Bakel is a professional skincare line born from the genius of Dr. Raffaella Gregoris: all body treatments are made up of 100% active ingredients and zero useless substances. Bakel collects the best from science, research and nature to offer you the highest quality able to act in depth thanks to the effectiveness of each individual ingredient.
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Discover Bakel Skincare

Bakel's line of creams bases its effectiveness on essential formulations that have been studied down to the smallest detail. All Bakel cosmetics, in fact, are made with pure, selected raw materials of the highest quality, which guarantee intensive treatments, but gentle on the skin. Raffaella Gregorio, founder of Bakel, has chosen to develop a wide range of cosmetic products (face creams, hand creams, body creams and much more) based only on the active ingredients that are most effective on the skin and free of harmful ingredients, such as preservatives, dyes, petroleum derivatives and surfactants. Discover the Bakel product line and enter the world of Clean Beauty: nature and science at the service of your skin!

Bakel Face Creams

Among the most famous and popular Bakel cosmetics, we must definitely mention in the first place the’wide selection of anti-aging, soothing, nourishing and moisturizing facial products. Each Bakel face cream is studied in detail to meet the specific needs of your mature, dry, normal, sensitive or oily skin, thanks to a careful selection of the best natural ingredients effective on the face. Bakel formulations are designed to act in depth: all Bakel anti-aging face creams work to plump and nourish the skin, giving it a youthful, relaxed appearance. Bakel facial products are particularly suitable for more mature skin in need of effective anti aging action, but they are also excellent allies for those who simply want to prevent the formation of wrinkles and other imperfections due to sun exposure (sun spots, marks left by acne etc.). The Bakel line of creams also includes excellent anti-aging treatments for the eye area, such as the very famous Bakel Cool Eyes, the eye contour capable of acting on eye-bags and under eye circles in a really effective way, smoothing the entire eye area and leaving it nourished, smooth and pleasantly fresh. Also within the facial line, we have to mention Bakel best-selling products such as Bakel Thio-CJalu-TechNutri-Filler and Rejuva-Tech, the best cosmetics for deeply moisturized and nourished skin, but above all to fight the signs of aging with anti-aging products that act immediately on the skin, giving noticeable results application after application.

Bakel Body Creams

For nourished and firmed body skin, Bakel has designed a line of body products to thoroughly nourish and firm skin. Don't miss the line of Deodorants, nourishing body treatments such as Nutri-Body and Body Perfector, the anti-aging and firming body cream capable of reshaping the skin's trouble spots. Or Bodylift, the lifting serum specifically for breasts, buttocks, inner thighs and arms, which will give your skin new tone. And to thoroughly nourish the skin, Bakel Hydrabody is the answer: its formula features a very high concentration of aloe vera juice with soothing action, natural oils and butters, including murumuru and tucuma butter, with nourishing and emollient action and an exclusive mix of energizing substances. Ideal for all skin types, it absorbs immediately, restoring elasticity and tone to the skin. 

Bakel Sunscreens

Bakel sunscreen products combine all the study and careful choice of raw materials with a high sun protection, capable of shielding UVA and UVB rays and preventing skin damage caused by free radicals. Bakel sunscreens come in a convenient spray format, which will allow you to quickly reapply your SPF several times a day, without smudging or sticky textures. You also cannot miss the Bakel Facial Sunscreen: this sun stick specifically for the most delicate areas of the face, will be your best ally to prevent sunspots and signs of aging! Bakel has not only developed specific sunscreens for body and face, but has also formulated products to achieve the perfect tan, such as Healthy Tan Secret, the tanning cream that stimulates melanin production, helping you prepare your skin for the sun, to achieve an even and long-lasting tan. All Bakel sunscreens are lab-formulated with the highest quality ingredients: find out how to protect your skin with Bakel!

Best Seller Bakel on 50 ml: 

  • Bakel Thio-Cthis revitalizing, brightening and anti-aging serum is infused with glutathione and vitamin C, which act synergistically to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin, restoring freshness and vitality to the face.
  • Bakel Jalu-Techan innovative serum for deep hydration, containing pure hyaluronic acid that, thanks to its low molecular weight, ensures optimal performance. Jalu-Tech ensures the maintenance of perfect tone, elasticity and firmness, combined with a powerful moisturizing and lifting action that gives the skin a visible radiance.
  • Bakel Cool Eyesthe Bakel eye serum par excellence. This innovative eye contour cream contains a combination of active ingredients that act on the main mechanisms that induce the formation of puffiness and dark circles: dipeptide, which stimulates the drainage of excess fluids; tetrapeptide, which counteracts the loss of tone and elasticity caused by aging; and hesperidin, which counteracts capillary fragility and promotes the reabsorption of fluids. 
  • Bakel Eye Recoverythis innovative eye mask in patches acts against loss of tone and the effects of gravity. Its 16 clean active ingredients of validated anti-aging effectiveness, enhanced in effect by refrigeration, already diminish fine wrinkles and signs of dehydration from the first application. The refreshing effect of the patches activates a draining and defatting action, and quickly reduces puffiness and dark circles.
  • Bakel Oxy-Regenthis anti-aging face cream; regenerates and oxygenates cells with the intense benefits of its active ingredients, for a comprehensive anti-aging effect. After just a few applications, the skin appears smoother, brighter, fuller and regenerated. Oxy-Regen's texture allows immediate absorption and absolute comfort. 


Bakel Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Bakel Thio-C“It's a very light vitamin C serum that brightens and smooths the skin amazingly. I really like it, I recommend it.” Anna
  • Bakel Pro-Tech“I had tried it through a sample you gave me in the store, finding that it was just what I was looking for: a cream that gave me the feeling of support and nourishment at the same time. Once you try it, you can't do without it, because it has a very good fell on the skin.” Vania
  • Bakel Oxy-Regen: “This cream seems very good to me, it moisturizes well, it doesn't feel heavy and has the merit of being suitable for both day and night, for those who want to follow a routine without too many complications.” Ilaria
  • Bakel Nutri-Remedy: “It's the second time I've taken Nutriremedy and I find the whole Bakel line amazing. I personally combine it with the collagen and elastIn serums. I have skin that tends to get very dry and this beauty routine è the only one that keeps me well hydrated.” Daria


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