Noberu was born from the tradition of Swedish barbershops. This Swedish brand wants to innovate by presenting itself as an outsider and following new paths, overcoming the limits of tradition itself. Thus, from the Nordic attention to the environment and the passion for traditional barbershop really interesting products, that will help you with your daily routine, were born.


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Noberu wants to be a real alternative in a very strong world. Creating a new brand of barberry is already very difficult. And the competition certainly is not lacking! You can just think about the centuries-old traditions of Italian and English barbers to be discouraged at the start. But Noberu is not a brand like any other, that's why it has decided to launch itself on the local and international market as quality outsiders. And the products that the Swedish barber house offers are great quality ones, otherwise they would not have been able to spread in as many as 15 European countries. And it's just the beginning! The Noberu product catalog is quite large considering the young age of the Swedish brand. And the products follow a clear and simple idea. As with the best traditions of the brands born in Northern Europe, attention to the ingredients is very high. Only in this way it was possible to create lines of special products, developed on selected ingredients. And only in this way it is possible to have lines of qualitatively equal products, but which differ, for example, for the fragrance. As in the case of the Sandalwood and Amber Lime lines. Noberu has in fact thought of creating two lines of products that could satisfy as many customers as possible, diversifying the fragrances, but not the products themselves. Barbary lovers can find in the Noberu catalog everything they need for the daily care of whiskers and beards. From pre and post-shave solutions to waxes and styling oils. And there are certainly some basic accessories such as brushes and razors of high quality. A great business card for those who want to be a major alternative in the beard care scene!