La Closerie des Parfums

La Closerie des Parfums

La Closerie des Parfums is a high-end perfume brand that offers a unique sensory experience, a garden of the senses where trees, plants and flowers form numerous perfumed alcoves. The philosophy of La Closerie des Parfums is to combine traditional Parisian perfumery with exotic spices, creating fragrances that link the refinement of the senses with the play of the imagination.

La Closerie des Parfums
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La Closerie des Parfums

“The Garden of Senses is a magical place where the art of perfume never ceases to resonate.”

La Closerie des Parfums is a brand of high-end fragrances that guarantees a unique sensory experience. Inspired by the tradition of French perfumery, the Madrid family has created a magical place where the art of perfume constantly resounds. La Closerie is a vegetal parenthesis, a garden of the senses where trees, plants and flowers form numerous perfumed alcoves, inviting one to travel and dream of elsewhere. With an extensive collection of unique and distinctive fragrances, La Closerie des Parfums is ideal for perfume lovers seeking a refined and unforgettable olfactory experience


History and Philosophy of La Closerie des Parfums

A look at a marvellous adventure in which tradition is shared, handed down and reinvented. The history of La Closerie des Parfums is linked to the legacy of the Madrid family, which has been in the perfume business for almost fifty years. In 1972, Antoine and his brother Hervé founded their first laboratory, whose fragrances enjoyed great success overseas. Today, the two brothers have embarked on a new adventure with Valérie, the daughter of Hervé, returning to the essence of French perfumery and creating La Closerie des Parfums.

With the idea of mixing the spirit of Paris and the dreams of elsewhere, Valérie Madrid imagined a simple principle of creation: the encounter between a precious base, chosen from the essentials of perfumery, and the spices of the world. The luxurious base is a reminder of the history of perfumery. The pyramid's spices, on the other hand, become a splash of colour that enriches a classic, a breath of fresh air in a studio that has been closed for too long. Each fragrance was imagined in collaboration with a master perfumer, an interplay of affinity and character for unique bottles. By calling the new family workshop the 'Closerie', Valérie Madrid wants to rediscover the Parisian garden that combines the refinement of the senses with the play of the imagination.


"For me, the closerie is the ideal. First of all, because it is a garden where you can find the most beautiful species. But also becauseé people go there in search of change. It is in this duality that we imagine our fragrances.[...] With La Closerie, I can combine my taste for the exotic with the great tradition of French perfumery”. - Valérie Madrid


The Artworks: The La Closerie des Parfums Collections

  • Iris Collection: A rhizome that reveals its fragrance only after years of preparations, but rewards patience with extreme olfactory refinement. The material in the image of its flower: rare and majestic.
  • Patchouli Collection: The great favourite of tropical fragrances: its woody power, of which only nature possesses the secret, preserves in the memory the great hours of the 1970s, between dreams and euphoria. A mundane, exotic, intoxicating setting. The woody power of the fragrance, the secret of which only nature possesses, preserves the memory of the great hours of the 1970s, between dreams and euphoria.
  • Rose Collection: The most beautiful, the most refined, the most cosmopolitan of flowers. And at the same time, the most complex to manipulate to extract all its secrets. A collection of variations on the queen of the garden.
  • Oud Collection: A mythical and precious wood, the Oud has a tawny character, like its colours. Almost impossible to tame, it drives perfumers to recreate its essence. It's a well-guarded oriental mystery.


La Closerie des Parfums Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • La Closerie des Parfums Suede Rose Cannelle: Treasures of the Turkish Damask Rose. Fruity, honeyed and opulent, it creeps into a spicy heart of Singhalese cinnamon and ends its journey in the soft, leathery warmth of balsams and ambery woods. It is a fragrance with captivating charisma, powerful yet delicate.
  • La Closerie des Parfums Floral Iris Baie Rose: A fragrance between modernity and nostalgia. A gentle spring breeze, scented with tender flowers, awoken by a crisp pink pepper. The iris, on the other hand, vibrates from root to petal for an even more expressive personality: in the wake, the delicate memory of a vintage compact.
  • La Closerie des Parfums Ambre Oud Cannelle: An oud dressed in leather, a fragrance between two worlds. One is round, comfortable and enveloped in a veil of vanilla. The other is darker and includes sensual nuances of cinnamon and myrrh. A mysterious and captivating contrast.
  • La Closerie des Parfums Petale Rose Cardamome: This fragrance reveals the aphrodisiac powers of Guatemalan cardamom. It extends the journey into a heart of a thousand fresh, fruity, gourmand petals of the Grasse Centifolia rose. Intensely luxurious, is the scent of sun-kissed skin.
  • La Closerie des Parfums Tabac Oud Cardamome: opening with Guatemalan cardamom and Moroccan mugwort, this fragrance reveals the perfect balance between the woody, sensual richness of oud and the smoky scent of Bulgarian tobacco absolute. The luminous trail of a sassy fragrance with an intense contrast


La Closerie des Parfums Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • La Closerie des Parfums Bois Iris Coriandre: “I love poudré and closerie fragrances, so I just had to try it. is a ’perfect balance of aromatic, floral and fruity notes, an unexpected bouquet that conveys elegance and sophistication” Pamela
  • La Closerie des Parfums Bois Patchouli Cannelle: “The top notes are bright, woody and spicy, although a warm, mouth-watering patchouli takes over very quickly. Rose is a distant scent, dancing together with cinnamon. The warmth of vanilla warms and softens the base of grey amber. An almost gourmand fragrance, perfect for those who love fragrances that smell of embrace” Anita
  • La Closerie des Parfums Suede Oud Baie Rose: “12 hours of pure olfactory experience, and is left only becauseé I took a shower. A chime of pink pepper warms up in a typical rose and Oud accord, although I don't smell it in the pyramid. The full, deep heart acts as a chorus. A high-performance unisex fragrance. 9.5/10” Amedeo
  • La Closerie des Parfums Zeste Patchouli Baie Rose: “You are sitting having tea in a small Indian bar. The citrusy, refreshing flavour of the sweet drink combines with the sparkling notes of pink pepper and cardamom. The base is composed by patchouli and musk. A pleasant, relaxing yet energising fragrance that puts me in a state of mind I adore” William
  • La Closerie des Parfums Bois Rose Muscade: “A work of art. A delicious opening illuminated by citrus nuances gives way to a fresh, light, sweet, yet slightly spicy rose. As time passes, the nutmeg acquires power, warming the fragrance and giving it an intriguing touch that is difficult to describe. A perfume that is both light and seductive, which has earned me many compliments. At first, I bought a small sample to save money and try it on the skin, but now I will buy the full size” Martina


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