Culti picks the best Italian raw materials and encloses them in the design of bottles that will make your living space special. Culti’s name comes from the combination of culture and style. All diffusers, candles and room sprays or fabrics stand out for their elegance. Surrounding yourself with quality has a completely different flavor with Culti.
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Culti Milano Room Fragrances

Culti Milano produces room fragrances with surprising combinations. A very precise study of raw materials and bottle design ensures quality and freshness. Living spaces infect and describe a person: surrounding oneself with one's favourite aromas elevates the quality of life, making spaces more liveable. The Culti catalogue offers a wide selection of room diffusers, candles and sprays for rooms or fabrics, all characterised by precious and elegant fragrances. Culti fragrances are also associated with a unique bottle design, the class of which fits perfectly with the brand philosophy. The flavour of the finest Italian citrus fruits and the aroma of flowers warmed by the Mediterranean sun are condensed into an inimitable formula, all, of course, "Made in Italy". Culti fragrances will transform your car, the rooms of your home, and any space one might desire, into a comfortable and relaxing place.

Culti Milan: History

The history of the Culti brand began with the vivid imagination of Alessandro Agrati: he tried to imagine how spaces could be changed if they had a uniform fragrance from floor to ceiling, a unique, distinctive aroma. Agrati dreamed that the pleasant atmosphere of interiors would not only be created by furniture and objects, but also by scent. And so, in 1990, Culti Decor was born, the first Culti diffuser with high-quality scented ingredients, the same ones used in the production of luxury perfumes. The first Culti fragrance embodied a single concept: through a perfume anything is possible. An emotion, a thought or a distant memory can take on new life precisely through smells and constantly open new doors of memory. The key to all these doors is quality, which is why Culti makes it the basis of every fragrance. In Culti's view, experiencing a space becomes a form of culture.

The extensive product range of this Italian brand includes Culti wick diffusers, which, with the help of sticks dipped in scented oils, diffuse the aroma throughout the air of a room, and Culti luxury candles, always able to stand out, as they are made from premium-quality wax, which burns evenly, releasing a uniform aroma. Within the line, you will also not want to miss the Culti room sprays with warm wood tones, the Culti car diffuser and the Culti scented pads for aromatising wardrobes.

Culti Best Seller Room Sprays and Diffusers on 50 ml

Discover the best-selling diffusers and room sprays from Culti:

  • Aramara Car Sachet: This precious fabric cushion to be placed on the ventilation system for the citrus peel car diffuses and hangs between a pleasant bitterness and a candied sweetness on a warm sunny day in the countryside.
  • Terra Stile Diffuser: The Culti Stile line evokes purity and elegance with its opaline glass bottles and natural maple cap. Terra Stile tells of a journey to Morocco, creating an ambient diffuser with sweet and sensual notes: mandarin and neroli, then orange blossom, oriental balsams and vanilla.
  • Mareminerale Car Sachet: this Auto Diffuser in the form of a delicate fabric cushion releases the fragrance Mareminerale, the olfactory tale of a sunrise over the sea.
  • Aramara Stile Diffuser: It is not called Stile for nothing: Opaline glass spout, natural maple cap. The fragrance? The bittersweet scent of citrus fruits, the warmth of a sunny day, a walk through the leaves. Hard not to love it.
  • Tessuto Car Sachet: The hymn to the cotton flower, the scent of cleanliness par excellence, that of precious fabrics such as silks and linens. A car fragrance in the form of an elegant little cushion, to feel at home at all times.

Culti Room Diffusers Reviews: discover our customers' reviews.

  • Mareminerale Stile Diffuser: "I chose this product because I liked the fragrance and the intensity of the scent, which is delicate and well diffused in the room! I recommend it to anyone who wants to give their living room or lounge an extra touch of elegance. Maria
  • Ode Rosae Room Spray:"Not the classic rose perfume: Ode Rosae has a fresher, more energetic note. It is not too sweet, but with the sensuality of a Middle Eastern style rose. I bought the room spray, but now I want to try the diffuser. John
  • Tessuto Hand & Body Lotion:"the texture is light, if you like them more buttery maybe it's not for you, to me it leaves the skin very soft and not greasy. The scent is a real pampering, it drives me crazy". Laura
  • Aramara Hand & Body Lotion:"I've dabbled in fragrance and this is simply delicious. I think there's some amber in it, a kind of wood if you like." Luca
  • Fuoco Decor Diffuser:"What can I say, I close my eyes and I am in a villa in Sicily surrounded by citrus groves. But if you think it's the usual overly light citrus diffuser you are wrong, it is persistent and spicy'. Michela

Now that you know all the best Culti room diffusers, do you feel like getting a room fragrance for every room in the house? Don't worry, on 50 ml you can buy samples online of the best Italian and non-Italian niche fragrances! Curious to try Culti diffusers and room sprays for real? Come and visit us in Milan at our boutique in Viale Monte Nero 16. And if you still haven't found what you're looking for, explore our catalogue for women's perfumes, men's perfumes, niche skincare products and the best home fragrances. Free samples on request.