Stephane Humbert Lucas

Stephane Humbert Lucas

Stephane Humbert Lucas began his career as a painter in the South of France with a Flemish master. While experimenting with tempera, he realised that he had the gift of synesthesia, the ability to sense the smell of colours: this is why he decided to bottle the fragrances he perceived so that everyone could have the same wonderful experience. 

Stephane Humbert Lucas
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Stephane Humbert Lucas Perfumes

This Maison is an instrument of expression for its namesake creator, a way to unleash his artistic sensitivity and his overflowing creativity. Lucas is an artist in his soul, a painter and poet who realises that not everyone has the gift of being able to see the world as he does, and decides to change this. After studying painting in the south of France with a Flemish master, he specialised in the tempera technique, in particular the study of pigment associations and their consistency. But here Stephane Humbert Lucas's path changes: convinced that colour has a scent, he realises that not everyone perceives it, and decides to change things. Mixing colours in this way becomes a way for him to discover and master fragrances.

Lucas says he doesn't invent perfumes, but invites them to combine, to see and sometimes smell his perfumes. To be able to invent a perfume isn't more likely than to invent a colour, he simply wants to reveal more combinations by bringing the single parts together. Each creation starts with a blank canvas onto which he progressively adds touches of colour, musical notes, poetry and images, in a complex work then synthesised into his wonderful fragrances. Thus are born unique fragrances and enchanting, collected in original collections.


The 777 Collection

An oriental odyssey was born in 2012 when Stephane Humbert Lucas was inspired by his trips to the Orient to launch his first collection; the Orient as the cradle of civilisation. In the Western imagination, the Orient conjures up visions of luxury and refinement picturesque: the sumptuousness of the dazzling fabrics, the inebriating blends of spices and flowers, the divine aroma, the decorations of the Thousand and One Nights, the atmosphere of mystical seraglios and the fantasies that reside there. A sparkling and sensual world, enveloping us in a glow of wonder. The 777 collection alludes to this imagery and complements it with the author's spiritual and philosophical approach: the symbols, especially oriental ones, and the significance of the number seven in Lucas's life allows us to understand the artist's work and legacy and his quest for spirituality, beauty and personal fulfilment. The number seven is the number of perfection, of happiness and wisdom, a symbol of good fortune, protection and peace.


The Snake Collection

An introspective journey into the symbolic adventure of the Snake: a totem animal worshipped and revered by various peoples around the world with stories, legends, statues, carvings... a symbol somewhere between the diabolical and the divine, linked both to lust and to knowledge. Understanding its meaning is a journey that seems like painstaking archaeological work, but opens up a fascinating world in its complexity.  The Serpent has a strong link with life and knowledge, as he emerges from the depths of mother earth, from darkness into the light. The fact that it changes skin links it to the process of inner transformation and to spiritual awakening, or for some cultures to the life cycle of death and rebirth. In the energy of the Serpent resides the power of healing inner and physical healing: it annihilates all evil of the soul and heals the body of the diseases that afflict it. In fact, snake venom was used and is still used today to make various medicines. The snake collection takes its inspiration from this complex animal, these perfumes are also seductive, mysterious and unique fragrances


Stephane Humbert Lucas Products Best Seller on 50 ml

  • Stephane Humbert Lucas God of Fire Eau de Parfum: symbol of power and wisdom, God of Fire is an exquisite fragrance in which fresh and exotic notes conceal an exceptionally warm and spicy character. Its heart of Oud burns intensely like a shamanic experience, leaving you regenerated and full of strength. 
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Sand Dance Eau de Parfum: inspired by the most sensual dance movements of the Kalbelia dancers, a nomadic people of Rajasthan, the land of kings in northern India and gateway to the Orient. The Sand Dance is a sensational performance in the heart of the desert, where the burning wind carries a breath of spice. A captivating fragrance of warm, sweet notes of cocoa, with hypnotic beauty and charm.
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Soleil de Jeddah Eau de parfum:a fragrance as radiant as the sun. An intense, upright opening with an explosion of Italian lemon, running through an exotic heart of vanilla and osmanthus. The amber is embellished with a sublime Florence iris with powdery facets and reveals its strong character with deep notes of leather. A fragrance that gives the divine sensation of a radiant aura with a powerful and sophisticated trail.
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Oumma Eau de Parfum: an ancestral formula created by blending oud, a precious ingredient also called Agarwood, with Rose. Very subtle and delicate, this perfume is refined, almost powdery. A deep and sincere woody and smoky fragrance exquisitely finished with three types of roses: rose from Morocco, from Grasse and from Bulgaria. A luxurious perfume, perfect for lovers of Oud.
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Rose de Petra Eau de Parfum: Rose de Petra recalls the majestic city of Petra, in Jordan. Also called the "City of Roses" because of the colour of the stone in which it is carved, this UNESCO World Heritage Site inspired Stéphane Humbert Lucas to create a Bulgarian Rose extract that would fully convey its warm and incredible beauty. A fruity fragrance with a spicy contrast: an androgynous rose, different from traditional rose essences.


Stephane Humbert Lucas Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Mortal Skin Eau de Parfum: "Every now and then I get a perfume so unique that it's impossible to describe, and Mortal Skin is part of this small elite. But I'm going to give it a try. The most intense notes are blackberry, ink and incense. It has a complex and mysterious scent, almost cold, which almost brings to mind the skin of a snake. It is a small work of art to wear, perfect especially for the cold season or for people who hide a hint of mystery"
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Panthea Iris Eau de Parfum: "The best Iris-based perfume on the market. I love it. It is intriguing and elegant. It starts out subtle but quickly becomes more assertive without being overpowering. Perfect for any occasion, any season, even as a gift. The persistence and sillage are also of SHL's best perfumes."
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas 2022 Generation Eau de Parfum: "It begins with warm, light flowers, before fading and settling into a soft woody emanation of blackcurrant. The base notes are reminiscent of sweet musk. A strong, persistent scent that subtly draws attention. Overall, a very soft and velvety lasting presence. I recommend it for being noticed in the office, for after-work aperitifs and for semi-formal occasions."
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Lady White Snake Eau de Parfum:"A very intense, strong, unique feminine fragrance. Different from all the perfumes based on white notes I have ever smelled, I recommend it to a strong and independent woman, but also sensual and tempting. A dangerous femme fatale. Truly suitable for a Lady Snake, I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Wish Come True Eau de Parfum: Just like a magic potion created for you by a fairy, Wish Come True was created to make you live out your most beautiful dreams and aspirations. A lucky star that combines a supernatural, fresh and voluptuous tuberose with a subtle infusion of grey amber. Charming and powdery with notes of vanilla and Mysore sandalwood, a hint of incense smoke makes this fragrance incredibly hypnotic.


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