Noble Isle

Noble Isle recovers the best extracts of Britannia to use them into the highest quality formulations. Each product introduces these raw materials in a peculiar way: just think of Heather Honey, with processed heather honey, from which it takes its name, that offers highly targeted protection and refreshment for your hands. Science rediscovers the English landscape to enhance its luxury in cosmetics also.
Noble Isle


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Noble Isle has a wide range of soaps and cosmetics with unique formulations. The British spirit reinvents itself in this catalog through a new life. England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland all live now a new tradition through. For example, a collection like «Rhubarb rhubarb!» highlights all the most fascinating features of Yorkshire. There, the cultivation of this herbaceous is a secular tradition. Just think that nine square miles bear the name of «rhubarb triangle». Noble Isle is supplied by E. Oldroyd & Sons who, like any other farmer, creates a raw material of absolute quality thanks to the typical family craftmanship of their cultivation. Rhubarb is a natural detergent, which finds its best elaboration in Noble Isle products. The soaps and shower gels of this line has an extraordinary effectiveness, combined with a very soft touch on the skin. Also the «Rhubarb Rhubarb!» moisturizers are very reliable for a perfect hydration. The grit of Noble Isle products exudes inglesity from all pores. The same could be said of Sea of Green, where oak is used to make an effective lifting action, or Perry Pear, where this type of pear makes the atmosphere of a new and gentle lightness shine. Each collection has a story itself, but always with the same subtitle: effectiveness and luxury. Choose the product that's right for you and make your skin shine!