Oribe puts the experience of Oribe Canales, hair stylist of the most famous Latin American stars of all time, at your service. The perfect combination of technology and non-aggressive natural ingredients, as well as artisan knowledge, guarantees hydration, brightness, volume and softness to your hair. Enjoy the pleasure of a healthy scalp and an easy and long-lasting styling!


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Oribe is an excellence in hair care. Hair must be managed with the best products in order to satisfy every need of your stylistic mood. The Oribe formulators deal with the most precious ingredients and an advanced technology. Each product brings a personal hair stylist into your home. Moisturizing masks, like dry shampoos and all the all the other creative styling sprays, are the best tool for a fashionable look. It is like come out from the hairdresser. Every day you can make your hairstyle a work of art, thanks to this catalog. The level of the products is the same of the creator: Oribe Canales. In 1992 the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York commissioned this young hairdresser from Cuba to design wigs with rafia and paper, on the occasion of the reopening of the Costume Institute Gallery. In 1997 the celebrity Lopez, still struck by that name learned from fashion magazines in her youth, pretended him for the shoot of the cover of «On the 6». Since then Oribe worked with her, creating a charismatic character every day better and new. Since 2008, fantasies and dreams about products that have always been claimed take shape in his collection. The research of perfection has never had a setback. As well as the passion and desire to create more and more glaring hairstyles of Oribe Canales does not intend to stop, even the catalog lives on its own life thanks to the continuous discoveries on new ingredients and new styling effects. For example the Ultimate line Silver, specifically designed for white hair. Every shampoo, conditioner, spray or mask for hair is synonymous with the highest quality, as well as perfection of its formula. Elegance and beauty become within everyone's reach, thanks to a female character lover like Oribe Canales. Every need can be satisfied, just arm yourself with the right product. Check all the catalog!