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Bjork & Berries
Björk & Berries is a botanical perfume and cosmetic brand that captures the beauty and benefits of unspoiled Swedish nature. Simplicity is the basis of all their research: few ingredients, at least 95% natural, rich in vitamins, omega acids and essential oils. Effectiveness and nature for an "eco-luxury" skincare!
Bjork & Berries
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Björk and Berries Products

The Scents of the Forest: BJörk and Berries began as a small local project in northern Sweden, with the desire to preserve the magic of nature, its beauty, its perfumes and its healing properties. The creators of the brand decided to go to forests to collect leaves and berries by hand to capture the essence of Swedish flora in their first natural perfume, and with this, they laid the foundation for what BJörk and Berries is today.

The Brand Philosophy

Their perfume collection is inspired by the Swedish seasons' volatility and their nature's uniqueness. The cultural, natural and mythical Swedish wonders are interpreted in refined olfactory experiences. In developing its products, Björk and Berries uses the best that nature has to offer and, thanks to its advanced technology, it transforms it into luxury formulas in which texture, fragrance and performance are equally important.

In Sweden, wild forests cover as much as 57% of the country. Nature is a luxury in the world, in Sweden is part of everyday life. Björk and Berries uses the best ingredients that nature has to offer. It wants to celebrate and protect the environment. All their products are made in Sweden according to strict Ecoluxury criteria: they must be respectful of skin, people, animals and nature. Björk, the Swedish word for the birch, also known as the tree of life, is their signature ingredient and symbol of their unique flora, from which they also source other potent ingredients such as sea buckthorn and blueberries.

The Origin and Standard of Björk and Berries Products

Björk and Berries is owned by CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt and her family. The family's farm home, Fäviken, in northern Sweden, is a special place for Björk and Berries. Here they have their own mountain garden where they grow some selected ingredients and experiment with plants and herbs in the harsh northern seasons. The beauty of the deep forests and mountains is their daily source of inspiration.

The Brand uses ingredients that have been traditionally used in Sweden for centuries. It sources as locally as possible and aims to preserve the prevalence of Nordic flora. They always try to optimise production to use the minimum amount of ingredients, but with the maximum effect. For example, their Eau de Parfums are all vegan and made with organic alcohol fermented from the waste products of the food industry's plant extracts, such as sugar beets. 

To ensure that all Björk and Berries products are safe and natural, the brand has defined a strict standard that all their products must meet, called the Ecoluxury Standard.

  • ECO for them, means carefully selecting the most powerful ingredients nature has to offer to develop clean, non-toxic formulas that respect skin, people, animals and nature.
  • LUXURY means that they never compromise on results or quality: they create refined products in which texture, fragrance and performance are equally important.

Products that are Cruelty-Free and respectful of skin, people, animals and nature. All their products are vegan. The bottles in the hand, body and hair assortment are made from 100% recycled plastic and all Eau de Parfums are made in glass bottles with organic alcohol fermented, made from the waste of plant extracts from the food industry, such as sugar beets. All their facial products are dermatologically tested.

Slow Beauty Björk and Berries

Björk and Berries' formulas are never hastily produced, each step in the creation of a new formula is carried out with care to create the best skin products and fragrances possible, in a system they call Slow BeautyThe skin care products and natural and organic perfumes from Björk and Berries are made and developed in Sweden and France. Björk and Berries collaborates with technology- and sustainability-oriented factories to guarantee safe products and the highest quality.

The brand strives to maximise the effectiveness of its formulas, making even a small amount of product capable of giving the desired effect. Björk and Berries aims to strike a balance between sustainability and functionality and to keep up with the latest developments, with the goal of having a 100 per cent possibility of recycling all components. The design is also carefully studied to maximise sustainability: their products are both easy to recycle and beautiful to store. For this reason, Björk and Berries use 100% recyclable bottles and 100% FSC paper, with minimal packaging.


Björk and Berries Best Seller Products and Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Björk and Berries Fjallsjo Eau De Parfum: A floral Eau de Parfum for men and women, inspired by the unstable seasons and uniqueness of Swedish nature. Cultural, natural and mythical wonders are interpreted in a fragrant and sophisticated experience. This fragrance composed of organic fermented alcohol and the finest perfume oils opens with an accord of clean cotton, freesia and ambrette seeds, evolves into a heart of spring magnolia and water lily, and closes with silk musk, ambroxan and amber notes. The fragrance is a fragrance of Swedish nature.
  • Björk and Berries Botanist Body Lotion: a moisturising full-body lotion. This natural lotion is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin smooth and soft. Enriched with an organic sea buckthorn complex that nourishes the skin, organic birch with an invigorating effect and relaxing organic chamomile.
  • Björk and Berries September EDP: a unisex Eau de Parfum that captures the first day of autumn on a farm. Piles of hay are warming under the heat of the afternoon sun, while their scent mingles with that of harvested fruits. Freshly cut logs in the barn leave a lingering scent of warm, damp wood. September is a woody, aromatic scent with notes of pomelo, lavender, vetiver smoke and pink praline.
  • Björk and Berries White Forest Hand Cream 50 ml: a fast-absorbing hand cream that restores moisture, nutrition and protection to the skin. Rapeseed oil and birch extract rejuvenate and soften the hands. Aloe vera and creatine soothe irritation. How to use: Apply every morning and evening for moisturised and velvety hands.
  • Björk and Berries Body Scrub: this natural scrub cleanses and exfoliates the body with cleansing and moisturising organic birch, nourishing organic sea buckthorn and soothing organic chamomile. The creamy, velvety exfoliating formula nourishes with organic rapeseed oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Björk and Berries Products and Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Bjork & Berries Never Spring Diffuser: “I bought it for its very special design, which goes well with many styles of interior design. I also liked the scent, a clean, calming musk that I find perfect for my use (furnishing homes for sale). I have already picked up another 5 and plan to continue to do so in the future." Adrian
  • Bjork & Berries From the Garden Bath Salt: “Oh my God, is fantastic! I'm a bath salt fanatic, and this is one of the highest-quality bath salts I've ever tried. Apparently is formulated with flowers and herbs hand-picked from the gardens of northern Sweden. It has a super relaxing scent that is perfect for a beautiful long warm bath and leaves the skin super soft when dry.” Francesca
  • Björk & Berries Fjallsjo Hand & Body Lotion: “I already have the fjällsjö perfume (and also the Mareld perfume)  so I decided to get the lotion as well to strengthen it. For the uninitiated, apparently, perfume lasts longer on well-moisturised skin, so putting lotion (possibly the same scent) on before applying perfume is a good way to make it last longer. I must say that the experiment was successful, now my skin is not only softer but also smells better for longer. I use it after showering for moisturised but not greasy skin" Andre
  • Björk & Berries White forest Hand & Body Wash: “It's the first time I've taken it, but I found it very good. It cleanses thoroughly without leaving the skin dry. On the contrary, it is soft and smooth even after several washes. I'll definitely get it again, and I think I've also found a perfect gift idea for a little something to keep in the house for last-minute emergencies. Luke
  • Bjork & Berries Shimmer Oil: “I started wearing shimmer oils in the pool for a while now. Unfortunately, finding one that doesn't leave my skin greasy is like looking for a needle in a haystack, so of course, I had to try this one right away...which also has active ingredients! I really liked it, it gives me the goddess skin I was looking for!" Rosaline

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