Mossa carefully selects the juiciest Nordic berries for a healthy, radiant skin. The berry therapy meets all beauty needs and is dermatologically tested to protect every complexion. Discover the Mossa collection, entirely made of natural ingredients for a moisturised, radiant and even skin.


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Good skin starts with kind ingredients. That`s why we ethically source the juiciest berries from Nordic nature, which are a mega source of nutrients and vitamins. Show love to your skin and Earth equally, no need to compromise. Your skin vs. the world is a continuous fight, and the best you can do is take a proper care and defend the largest organ of your body. Our soothing berry therapy is dermatologically tested so you can satisfy all the beauty cravings and protect your skin with these efficient nature-infused and doctor-approved products. Mossa ingredients and final formulations are ECOCERT/Cosmos certified. So that, whichever formulation you pick, you can be sure it’s safe, effective, good for your skin and good for the planet. But there is more – we take a big step to reduce the ecological footprint by providing our unique formulas with recyclable packaging. Natural cosmetics are better for you simply because they are made of better ingredients. When choosing Mossa you say ‘Yes’ to: natural preservatives, fragrances from natural essential oils, pure mineral colorants, friendliness to planet and animals, fair and effective skin care.