Novexpert creates cosmetics with an innovative effect. Behind each formula lies the combination of progress and health: effectiveness and high tolerability for the skin merge at a very high level. The brand was born from the ambition of four scientists to create only the best and, above all, to make this "best" available to everyone. Thanks to Novexpert, scientific evolution is put at the service of your skin.


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Novexpert was born thanks to the ambition of four researchers. One day they decided to make everyone better thanks to cosmetics. Every day they work in order to create high-level formulations, which ensure very high effectiveness. The attention for cutaneous tolerance is always a must have. Thanks to Novexpert, the scientific evolution makes possible the well-being of your skin. Each product is 0% chemical. Toxicity is absent, for long-term safety. Also, there is no trace of allergens. This factor instead ensure security in the short term. Last but not least, each solution is completely biodegradable on the skin. Skin flora is preserved and skin protection embraces unmatched effectiveness. In the catalog there is a product for every need. Try La Creme Antiage EXP. 40, for example. It guarantees a smoother skin in just 28 days. The fluid contains a well of anti-aging active ingredients, which together combine for incredible effectiveness. This works on DNA and collagen, in order to deeply regenerate the skin. This set of combinations makes this product ideal even in pre-menopausal or post periods. Otherwise you can try Masque Repulp 50 ml if your skin needs to be rehydrated after the sea or the pool. The effectiveness of natural ingredients makes it perfect even as an after sun. Any problem or need you have, there is a wide range of products that Novexpert has designed specifically for you. Check the entire catalog and trust only targeted creams, treatments and fluids. Progress and security are available in this list.