Io.ko 1954

Io.ko 1954
IO.KO 1954 is an elegant line of niche, exclusive and extreme fragrances, created by the genius of Enzo Galardi: a dream come true in the most refined of ways. IO.KO is Galardi's pseudonym, 1954 is the year of his birth. Enzo plays with woody, floral, leather, oriental and chypre notes to create unique and timeless combinations.
Io.ko 1954
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Founded by Enzo Galardi, a big name in Italian and international perfumery, Io.Ko1954 is an innovative and creative perfume maison. Considered the heir to the Galardi family, Enzo has continued his grandfather Guido's passion in the art of perfumery, and after creating famous artistic and niche perfumery brands, he decided to set up Io.Ko1954.


About Io.Ko 1954

The maison boasts special collection of six exclusive and extreme fragrances, celebrating the ultimate in niche perfumery in the world. Enzo Galardi conceives the perfumes as exclusive and unmistakable works of art. Produced with extreme attention to details, these olfactory works of art are part of a collection of excellence. But where did this very special name come from? IO.KO is Enzo's pseudonym, and 1954 is his year of birth.


Bestselling Perfumes Io.Ko1954 on 50 ml

  • Oud Eau de Parfum: a fragrance opened with notes of Turkish rose and saffron, with a vibrant touch of Oud. The fougère aroma of Cedarwood combines harmoniously with Neroli, while base notes of leather, white musk and sandalwood smooth the robustness of Oud.

  • Egocentric Eau de ParfumIncense envelops the warm, spicy hints of Ginger and fresh fruit notes with its smoky spirals. Absolute of Osmanthus Rose and Myrrh among the enveloping heart notes, and Leather and Tobacco in the drydown.

  • Eutopia Eau de Parfum: a fragrance that celebrates the Damask Rose and its innocent freshness, made even more intriguing by notes of Oud and Saffron. A unique interpretation of the best-loved flower in perfumery.

  • Mirage 11 Eau de Parfum: a luminous, citrusy fragrance that takes on body thanks to the brilliant combination of woody accords and heady flowers. The evolution of a disruptive enthusiasm that becomes mature.

Discover Oud Eau de Parfum and the other fragrances of this innovative maison. Still hesitating about which fragrance to choose? At 50 ml you can buy samples of all the fragrances of this maison: try them all and take your time to choose your favourites! If you are still undecided and need help choosing and buying your niche perfume, we are here to help: contact our Customer Service. If you still haven't found the perfume that's right for you, explore the best fragrances on our catalogue!