We all have our addictions, our vices, our favourite little rituals. Akro tells of the bitter hit of a morning espresso, the cold, smoky blast of bourbon falling on ice, the unmistakable aroma of hashish wafting through the city air in summer. Akro fragrances were created for people who don't like to say no.
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Akro perfumes: a family history

The story of Akro is the history of a family, of a dynasty from the beginnings of the perfume industry in Grasse to the avant-garde art form that is artistic perfumery today. Anaïs Cresp, founder of the maison, decided to create Akro after a long summer spent in the heart of London getting to know and experience the extraordinary underground life of the London metropolis. Anaïs had a flash of genius: the characteristic aromas of Notting Hill could be bottled and turned into fragrances. Perhaps, instead of the classic fruits and flowers, one could wear one's favourite vice on one's skin. The project quickly came to life, because luckily Anaïs knew just the man to turn this daydream into a reality: her father Olivier, a master perfumer from Grasse behind some of the best-known fragrances on the planet, including Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana and Angel by Mugler. Together, father and daughter began sharing ideas, stories and fragrances.


Akro Niche Perfumes in the Heart of Underground London

Working in the pubs and bars of the vibrant and diverse Ladbroke Grove area, Anaïs Cresp was enraptured by the scents that surrounded her: from flower stalls, to coffee shops, charcoal grills, to the whisky and leather smells of the old, classic Irish pubs and the typical, constant haze of hashish in the air. When it came to deciding where to establish what was to be the niche perfume maison Akro, there was no doubt: Ladbroke Grove, the place where it all began: the home of Trellick Tower, of the Portobello Market, of Honest Jon's, of a hundred pirate radio stations, of a thousand hookah pipes, of Joe Strummer, of AJ Tracey, of Martin Amis characters, of those extraordinary Irish pubs on the high street and the ubiquitous hum of the Westway.


Olivier Cresp, nose of Akro Parfums

As a child, Olivier, Anaïs's father and the nose creator of Akro fragrances wandered the flower fields of Grasse with his father. Like other children listening to a bedtime story, in the evening the Cresp family would gather to analyse the scent of the fresh flowers they had picked that day. His early childhood formed in him an olfactory memory embellished with exquisite and complex scents. The delicate charm of flowers and their magical alchemy instilled in the young Olivier an extraordinary artistic sensitivity. Named Master Perfumer in 2006 and Perfumer of the Year in 2007, he is a mentor to young talents. In the same spirit, he is also a member of a committee that promotes his craft and passion, working to ensure that perfumers are given and respected the status of artist and creator


Discover the Features of Akro Niche Perfumes

Akro, from the French "accro", addict, who can't do without, celebrates addiction with a line, Akro, that defies political correctness. Akro perfumes therefore celebrates the bitter taste of a morning espresso, the cold, smoky explosion of bourbon falling on ice, the first puff of a cigarette, the unmistakable aroma of hashish wafting through the city air in summer. Each fragrance symbolises an addiction, a hymn to something we just can't do without. Fragrances are figurative, not abstract. Awake Eau de Parfum, linked to coffee addiction, tells of a cardamom coffee drunk during one of Olivier's trips. Malt Eau de Parfum, on the other hand, is inspired by a whisky distillery on the Highlands and the smell of the wood of the casks that are influenced by the salinity of the sea. Smoke Eau de Parfum tells of tobacco, with notes of nicotine and tonka bean. Akro Dark Eau de Parfum, which stands for dark chocolate, is composed of notes of coconut, cinnamon, agarwood, which with its animal note is reminiscent of bitter chocolate. Haze Eau de Parfum, on the other hand, recreates the smell of cannabis, with hints of wood, eucalyptus, clary sage, mint and Night Eau de Parfum is dedicated to night and sex, with a pungent, animalic odour, but also a romantic touch.


Bestseller Akro Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Awake Eau de Parfum: Awake revisits the madness of coffee through a concentrate of unstable energy that finds its strength in bitter scents. Awake is a fragrance that captures the evocative smell of a hot coffee shop on a cold west London day; the freshly ground beans, the steam, the warmth, the bitter luxury. Notes: Coffee Santos, Green Cardamom, Italian Lemon, Haitian Vetiver
  • Night Eau de Parfum: A fragrance that tells of the moment of desire and its musky flavour. Akro Night celebrates an elusive encounter, the desire of a night. Night is the smell of those one-night stands, long lost, that linger on for a long time, longer than they probably should. Notes: Bulgarian rose, caraway, saffron, agaroud
  • Dark Eau de Parfum: Dark borrows its most seductive facets from chocolate to play with emotions and capture the senses. Extra dark chocolate is part of those more complex flavours, the appreciation of which marks the entry into adult life, when taste matures and sensuality is enriched with more complex nuances. Bitter and sweet, Dark is a fragrance of pure vice. Notes: Cocoa, Dark chocolate, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Vanilla
  • Smoke Eau de Parfum: Smoke is inspired by the pleasure of the first puff of a cigarette, which is consumed as quickly as it is born. It may not be for everyone, but for those who get caught up in its taboo aroma, it is the scent of the best moments of our lives: first kisses, last dances, 5 a.m. brightenings, after parties and mornings after. Akro Smoke is the perfume you don't have to like, but you can't forget. Notes: Balkan tobacco leaves, Cade, Benjoin, Tonka Bean

Akro Perfumes Reviews: See all Reviews

  • Haze Eau de Parfum: "Fresh and aromatic with a hint of bitterness. A slight hint of dried grass, hemp cordage, which is also not present in the stated pyramid. The suggestion is recreated with a very balanced effect. A direct and explicitly unisex niche perfume' Laura
  • Ink Eau de Parfum: "It's a tough perfume. As soon as I vaporise it, my girlfriend looks at me in disgust...It opens nice and powerful, that's for sure. Akro Ink Perfume has notes of leathery, woody, slightly ambery vetiver, and then a leathery accord that makes it an elegant and sensual masculine scent" Gabriele
  • Malt Eau de Parfum: "Reminiscent of the distillery scent of whisky, mingling with wood and salty marine notes. A powerful and virile fragrance without losing elegance, which, as a whisky aficionado I would recommend" Mario


Now that you know all the perfumes in the Akro line, it's your turn: what is your Akro? What is the comfort you indulge in on your most neurotic and tiring days: dark chocolate, cannabis or a passionate night of love? What if you have more than one? You're in luck*, on 50-ml.com you can buy samples of all Akro fragrances to try them out and choose which addiction comforts you the most! If you have any doubts or would like advice about this famous and innovative maison in the heart of underground London, we are here to help: contact our Customer Service. Continue to search for fragrances and the best products from the niche by exploring our catalogue. For example, have you already discovered the best byredo perfumes? Discover also the best skincare products and best hair treatments from the world of the niche. We remind you that at 50-ml.com you can buy online samples of all perfumes. Free samples on request with every order.