Ella K

Ella K

Ella K is the brainchild of Sonia Constant, a world-renowned perfumer who trained at the prestigious ISIPCA and Givaudan schools of artistic perfumery. Thanks to her passion for the world of essences, Sonia created her Ella K perfume collection, composed of unique and exclusive fragrances inspired by her travels and personal experiences.

Ella K
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Ella K Perfumes

Ella K is a brand of artistic perfumery born from the creativity of master perfumer Sonia Constant. The brand, with its perfumed collection, invites us to look at the world with different eyes, exploring, and daring, to overcome our limits to discover our most intimate selves. Sonia Constant, guided by her ardy passion for the world of fragrances, has thus given birth to a collection of unique and exclusive fragrances. These magic scents draw inspiration from the travels and the personal experiences of the founder, transforming the emotions into extraordinary essences.


Ella K Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml 

  • Ella K Camelia K EDP: this fragrance captures the beauty of a summer morning in Sapa Valley (Vietnam), with dew on the fresh flowers and sunlight shining through the leaves!
  • Ella K Reflet sur l’Okavango EDP: this perfume is a journey to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, amid notes of Papyrus, Acacia and Sycamore. 
  • Ella K Cri du Kalahari EDP: a reminder of freedom in the Kalahari desert and the majesty of the African baobab, with woody notes of Sandalwood, Cedar and Patchouli. 
  • Ella K Ghibli EDP: this scent transports us to the heart of Maghreb markets, with its sweet blend of Nougat and Imperial Jasmine.
  • Ella K Lettre de Pushkar EDP: the fragrance captures the essence of the city of Pushkar, in Rajasthan, with roses blooming by the lake and the setting sun providing a lovely backdrop to the melodies of the faithful.


Ella K Perfumes Opinions: Discover our Customers' Reviews!

  • Ella K Memoire de Daisen In EDP: “Gorgeous, with this scent I feel like I'm in Kyoto among  blooming rose bushes! ” - Eleanor
  • Ella K Pluie sur Ha Long EDP: “I bought it after watching a video on Youtube and let me say, I'm really satisfied! The Vietnamese atmosphere it evokes is truly magical.” - Felix
  • Ella K Poeme de Sagano EDP: “Poeme de Sagano in a nutshell? A citrusy and fresh scent inspired by the boundless Japanese bambù forests!” - Luke
  • Ella K Harmattan EDP: “A unique fragrance, with a spicy aroma! It's always with me on every trip I take! ” - Ellen
  • Ella K Khamsin EDP: "This perfume tells a story of love and adventure: a journey through Israel and Egypt, among orange blossoms, dates and leather notes! - Alexia


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