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In perfumery, there are no rules! Unisex perfumes are for everyone. As we always like to say: the most important thing when choosing a fragrance is that it has to appeal to us and communicate something that tells something about us. Discover our selection of unisex perfumes and enter the world of artistic perfumery!

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Unisex Niche Perfumes

Buying artistic perfumery online can be complex without the support of someone to help us choose: 50 ml has been an official online retailer of some of the best Perfumes for Women, Perfumes for Men and unisex fragrances originals. Our aim is to support you in choosing the right niche fragrance for you through a service that makes you feel like you are in a boutique! On our site you will find plenty of content and exclusive selections to start discovering the wonderful world of niche fragrances, without losing your compass due to too much choice. You can also find us on InstagramTik Tok and YouTube and read our Newsletter: on our channels you will find plenty of original and exclusive content to help you become a true fragrance expert. In this section we have collected the best unisex perfumes for you, from Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette to the Extrait de Parfum (and much more!): use the filters available on the page to explore the catalogue!

Dive into our curated and refined selection of unique fragrances, designed for those seeking an olfactory experience without gender boundaries. Each unisex perfume is a poem of essences, a harmony of notes that blend to create an enveloping and distinctive atmosphere. From the depth of woody notes to the freshness of citrus, our unisex fragrance collection represents the art of perfumery in all its beauty and originality. Discover your perfect fragrance and embrace the uniqueness of a perfume that suits your personality. Welcome to the world of unisex perfumes, where art meets olfaction and beauty becomes a timeless sensory experience. Before we begin, we would like to remind you that on 50 ml you have the opportunity to buy samples online of the best unisex niche perfumes!


Persistent Unisex Perfumes

Enter the world of Unisex Persistent Perfumes with 50 ml, where durability and enchantment combine to create an unforgettable olfactory experience. Persistent perfumes, designed to suit every gender without distinction, represent an elegant fusion of refinement and resistance. Each fragrance is a sensory journey that lingers on, leaving an enveloping and distinctive impression wherever you go. Discover our exclusive selection of persistent unisex fragrances, and immerse yourself in a world of aromas that stay live and intense for hours after application. Let the persistence of the essence tell your story! Here are some of the most persistent unisex perfumes in the niche:


  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Summer Hummer Extrait de Parfum. Summer enclosed in a bottle, to be enjoyed 365 days a year and anywhere in the world, even when the cold is prickly and the heat is only a dream. Summer Hammer Extrait de Parfum represents a fresh and juicy Mango Piña colada enriched with warm and tropical notes, wrapped in a light floral bouquet and supported by a solid base of green tones; all enriched by the creaminess of sandalwood. An immediate and playful unisex fragrance designed to spread happiness, lightness and joie de vivre!
  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Black Sea Extrait de ParfumLorenzo Pazzaglia Cherry Ink Extrait de Parfum embodies the fruity essence of unisex perfumes. An intense, lonely cherry blends with enveloping spices and precious woods on a sweet, musky background. This fragrance is a dark, dense, almost black wine, which leaves an indelible impression on the nose.
  • Fugazzi Sugardaddy Extrait de ParfumSugardaddy by Fugazzi is a tribute to the free-thinking generation and addresses those who appreciate refined notes and their intoxicating power. An Extrait de Parfum combining an accord of blackcurrant, nutmeg, clove and jasmine, enriched with fruity tones of bergamot and mandarin against a background of grey amber and patchouli. Sweet caramel notes reveal the strength of character and innovative spirit of the wearer. This unisex fragrance is a must-have!
  • D.S. & Durga Rockaway Beach Eau de ParfumAn immersion in 1970s New York, amidst sunscreen and salt on the skin, with the ocean air on the Queens shoreline and the flowers of privet hedges beside pastel-coloured apartment blocks. It was a magical time for music, and the Ramones represented the essence of that rebellious youth. The kids churned out songs of teenage angst, but also of simple joie de vivre, like escaping to the beach from the heaviness of the humid New York summer. With the sea just a stone's throw away, every day spent there became a perfumed experience of home for those who, like D.S. for Rockaway Beach Eau de Parfum, is grew up near the beach and experienced those intense moments of perfume in the air and on the skin after a dip in the water. A unisex perfume with an exclusive marine note.
  • Initio Musk Therapy Extrait de ParfumImmerse yourself in a new world of sensations, indulge in the therapeutic power of perfume. The velvety accord of natural white sandalwood, white musk and rose creates an enveloping and irresistible unisex fragrance. Notes of white magnolia stimulate pleasure, while cassis adds energy, releasing a touch of sensuality. Musk Therapy Extrait de Parfum is a magical mood enhancer that invites relaxation and well-being. A delicious and long overdue alternative to artificial paradises and their illicit substances.
  • Born to Stand Out Drunk Saffron Eau de ParfumAn indulgence in a glass of Cognac and the sensual marks of lipstick. The initial aroma of this fragrance opens with a tantalizing blend of sweet plum and soft cognac, promising an enthralling olfactory journey. In the heart, exotic tones of saffron, robust leather and invigorating coffee are revealed, fused in a complex and harmonious bouquet. Finally, this unisex fragrance reaches its climax with the deep, seductive notes of Indonesian patchouli, creamy vanilla and sensual musk, providing an enthralling and lasting olfactory experience. The complexity and richness of Drunk Saffron Eau de Parfum make it ideal for lovers of multidimensional olfactory adventures, with surprises in every nuance.


