Corps Volatils

Corps Volatils
Corps Volatils breaks free from tradition and puts synthetic molecules, which the great perfumer Edmond Roudnitska called "laboratory flowers", and natural extracts on an equal footing. Its mantra is to celebrate an exceptional ingredient and its infinite beauty. Equidistant between art and science, perfumery intertwines molecules to create stunning emotions.
Corps Volatils
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Perfumes Corps Volatils by ÆTHER 

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away" These are the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that perfectly describe this unique brand. ÆTHER, from the ancient Greek Αἰθήρ/ αἴθω "to burn" and spiritus aethereus / "pure air, Aether: hence the name of this innovative Maison, which since 2016 has been creating conceptual fragrances using the most valuable synthetic molecules to honour the foundations of modern perfumery.  

“ether is a chemical reaction that "ignites" the imagination and heals hearts disillusioned by the overly bottled conformism and realistic tropism of perfumery. A contemporary pharmacopoeia for adventurous souls in search of surprise, dazzle and creation” 

Aether is a tribute by its creators to synthetic molecules and the frenzy of chemistry. Olfactory Kamikaze, the elemental molecules make each perfume explode into a bizarre abstraction, a beautiful unknown. The nose, which does not cling to any known ingredient, is first taken by surprise and then indulges in pure emotion. Sometimes a shimmering bubble, sometimes a dazzling beauty, the molecule - this almost nothing in infinity - is the young muse sacred of the collection.

Corps Volatils Fragrances

Corps Volatils is a brand new line, a new series born in 2022 that breaks with the usual conventions of perfumery. Corps Volatils presents new synthetic molecules, defined by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska as “laboratory flowers”. The aim of the collection is to celebrate an exceptional ingredient, its technical ingenuity and its infinite beauty. A series of five sparkling and innovative fragrances, made entirely in collaboration with the IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) - a world leader in fragrance creation committed since 1959 to the development of “molecules of progress”.


Perfumes Corps Volatils Best Seller on 50 ml

  • Corps Volatils Crystalised Sugar Eau de Parfum: a sweet unisex fragrance, based on ethyl maltol, a more potent version of maltol. Maltol is an organic compound, which is formed during the roasting of the malt from which it takes its name. For its use in perfumery, maltol is produced by synthesis, creating this enhanced version that smells of caramel, toast and hazelnut.
  • Corps Volatils Altered Leather Eau de Parfum: a unisex Suederal leather fragrance. A mysterious breath of leathery scent, like an undiscovered olfactory secret. A very persistent base note, Suederal LT brings with it a leathery, animal and velvety note, leathery and lively, recreating the scent of suede and lending depth, intensity and softness to the fragrance. It combines very well with woody and spicy notes, as well as with floral accords.
  • Corps Volatils Expanded Carbon Eau de Parfum: A delicate, abstract, woody unisex fragrance that creates a softly light aura. Based on Timbersilk, an ingredient with a slightly fresh beginning that evolves into a rich cedar note, woody and sensual, soft and dry, and slightly sweet. Its complexity means that many consider it a fragrance by itself. Sweet, warm, woody and amber notes. Expanded Carbon Eau de Parfum is powerful, yet soft and silky.
  • Corps Volatils Encapsulated Sun Eau de Parfum: an oriental, poetic and sensual combination for adventurous skin, suitable for both men and women. Coumarin is a natural organic aromatic substance, one of the first aromatic syntheses made at the end of the 19th century, and marked a turning point in the history of synthetic perfumes and aromas. It brings notes of Fig, Coconut, intoxicating White Flowers, Vanilla and aromatic and amber facets.
  • Corps Volatils Replicated Wood Eau de Parfum: A unisex woody fragrance reminiscent of a cedar forest. The peaceful echo of an imaginary forest, the prelude to a magic-scented tale. Cedar certainly deserves the title of one of the first natural fragrances used by man to aromatise and create perfumes. In its composition, the cedarwood note clearly dominates, fresh and uniform, but without all the strong hints of 'pencil shavings'. CedramberTM is found between amber and Patchouli and has both fixative and perfume-diffusing effects. It is a fragrance with a strong, uniform note.


Corps Volatils Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Corps Volatils Crystalised Sugar Eau de Parfum: “The avant-garde of the gourmand. I tried it for the innovative concept behind this very futuristic series. I did not expect much, I thought I would be confronted with a strong sweet note suitable to sweeten some other fragrance with a layering. I must admit my mistake: despite its sweetness, it is not overpowering and has an interesting aftertaste somewhat reminiscent of the smell of toast. Peculiar in its deceptive simplicity.” Eve
  • Corps Volatils Altered Leather Eau de Parfum: “An extraordinary one-note fragrance, somewhat reminiscent of the scent of Florentine workshops. This unexpectedly pleasant smell of worked leather is ideal for giving a slightly animalistic but elegant note to layering. I have used it on its own, but personally, I prefer the combination with a floral or caramel note (such as Crystalised Sugar from the same line). Worth a try.” John
  • Corps Volatils Expanded Carbon Eau de Parfum: “I made myself a birthday present and finally bought it! I find it woody and sweet, warm and fresh at the same time. It has been a long time since I have come across a perfume so simple yet complex, and it is an interesting challenge. I think it is perfect to use to add a hint of Amberwood to other fragrances, but also as a kind of sé very minimalist fragrance. I recommend it” Gaia
  • Corps Volatils Encapsulated Sun Eau de Parfum: “A unique fragrance. It gives the sensation of being on a semi-deserted tropical beach, enjoying some local delicacy. Coconut is the predominant note, accompanied by the sweet scent of vanilla and tonka bean. Everything is balanced by the simplicity of hay and the spicy aroma of coumarin, in a play of balances that never ceases to amaze. A fragrance for the few, and my favourite of the line.” George
  • Corps Volatils Replicated Wood Eau de Parfum: “By now I have bought all the fragrances in this line, and I don't regret it one bit. This perfume in particular smells of very simple and fresh cedarwood, a base simple enough to be combined with most perfumes but with a special note that makes it not trivial. Essential in any perfume lover's collection, in my opinion, the best men's and women's fragrance for layering” Francis

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