Miller et Bertaux

Miller et Bertaux is a French perfumery house born from the genius of Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux. Two friends, two partners, two artists. In 1985, Miller and Bertaux created a universe of fragrances born from their travel experiences around the world: fragrances for both body and soul, that must be enjoyed day by day.
Miller et Bertaux


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Miller et Bertaux is the name of a French perfumery house, born from an innovative idea of ​​two great friends, Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux. Friends, travellers and artists. A combination that has accompanied the success of the fashion house from 1985 until today. And that will definitely continue! Miller and Bertaux decided to open a shop in Paris, in the Marais, for clothes and objects created by themselves or reported by their many travels all over the world. Simple white walls, a few words rich in poetry and large brushstrokes of "à la Pollock" paint, as they like to say to them, were the frame of this perfect exhibition. A universe that was soon completed with the birth of the perfume line. A bouquet of flowers left on the ground, the smells of a market in the suburbs, a wild rose picked by a distinguished oriental man, the smoke of a church in Mexico ... bliss for the eyes and not only! Each perfume is like a photo of a different experience, the best stories that are transformed into fragrances for everyone. So that everyone can enjoy it. "Fragrances for the body and for the soul" Miller and Bertaux love to say, "dedicated to those who choose the balance between being and appearing". But Miller et Bertaux today are not just perfumes to wear. The line of scented candles and fragrances for the environment make the catalog of the Parisian fashion house ever richer. Solution designed and created to highlight every room in your home, always open to memories, new experiences and the most cherished moments. Those that we hold close and that nobody can ever take away. A refuge where the olfactory beauty always dominates!