Magicstripes brings back the lightness you deserve to your eyes. Inspired by the techniques used by Japanese women to lift the eyelids, these strips enlarge the eyes and soften the features, without the need for cosmetic surgery. By trusting the skilled hands of professional make-up artist Natalie Franz, you can say goodbye to imperfections in the most delicate area of your face.


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Discover the secret for a perfect face with Magicstripes, the latest ally for your skincare you won’t do without. Created by the make-up artist Natalie Franz after a 15 year experience with the greatest fashion and music stars, Magicstripe is inspired by Japanese eye lifting techniques to immediately give you a fresher look. Forget surgery and become younger and younger with Eyelid Lifting: your face looks immediately radiant! If you are looking for a definitive goodbye to pores and small wrinkles, the Deep Detox Tightening Mask is a microfibre clay mask to purify, firm and shape your skin. Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask, instead, thoroughly cleanses your skin and gives a second life to its cellular structure. Thanks to the power of the magnets, in fact, it accelerates the circulation of blood and fluids, promotes the generation of red blood cells, restructures the aged cells, while stimulating the growth of new cells. The perfect way to give your hands a lash is a pair of moisturizing gloves with natural extracts, shea butter and olive oil. A guarantee against stains, wrinkles and fine lines but also a great help in preserving the skin from sunlight damage!