in the air all day long.
  • Alexandre J Silver Ombre Eau de Parfum: An extraordinary fragrance that blends the warmth of the oriental desert with the refinement of French baroque architecture. A contrast between hot and cold is taken up in the pyramid. The pyramid begins with the vibrant notes of lemon and a warm, juicy and soft touch of pear. In the heart, rose and olibanum reassure with their relaxing effect. Base notes of musk and amber conclude the fragrance with a warm, comforting note, accompanied by soft but robust sandalwood. An utterly sophisticated oriental fragrance that combines warm and cool notes to create a unique scent that captivates the senses.
  • Alexandre J Altesse Mysore Eau de Parfum: Alexandre J is inspired by the fragrant flowers, vibrant colours and warmth of the sun found in the Indian markets of Mysore to immerse us in the richness of the Orient through a spicy floral universe, a sensual symphony that wraps around jasmine, Bulgarian rose and saffron to reveal the creator's inspiration. The top notes are a soft, sensual fire of Pink Pepper, Elemi and Ambroxan. The heart of Plum, Bulgarian Rose and Jasmine is a floral-fruity celebration of femininity. The woody, musky and ambery base notes mingle gently with each other in a long-lasting melody.
  • Alexandre J The Majestic Vanilla Eau de Parfum: A fragrance that blends feminine notes of fruit and vanilla with the resinous masculinity of labdanum to take you on an olfactory journey through the Roaring Twenties, when women brought the principle of equality to their wardrobes. Majestic Vanilla Eau de Parfum opens with top notes of spicy cinnamon, citrusy bergamot and mandarin. It evolves into a heart of peach, tonka bean and galbanum, then into an earthy, musky and ambery base with musk, vanilla, patchouli, labdanum and amber wood.


Alexander J Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Alexandre J Zafeer Oud Vanille Eau de Parfum: “I first smelled it during a friend's soiree, but unfortunately forgot to look for it afterwards. Only recently, intrigued by the spectacular packaging, did I recognise the name of the perfume that had made me fall in love with it among those in the line. It's a sweet, sophisticated Oud, softened by vanilla and coconut that soften it without extinguishing its characteristic elegance. On me è very long-lasting, with a moderate projection.” Gaia
  • Alexandre J Iris Violet Eau de Parfum: “Fruity, powdery, sweet, musky, with notes of iris and violet. A special fragrance that evolves on the skin unexpectedly. It opens with unexpected fruity notes, slightly acidulous. It then shows a fresh, green and floral component, which evolves into a warm, woody dry-down. It has an extraordinary sillage and duration, and I recommend it for outdoor evenings and to leave a strong impression.” Erika
  • Alexandre J Black Muscs Eau de Parfum: “A sharp, citrusy, floral introduction is immediately enveloped by powerful musk. Amber warms a curtain by adding a sweet note that complements the light patchouli and violet. A clean, slightly powdery scent, with a mix of rose and amber giving a sensual and pleasant nuance. A perfect fragrance for daily use’Elio
  • Alexandre J Mandarine Sultane Eau de Parfum: “10 out of 10! I think I have found my favourite citrus fragrance. Truly original, one of the best perfumes for men and women I have ever tried. It's creamy, elegant, sunny, and sophisticated. I imagine it as a perfect perfume for sailing or a Sunday brunch on a sunny day, a fragrance that speaks of luxury but also of relaxation.” Tristan
  • Alexandre J Morning Muscs Eau de Parfum: ”Canò a perfume be happiness in a bottle? For me, Morning Muscs by Alexandre J so it is. It was a closed-box purchase but I couldn’t be happier! A bright rose supported by fruity notes opens the pyramid, fading into citrus and patchouli notes, with an all-around musky tail. Perfect for summer and spring, or to remind you of the good days during winter.”


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