Christian Tortu

Christian Tortu is an eclectic brand. Thanks to his experience in the field of plants and design, Tortu has been able to give life to an innovative project, transforming nature into a journey through the imagination, aimed at beauty. The perfume lines and home accessories are always created by drawing on pure elements with undisputed quality results.
Christian Tortu


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Christian Tortu developed his passion for botany already in childhood. In fact, the whole story of this man was born in the garden that his parents grew on a farm in the Anjou, in France. Today Chritian Tortu is known to continually challenge the way the world sees flowers, plants and vegetables. And his signature is inherent in his unique arrangements, which can eliminate the artificial component to offer a direct idea of ​​nature. The journey of this extraordinary florist and designer, however, had to necessarily pass from Paris to definitely get up. Paris, a city almost without nature, to be redesigned according to a wilder style, more like its conception of nature. Conception derived directly from his path of growth and from his childhood and that becomes a real journey of imagination. His artistic creations are always extremely imaginative, but simple: creations far from known routes, sometimes unscrupulous but always without borders or barriers. And this is found in the design objects created by the hand of Christian Tortu, but also in its beauty products. Decorative collections and perfumed lines that unite and mingle with each other; but always created from pure elements. Like the Forets line, in which the liquid soap and scented candle created from the true essence of the forest stand out. The resin, the pine needles, the labdanum cistus, the leaves and the wood of the virgin cedar, the moss of the tree and the freshly cut grass come together in an irresistible fragrance, which amazes and makes us fall in love with a place that neither we have never seen. Or the Jardin Citrus line, a hymn to citrus notes, which "reminds the hills of southern France like Menton, the Ligurian coast, Portofino or Amalfi, even Andalusia and Morocco", as Christian Tortu always says ...