Cheap Unisex Perfumes

Discover with 50 ml the best unisex perfumes at affordable prices: there are plenty of fragrances formulated to match quality with economy, without sacrificing elegant smell. Our collection of cheap unisex fragrances offers a wide range of options, ideal for those who want to explore distinctive aromas without breaking the budget. Discover the best unisex fragrances for a sensory experience designed to suit all tastes and occasions, balancing freshnessdurability and affordability. Explore our wide selection of affordable unisex fragrances, because olfactory luxury can be affordable for everyone.


  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerotic Eau de ParfumA unisex eau de parfum with a woody and aromatic character. Enveloping and sensual, Nerotic enchants and captivates the senses, creating an olfactory addiction. A fragrance that stands out for its woody, dry, amber notes, enrapturing both the wearer and the perceiver, transporting them on an enthralling emotional journey. Nerotic is the flagship of Laboratorio Olfattivo's new "Laboratorio in Nero" collection, in which black, a symbol of elegance, luxury and mystery, embodies sophisticated creations, made with noble and precious raw materials.
  • Essential Parfums Bois Imperial Eau de ParfumA woody unisex eau de parfum designed for men and women. The freshness of freshly chopped Thai basil leaves combines with the peppery, citrusy vibrancy of Nepalese timut pepper absolute, creating a brilliant contrast to the fragrance's distinctive woody signature. Deep, earthy Haitian vetiver oil intertwines with georgywood, a unique molecule that evokes the essence of cedarwood. This vibrant combination is enhanced by the sophisticated floral note of Petalia. The heart of the fragrance is signed by Majestic Akigalawood, obtained through a sustainable biotechnological process that recycles Patchouli. Its spicy and woody personality is enhanced by the rich oil of Indonesian Patchouli and the persistent and sustainable note of Ambrofix. Bois Imperial is the best-selling affordable unisex perfume of 2023!
  • Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette. Another of the brand's best-selling cheap unisex fragrances, as well as one of its most popular. "diptyque Philosykos EDT is a unisex eau de toilette with a woody character. The inspiration for this fragrance stems from the many summer trips Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant made to Greece, near Mount Pelion in Thessaly. In honour of Plato, who attributed to the fig tree the power to strengthen intelligence, Philosykos was created, whose name means 'friend of the fig tree'. The paths leading to the sea were dotted with wild fig trees, emanating the scent of their fruit: a reminder of the sunny Greek summers. The success of Philosykos lies in the olfactory balance it encompasses, representing the entire fig tree. The leaves and flowers give fresh, green tones, balanced by a white cedarwood base. Finally, sap and resin enrich the complexity of the entire perfume structure.
  • Botanicae Tramonte Eau de Parfum. A unisex fragrance with an excellent price-performance ratio, inspired by living and peaceful nature. Like a ritual, beekeepers harvest the precious honey, while the bees dance harmoniously. In this fragrance, Italy celebrates its traditional arts rooted in cultural heritage. The breezes bring with them citrus notes, as the sun slowly sets over the enchanting Campania coastline. Tramonte Eau de Parfum is an intense blend of precious woods and amber notes, enlivened by fresh citrus undertones, a true homage to the harmony of nature and Italian tradition.


Unisex Perfumes: Discover the Best Ones on 50 ml

Let yourself be enveloped in the fascinating world of best-selling unisex perfumes, where olfactory elegance knows no gender boundaries. This exclusive selection represents the best of unisex fragrances, loved and appreciated for their versatility and refinement. Each perfume proposed here embodies the harmonious fusion of fresh, floral, woody and spicy notes, creating a unique and satisfying olfactory experience. Discover the current favourites, wearable by all, to express your personality through the art of perfumery. 50 ml has chosen for you the best-selling unisex perfumes: discover our customers' favourite fragrances!


