Room 1015

Room 1015

Enter the fascinating world of Room 1015, where counterculture meets niche perfumes in a symphony of rebellion and self-expression. Born from the contrast between music and pharmacy, 'Dr. Mike', alias Michael Partouche, musician and pharmacist, has created a brand that defies convention, inviting you to explore the extraordinary and celebrate your own unique journey.

Room 1015
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Room 1015 Perfumes: Fragrances for Anti-Conformists

In perfumery, one often hears of brands that descend from the ancient French perfumery tradition. Of historical fragrances, whose formula has remained the same for centuries. Room 1015 is the  opposite: a modern, rebellious, innovative Maison that embraces counterculture ideals and channels them into unique olfactory expressions. Created by musician and pharmacist Michael Partouche (aka "Dr. Mike"), Room 1015 brings together the contrasting worlds of music and pharmacy to create new, irreverent and fascinating niche perfumes.

The Room 1015 fragrances are rooted in musical currents, alternative philosophies and a deep connection to spirituality. They capture the essence of the counterculture, the alternative universe of values and norms of those who do not conform to the standard. Room 1015 perfumes offer a distinctive olfactory experience that introduces a sense of total freedom through nostalgic elements linked to the punk movement, artificial paradises, transcendental meditation and sexual revolution.


The History of Room 1015 Perfumes

The brand's history dates back to the Continental Hyatt Hotel, famously known as the Riot House, where Rock 'n' Roll history was made. From motorbikes in the corridors to epic battles and rock legends like Jim Morrison and Robert Plant, Room 1015 captures the nostalgia of an era defined by absolute freedom. The fragrances evoke the decisive smells of that era: sweat, leather, fur, alcohol, patchouli become pleasant and almost narcotic thanks to the unexpected blend. A dazzling mix that one cannot do without.

Room 1015 is for those in search of a fragrance, for those who want to embark on a journey into a world where perfume becomes a form of expression and rebellion. Immerse yourself in just that embody the spirit of all those who have decided to take a different, unique path, who want to live in a world of unlimited creativity and possibilities


Room 1015 Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Room 1015 Cherry Punk Eau de Parfum: It all starts in London, in Vivienne Westwood's shop called “SEX”. Ripped denim, hand-painted leather, latex, tartan, prints that would make anyone blush... Punk has always had its style, its print, its films, its poetry... So why shouldn't it have its scent? Strong, powerful, (leather) but at the same time sweet and romantic (cherry) - the idealism of adolescence wrapped in a heavy leather jacket.
  • Room 1015 Sweet Leaf Eau de Parfum: Throughout history, cannabis has been a catalyst for spiritual exploration and inner liberation. Its significance dates back to the counterculture movement of the 1960s, where it blossomed into a realm of expression through language, art, literature and music. Sweet Leaf Eau de Parfum recalls its spirit, capable of elevating your senses to new heights with its aromatic, citrusy and delicately woody notes.
  • Room 1015 Hollyrose Eau de Parfum: a black leather rose that references the ''groupies'' who dominated Sunset Boulevard in the 1970s, playing a significant role in shaping the culture of the era and transforming the fashion industry through their glamorous style. Carnal flowers intertwine with leather and pepper and the sweetness of blackcurrant for a fragrance that pays tribute to those who brought the most powerful rock gods to their knees.
  • Room 1015 Yesterday Eau de Parfum: a fresh and aromatic fragrance inspired by an image of The Beatles shaving together in a hotel bathroom, caught in a spontaneous moment of brotherhood. The scent of shaving products acquires that slightly vintage-nostalgic aftertaste that recalls different times, which nonetheless continues to live on in us.
  • Room 1015 Ten Fifteen Eau de Parfum: a woody, untamed fragrance, created as a tribute to the golden age of Rock N' Roll 1970, a time when music exploded with rebellious spirit. The perfumer imagines an ideal room, 1015, witness to countless memorable moments and fervent passions that shook the foundations of pop rock culture. A whirlwind of history and rebellion emerges in an indefinable fragrance, in which flowers and citrus fruits sing of life along with spices and woods.

Profumi Room 1015 Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Room 1015 Purple Mantra Eau de Parfum: “I love it. It's an incense with aromatic and spicy notes, evolving into softwoods. It has a scent somewhat reminiscent of vintage shops, a sense of nostalgia that recalls old indie-rock songs and days when time passed more slowly. Super relaxing”. Reina
  • Room 1015 Cherry Punk Extrait de Parfum: “A heavenly combination of leather and cherry, enriched with floral, woody and spicy notes. A warm tonka bean note warms the whole. I smelled it in the shop and ran to the till without a second thought, but the sillage and persistence also proved phenomenal. I recommend it for both men and women and certainly to all those looking for something provocative and innovative without descending into unpleasant concept fragrances." Tiziano
  • Room 1015 Sonic Flower Eau de Parfum: “Clean, bright, yet at the same time seductive. Tastes a little bit like a good girl with a hidden side, by day all house and church but escaping to some party at night. Cashmeran, Iris, Musk, Jasmine and Ambroxan. I adore it". Ulysses
  • Room 1015 Electric Wood Eau de Parfum: “Wow…it took me a moment to understand it, but there’s no doubt that it is a wonderful fragrance. It reminds me a bit of the scent of cut wood, but at the same time, there is something sweetly aromatic about it. Versatile, and quite pop, yet there is something in the base, a somewhat scratchy animalic note that marks its character. Excellent as a Signature Scent”. Valeria
  • Room 1015 Atramental Eau de Parfum: “I bought the 50 ml limited edition, and I recommend it (as long as it's there). The minimalist print enriches a perfume that is already more than fantastic, a jus in which fresh citrus and aquatic notes intertwine with the warmth of woods, leather and spices. It is a perfume that communicates confidence and originality to me. I have already planned to order another one". Francis


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