Acqualai protects your skin from UV rays without damaging the environment. Climate change, water pollution, overfishing, but also the chemical filters contained in sunscreens cause coral bleaching and the alteration of marine biodiversity. Today we can raise awareness about the impact our actions have on our planet and direct our habits towards eco-sustainable choices.


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The coral reef is in danger: this is the awareness from which Acqualai was born. The combination of various disturbing factors in the marine environment stresses the corals causing them to expel the small algae they need to survive. This process is called bleaching, because it leaves only the white skeleton of the coral now lifeless. About 25% of underwater life depends on the habitat created by coral reefs, and over 500 million people around the world rely on them for food, tourism, employment - an ecosystem that is worth nearly $ 30 billion. Global bleaching events, which were once a rarity, are occurring more often and with greater intensity. In 2016 we witnessed the largest coral bleaching in history, which could happen again if we don't do something right away. Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Octocrylene (common active ingredients found in most sunscreens on the market) change the DNA of corals, causing sterility and an inability to reproduce. These actives, depositing on corals, cause them to absorb more heat, so the natural tolerance threshold towards changes in water temperature is lowered, causing bleaching and increasing the risk of dying. The solution? Acqualai is a line of broad spectrum sunscreens with physical filters for face and body, safe for both the skin and the ocean. Its mineral formula, suitable for all skin types, reflects UVA / UVB rays, creating a surface protective screen that does not penetrate the epidermis and prevents irritation. Acqualai's goal is to offer a solution that is not harmful to the environment and to change the way sunscreen is viewed, making it more attractive and pleasant. The production is proudly Made in Italy, favors a short supply chain and enhances local ingredients, cruelty-free, without the use of parabens, sulphates and silicones. The choice of the infinitely recyclable aluminum tube was preferred with a view to a circular economy. Acqualai has an Italian soul, which can be recognized in every detail, from the shades of the packaging, inspired by the colors of our seas, to the names of the products in the line, which take you back to our beloved islands.