Innoxa offers cosmetics with unique efficacy: Innoxa researchers believe in incessant and avant-garde development and, for this precise reason, they spend a lot of time studying new formulations. Each cream, serum and make-up remover proves to be an improvement in your daily life: with a few simple steps, the daily benefit given by a quality routine is guaranteed.


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Innoxa creates products for whole body care with a surprising quality and efficacy. One hundred years of tradition guarantees the research that has always been a keyword of the brand. These cosmetics realize the mission reaching the maximum of femininity in everyday moment. Anyone who uses Innoxa knows the thrill of body well-being and always assured new beauty. Any need for your skin can be satisfied thanks to this vast catalog. There are different creams for any contingency. It does not matter whether you have a dry or an oily skin, or if you suffer the damage of urban smog. In the catalog you can find creams for both constant and structural work, or else for applications only when you need it. Also make-up removers or make-up products are designed to best cuddle the skin. Wellness and beauty are on the same level. Innoxa improves the body from every point of view. Since 1920, when Dr. Debac starts the company in France, Innoxa proves to be innovative thanks to Lait Irradié. This facial cleansing product is so extraordinary to still be one of the leading items in the catalog. Geniality and innovation live together from day one. In the Sixties, this assumption is reconfirmed when nucleic acid creams come out. Even the new sun creams, which offer protection against UV rays, precurs the times and make Innoxa one of the best cosmetic brands. Use only the best for your body and trust those who make quality its tradition. Innoxa is always the right choice!