ARC formulas are the end result of rigorous studies and cutting-edge research laboratories in the field of plant stem cells. The ingredients used are incredibly effective thanks to the plant based DNA and active ingredients. Science, quality and health are now at the service of your own hair and skin.


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ARC takes care of your hair and your skin effectively. With delicacy dry and discolored hair find the right lipid balance and become softer and more resistant. Even fine and delicate hairs should be restored and treated with the right masks and shampoos! Bring them back their vigor and make them soft and shiny, as they deserve to be. It's not just about long-term treatments that require more applications. ARC catalog offers great instant rinses, which you can use to make yourself better in every date. You don't have to miss even one minute to get ready. Dandruff and falling stress you? Fight them! ARC's research and development tune out every day the best solutions. This way you give tone to your hair respecting them in everything and for everything. Thanks to their plant ingredients, ARC anti-dandruff shampoos are designed to nourish the scalp longer and deeper. This way you will shrink dandruff formation and you will have full control over your look and the value of your hair will be always better.