  • Simone Andreoli Malibu Eau de ParfumSimone Andreoli Malibu EDP is a sweet unisex eau de parfum that embodies pure fun. &Eegrave; club music invades the bay, creating a harmony of happiness that resonates in the senses as the sun disappears into the ocean and reappears under our skin, following the rhythm of the sunset. With the alcohol flowing, the wind blowing and the waves crashing on the sand, it seems as if the sea returns, transforming itself into a boundless experience.
  • Simone Andreoli Don’t Ask Me Permission Eau de ParfumA sweet unisex eau de parfum that evokes the burning smell of desire. is the unconscious, fatally free and unrestricted freedom, without purpose or regret. This fragrance represents yet another demonstration of the mastery of Italian nose Simone Andreoli. Don't Ask Me Permission embodies freedom and passion, is an impulse to indulge without asking permission, nobly defying all sentiment.
  • Orto Parisi Megamare ParfumOrto Parisi Megamare is a unisex aromatic perfume that explores the essence of the sea. Skilled master perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri has captured the richness and originality of marine notes in this fragrance. The salty accords evoke regenerating and involving emotions, releasing a romanticism that brings happiness to those who perceive its scent. The sea, with its vastness, evokes a peaceful and infinite silence, but at the same time contains the roar of stormy waves. Megamare is the perfume of the year… for many years now! A must-try!
  • Simone Andreoli Leisure in Paradise Eau de ParfumIn this composition, coconut milk and vanilla dominate with high intensity, preceded by an explosion of lively fruity notes. The beginning is lively thanks to papaya and the evocation of distant pineapple memories. Papaya immediately leads to Caribbean beaches, with the sensation of relaxing on white sand in the shade of palm trees and the panorama of crystal-clear water. The aroma is enriched with light pineapple undertones, opening the door to a timeless emotion, as if time stood still and we were lulled by the sound of the waves. Continuing on, coconut milk and vanilla offer a creamy, exotic dimension, bringing to mind the total relaxation and carefreeness of a tropical holiday. The scent evokes a sweet paradise in front of a beautiful sunset, while the light reflects on the water and the Caribbean wood adds drier nuances, completing this enveloping olfactory experience. A persistent and enveloping scent: in a word, sensual!
  • Meo Fusciuni 2 Travel Note Shukran Eau de Parfum2 Travel Note Shukran Eau de Parfum is an olfactory journey to Morocco, an ode to joy and encounter. The perfumer translates his travels in this land through the fragrance, celebrating the sacred ritual of mint tea, a symbol of Berber welcome. It opens with the liveliness of notes of Moroccan Mint, Lemon and Litsea cubeba, transmitting freshness and vitality. In the heart, Chamomile and Lemongrass evoke the Mediterranean atmosphere, while the essence of Eucalyptus recalls the streets of Essaouira. The fragrance takes us on a relaxing evening in Moroccan culture, with the warmth of the Marrakech sunset represented by Tobacco and Sandalwood, giving us a deeply enveloping experience. The fragrance is a fragrance that is both relaxing and deeply enveloping.
  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Salina Eau de ParfumThe tenth fragrance in the Eau de Parfum collection takes us on a journey through the Mediterranean, landing on the island of Salina, an authentic gem among the Aeolian Islands, surrounded by the sapphire blue sea. This perfumed creation, inspired by Salina, evokes the scent of the sea, sun, sand and freedom. Shells, starfish and warm sand take the place of traditional notes, adorning the olfactory pyramid of Salina with aquamarine reflections, saline accents and sunny nuances. Fresh and lively like the sea, enveloping and warm like the sun, sweet and salty at the same time. Following the evolution of Salina is like walking on a deserted beach, at the moment when the sun hesitates to set. This unisex fragrance goes beyond evocation, becoming a complete sensory experience, in which each note suggests to the nose what the imagination alone cannot imagine: the taste of the sea, the green of the pine forest and coastal vegetation, the dazzling glow of the sun reflecting on the water, the childish play of footprints on the sand, gently erased by the waves, and the caress of the sun on the skin. One of Laboratorio Olfattivo's best unisex perfumes, a perfumed spell that comes to life on the skin.
  • Essential Parfums Bois Imperial Eau de ParfumOne of the best unisex perfumes, as well as the brand's top seller: this famous fragrance has won the hearts of many lovers of artistic perfumery. For true fans of the niche.


Niche unisex perfumes represent excellence in the art of olfaction, defying genre conventions to offer extraordinary sensory experiences. These fragrances, created with maestry and passion, embody the perfect balance of bold and refined notes, enveloping the wearer in an atmosphere of unicity and modernity. The expression of personality and style through a perfume thus becomes a boundless experience of beauty and freedom. 50 ml is official online retailer of the best unisex niche perfumes: discover the entire selection and buy samples of the fragrances that have convinced you the most! If  you decide to order online, remember that you can always ask for free samples!


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