Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules is to artistic perfumery what the industrial revolution is to modern history. Thanks to the work of Geza Schoen and the other Escentric Molecules noses on molecular and natural components, these surprising and inexplicable fragrances, which adapt to the wearer and surprise the senses, were born: a molecular revolution that has shocked modern perfumery!
Escentric Molecules


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Escentric Molecules shows its main characteristics already from the name. The term Escentric indicates the fragrance created by a chemical molecule with natural chords (about 30%). Molecules instead is the purity molecule created in the laboratory. The obsessive work typical of professional perfumers on one hand, on the other the force of science and its overpowering entry into the exclusive world of niche perfumery. The combination of the two realities exalts common flavors such as woods, amber, vetiver and citrus, making them special and unique. All of this happens thanks to a ten-year lab work. The molecular perfumes adapt to the skin's pH, making each fragrance different and special. In fact it always depends by the person who wears it. The qualities of each aroma-molecule are classy and unavailable in nature. The mechanism operates at the pheromone level, and then various ingredients useful for extending the main quality are added to the molecule. The classic head-heart-bottom scheme of all the perfumes is now overcome. Escentric Molecules has cutting-edge formulas. The fragrances are adapted to you, in order to make you look unprecedented and special in every occasion. The mind behind all this is called Geza Schoen, one of the first to decide on molecular perfumery. He was convinced that he had created something so unconventional, as to be of interest to only a very small and particular public. Soon he had to change his mind. Escentric Molecules since 2006 stands as a market phenomenon, to envy all the perfumery traditionalists. Experiment yourself with something new and let yourself be enchanted by the aromas that fit your body. Do not leave anything to chance, and entrusted with the charm of the Escentric Molecules aromas. Check the whole catalog!