Omorovicza was founded over two thousand years ago after the discovery of Hungarian thermal water's healing properties and the built of the first thermal baths. The secret of Hungarian thermal waters properties lies in the region’s unique geological characteristics. The waters absorb beneficial minerals and trace elements most effectively, originating the magic of Omorovicza.


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The Hungarian capital is formed of two parts, Buda and Pest, which were originally two cities sitting on opposite shores of the Danube and are interlinked by a number of bridges, including the iconic Chain Bridge. Budapest has more thermal water sources than any other city in the world. In 1934 it was officially named the "International Spa City". In the 1800's the Omorovicza family built a beautiful thermal bath, the Racz Furdo, on the site of an Ottoman bath, itself erected in the 1560's on top of a medieval healing spring famous for its curative properties. At the turn of the millennium, Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza was living in Budapest when he first met US diplomat Margaret, Chief of Staff at the US Embassy in Hungary. Stephen took Margaret to the baths his family built. The couple observed the healing powers of these waters on their skin and decided to embark on a quest to harness its curative power. The catalyst for the creation of Omorovicza can be traced back to a meeting Stephen and Margaret had with the head of a Hungarian Laboratory of dermatology, famous for its Nobel prize-winning discovery of Vitamin C. Much is already understood about the beneficial effects of thermal waters on bathers due to the messaging of minerals "sticking" to the skin in the baths. Less well known is the fact that they do not absorb into the skin - they are not "bio-available". To capture the magic, it was essential to find a way to deliver these minerals deep into the epidermis. Stephen and Margaret believe that the future of beauty does not include harmful, unnecessary synthetic ingredients, which are occlusive and prevent the skin from breathing. They also believe that future beauty will harness the power of ancient and magical natural phenomena through ever accelerating scientific progress.